So this is my new story. For those of you that may remember the poll I had up for a while, this one came in second place. It was almost first though, and I think this is a better, more developed story that the one everyone voted for. I kind of feel like the other one is going to be my masterpiece' or something and I want it to be spectacular! I have actually a pretty unique concept that I haven't read in another FF yet, so I really want it to be good.
So for now...there's this one. It's a good story, I've worked hard on it, and I really like it. I think it's pretty unique too.

You'll notice some things that are similar to my other stories. I like to keep some things the same for all of mine (like Bella having blue eyes) just because I try to make each of the characters mine in a way...Once again, some chapters will be short, but here are some longer ones. Updates will be at least 3 times a week, if not more! Sometimes I have extra free time to edit and post!

So for those of you who actually read all of this, thanks! And now, on with the show!

Prologue-A godforsaken place...

Where the hell is that road?

It's late, and dark, and I'm looking for some invisible road in this godforsaken place called Forks. All I can see are trees, everywhere. No street signs, nothing to indicate anyone even lives out here. I think I'm going to wait until tomorrow to find this place. Maybe having the sun up will make the invisible road appear. I remember a bar or something when I first came into town, it looks like a good place to waste time, and I think it was open.

There's no one else around so I made a U-Turn and head back into the small town of Forks. Just my luck. I drive all this way, and can't find the place, but, what did I expect? It is a Thursday, after all. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.

Ch.1-Diamond J's

I pulled up to the slightly shady looking establishment. 'Diamond J's', probably the only place even open right now. Not that it's late, no, this is just one of those little towns that goes to sleep at 9:00 pm. But bars stay open late, and I need something to occupy my time doing. The inside looks just a bit better than the outside. There's a small bar with stools, a pool table with two older guys hanging around it and even a dart board. A handsome looking teenager is there throwing darts swiftly and precisely. Good aim. I sit down at the barstool with the least amount of rips and order a vodka rocks. No one questions me. I happen to look nothing like the typical fifteen year old girl that I am. The outfit helps too, I think as I notice my appearance in the clich├ęd mirror behind the bar.

My hair is mussed up a bit from driving with the top down on my car earlier and the top I'm wearing has a wide, scoop neck that shows off my cleavage, enhanced by the Victoria's Secret push-up I have on, and the lace of the bra is showing a bit. It looks just slutty enough to get me what I want, without making me look like a whore. I'm also wearing skin-tight black leather pants that lace up the sides a bit, instead of having a button and zipper. My feet are encased in some kick-ass leather boots. They lace up the back and go up above my knees. The outfit is surprisingly comfortable, but has that sexy biker-chic look. My make-up consisted of smoky eyeshadow to enhance my crystal blue eyes (you'll see why later), and some lip balm to make my naturally ruby red lips shine. I've never been one for heavy make-up, I didn't really need it as my slightly tanned skin was blemish free, a tribute to my heritage. If you didn't know my true age, you'd probably guess I was at least twenty. I often used that to my advantage, and was hardly ever questioned. When I was, I could just pull the pouty lips and puppy dog eyes, saying I 'forgot' my ID card.

The locals noticed my arrival, and some of the guys even tried to hit on me.

"Hey there sweet-cheeks" I turn to see a guy of about 30 staring at me with lustful eyes.

"No." I turned away from him after my curt refusal.

"Come on baby. Don't be like that. Let me buy you a drink, get to know you" he offers.

"No. You want me drunk so you can get to know what's in my pants." I say without emotion. "No thanks, not interested." I turn back to my drink and hear the guy get up and leave, mumbling about me being a tease. I hate being called a tease...