Esther Kills Brenda

What happens when no one is around when Esther meets Brenda at the playground?

The wooden floor creaked underneath her snow boots as Brenda walks towards the open of the slide. She peers over the edge and looks down it; she has the feeling of someone watching her from behind and turns around. Suddenly she sees Esther Coleman from school running towards her screaming with her arms stretched out towards her. Brenda is pushed back by Esther and she trips. She then finds herself flying out from the top of the slide falling down, she lets out a scream. Her ankle then hits the side of the slide and feels it breaking, Brenda lands on the snow and looks to the top of the slide. Esther is standing there with a smile on her face.

Brenda looks around to see if anyone is standing there to help her but no one is around. "HELP!" she cries aloud but she is unheard. Starting to crawl across the ground her leg with the broken ankle is pulled up. She looks around and Esther is there, holding her ankle. Esther then starts to twist the ankle, it makes a crunching sound and Brenda screams in pain, Esther slams her leg down on the ground. Floods of tears burst from her eyes and Esther then picks up her other leg and starts to pull her along the ground. Esther drags her under the slide and stands over her. "If I were you I would be begging for my life, you silly little bitch!" Esther says to her sickly. Brenda begins to sob and scream. "But it won't help" Esther then adds.

She reaches into her pocket and pulls out a pair of sharp scissors. "No!" Brenda screams. Esther opens them, pulling the two blades apart. Then she sits beside her and pulls off Brenda's winter hat. "This will only hurt a little bit" Esther says stuffing the hat inside Brenda's mouth used for a gag. Brenda muffles and tries to get up but she is pushed back down with a punch to the chest. "This will be over in only a minute". Esther tells her.

Esther sticks the scissors into Brenda's leg; blood instantly starts to flow seeping though her blue jeans. Brenda screams but it is hardly heard from having the woolly hat in her mouth. Taking the scissors out of her leg Esther then sticks it into Brenda's stomach again and again. Blood is now unstoppably flowing from her leg and stomach. Brenda screams for about 4 seconds or more before stopping. Esther then puts the scissor blade the Brenda's neck and slices it along. Blood splatters on Esther's face and she grins but wipes it away. She stands up and looks at the lifeless body lying in a pool of blood on the snow that was sparkly white a minute ago. She hears someone coming and quickly throws the scissors away into the bushes; there would be no finger prints on it if it were found as she is wearing gloves. The gloves were bloody and she stuffs them into her pocket. Esther runs out from under the slide and around the corner out of sight of whoever was coming. Walking towards her dad who was pushing Max on the swings she hears a horrifying scream of a woman which catches the attention of everyone around. Esther turns around in that direction as if to see what is happening but in doing that she puts on an evil smile.