TITLE: Beijing brawl

Opening: D-techno life(Bleach OP2)

Beijing, China 2010

In the busy night of the large city Beijing, a sudden attack occurred. There came a green and yellow Mazda RX-7 which was actually the Decepticon sniper, Ransack attacking the city. Also was a Green Excavator known as Scalpel. Luckily, Decepticon hunting humans with their Autobot allies has just arrived. A soldier named Josh said, "Ken, where are the Decepticons?"

Ken shouted to Josh's surprise, "A Mazda RX-7 has just disabled a tank, call in Jazz, Sunstreaker, and Sideswipe!"

Out of a truck came 3 ultra cool sports cars. Jazz, the Potanic Solstice and Sunstreaker and Sideswipe, the yellow and red Lamborghini Murcielago twins went after Ransack while Josh said, "We need more units, send Prime and Ironhide against that Excavator."

Prime arrived with Ironhide but also with Breakaway, Ratchet, and Tristan. Breakaway and the others would hold of the other Decepticons. Prime said, "Ironhide, there are enemies on our back, I don't think we can take them down since we have to hurry!"

Ironhide replied, "I'll hold them off, you go face Scalpel."

Prime hesitated for a moment but said, "Ok Ironhide, just try to stay safe."

Meanwhile, Jazz split with the twins and hunted for Ransack but he had to fight Seeker snipers and Stunticon drones. Jazz climbed on a building and scanned. He found 12 enemy contacts. He readied his sniper rifle and sniped all 5 in his area with headshots. Then he moved to the other area and sniped the other 7. Jazz said, "You weren't prepared for that Decepticon-.!"

Suddenly, a sniper no other than Ransack pointed his gun on Jazz's head. But Jazz kicked him but he was punched down the building, severely injured. Sideswipe arrived with Sunstreaker and they found Jazz hurt. Sideswipe said, "I'll call Ratchet for a operation. And I sense more Decepticons. Sunstreaker, fight them off while I protect Jazz."

Sunstreaker used his pistols to take down 5 of the 10 enemies while slicing the other 5 in half. Ratchet came and healed Jazz. Ratchet said, "Wow, falling off a building hurts a lot. I didn't expect to survive since bots your size usually died while falling off a sky grasper."

Jazz said, "Well, the earth's road fells less rough than the ones in Cybertron to me."

Jazz went to look at Sideswipe but he was gone. Along with Jazz's sniper rifle and a storage that stores some laser for his sniper. Meanwhile, Sunstreaker has been shooting his missiles but has been injured by a sniper rifle shot on the shoulder by Ransack and fell to his knees. Ransack said, "It's a pity you Autobots die so easily!"

But little did Ransack know that across the road, Sideswipe was aiming on Ransack's head. Sideswipe then whispered, "Headshot," and blew a hole right through Ransack's face, and then Ransack's corpse fell on the road. Sunstreaker said, "Since my guns are damaged, I'm gonna take Ransack's sniper rifle."

Meanwhile, Ironhide has just destroyed the drones but Optimus is still fighting Scalpel. So, Optimus said, "I'm gonna show you my MATRIX SWORD!"

Out came a oversized blade and Optimus roared and cut Scalpel in half. But Scalpel survived. But the Autobots gathered around him Scalpel upper body but Scalpel gave this warning, "This is not your planet to rule! The Fallen shall rise to power again and you will be destroyed."

Prime just jabbed his sword on Scalpel's head.

CHA base, near Ohio, USA

Josh congratulated the Autobots. Optimus then asked, "Where is Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, and Jazz?"

Prime went to the Ark and found the 3 drinking a delivery from Cybertron, Kremkrez, a Cybertronian drink. Sunstreaker then tossed a can to Optimus to drink. Meanwhile, the Autobots picked up the phone. IT was Sosuke. He said, "Bumblebee is gonna go back to the team alright? Ok, I have to go to college and study astronomy. Oh, and Optimus, I found a fragment of the Allspark."

Optimus paused, "Wait, wasn't the Allspark open? It should been turned to dust."

Sosuke said, "I gave it to Sarah but now, I have this vision about how the Allspark was shattered."

Prime said, "Tell us."

Sosuke told them, "When the Allspark was opened, the fragments were scattered but the don't have every power of the Allspark except resurrection, power-up and giving life to machines."

Optimus said, "Ok."

Ending: Days(E7 OP1)


Name: Breakaway

Age: 36,998

Faction: Autobot

Alt mode: MIG-29 "Fulcrum"

Weapons: fusion beam sniper rifle, glatning guns

History: Breakaway is one the top snipers according his grades in the Autobot academy.

VA: Andrew Kishino(Breakaway in ROTF XBOX360/PS3)

Seiyuu: Junko Takeuchi(Naruto in Naruto)

Name: Ransack

Age: 37,123

Faction: Decepticon

Alt mode: Mazda RX-7

Weapons: plasma sniper rifle, slag repeater

History: Ransack is the most cowardly sniper ever in the Decepticon ranks.

VA: Tom Kenney

Seiyuu: ?

Name: Stunticon warrior

Age: depends on when each unit is made

Faction: Decepticon

Alt mode: black Ford Mustang

Weapons: Slag repeater, missles

History: These warriors are specialized for road attacks.