31-St. Valentine's Day

Wednesday was a lot like Tuesday, with just slightly less staring, but Thursday...Thursday just happened to be February 14th. St. Valentine's Day. Something I never really bothered with, because I'd never had someone special before. Edward and I hadn't been together for long, so I wasn't expecting anything from him. Maybe just a kiss or something. I was totally surprised though. What he did for me really made me feel better after all the crap that had happened recently.

I woke up to a single rose next to me on the pillow. Then, while at school, Edward met me in between each class and carried my books for me. At lunch he carried my tray of food to a small table where we sat together, alone. He held my hand the whole time, and always made sure to kiss me anytime he thought Mike was watching. although he'd been doing that constantly since I informed him of my mini-stalkers. On our way home in the Volvo Edward informed me he had a few more surprises in store.

Edward knew that tomorrow would be Renee's funeral, and that only tribesmen could attend, so as much as I wanted him there, he couldn't go with me. I'd also told him a bit about what the ceremony was like, and what I would be expected to do, and also about how afraid I was that I wouldn't be able to look sad enough, and I knew I wouldn't be crying. I didn't want anyone there who didn't already know the circumstances surrounding Renee's death to become suspicious or confused when I didn't show the appropriate emotions. All of this was weighing me down, and Edward came up with a solution.

He bought me a little bottle of eye drops, that I could hide in the leather strap that would be tied around my wrist. When no one was looking, or even if they were, I could simply pretend to wipe my eyes, and squirt some of the liquid into them. He also enlisted the help of a sales clerk to buy me a nice black dress to wear to the ceremony. I hadn't even thought to consider what I'd wear. He gave these to me when we got to his room after school.

Then he gave me a candle lit massage in his room with some soft music playing in the background. He was tender and sweet around my various injuries, and really worked the kinks out of my shoulders. I didn't realize how tense I had become these last few days. Of course the massage turned into a heated make-out session, but I wasn't about to complain.

After that Edward took me on a short hike through the woods until we reached a beautiful little clearing surrounded by wild flowers. There was a blanket and small pic-nic basket with food waiting there for us. We spent the whole time together, until well after dusk. All the other couples in the house were on their own dates, so there were no parents around to tell us to get inside and go to bed. When we finally did decide to go back to the house Edward and I parted for showers, then met up once again in his room.

"I've got one more thing for you, but it's not ready yet." Edward whispered excitedly once I walked into his room. "I wanted to tell you, though, that I'm writing you a song. You've inspired it, inspired me." He took my hand lovingly in his, "I haven't written in years, and it had been months since I played the piano, until last week when I spotted you in the bar. This melody has been floating in my head ever since, and I'm just trying to get it down properly on paper." He laid us both down in the middle of his bed.

"Is that what you've been humming to me while I sleep?" I asked, turning to face him.

"Yes" a faint blush crept up into his cheeks and I couldn't suppress my giggle.

"Don't be embarrassed, I love it. Thank you, Edward. You've made this day so wonderful, so special. I only wish I could do something equally amazing for you."

"You already have, my love. You've given me your heart, and that's the best thing I could ever hope to have." he kissed me tenderly, and sweetly "It's time for sleep now. I'll see you in the morning"