Title: The final stand.

Opening: D-techno life(Bleach OP2)

The Fallen and his minions gathered around the great Pyramid of Giza, revealing the solar energy extractor. However, Jet Optimus arrived. Jet Optimus said, "There is no escape for you evil one."

The Fallen said, "Foolish Autobot. You don't know that the Galaxy would be at war and then be devoured by my master!"

The Fallen forced him away with bricks of the Pyramid and then deployed his minions. They gathered around Prime but Prime shouted and then he turned gold along with Jetfire's parts. Jetfire thought, "Amazing, I've never felt this sort of power!"

Insert: Freedom and Justice(Gundam SEED insert)

Prime sliced on in half, fired a fully charged energon wave cannon blast to put 5 Decepticons out of commission permanently, shot one that was behind him point blank on the head. Then he choked one with brute force then hurled him at another then stabbed that one in the head, and with a fully charged ion blast, he blew a hole through the Decepticon. Then he ripped one Decepticon's arms off and then beat him with them. And with the final one, he stabbed it in the chest. He then flew to the Fallen but was knocked and became normal again. Then Jet Optimus shouted again. This time, it caused some storms and then turned him gold. He put his ion blaster/energon wave cannon away and then deployed his matrix blade. The Fallen countered with his flaming sword. The Fallen then prepared to hurl fire but Prime kicked him Optimus then stabbed The Fallen in the head, killing him instantly and then destroyed the core piece. The Fallen, however still managed to live for a while saying, "The galaxy shall bow before my master and be eaten by him!" before turning into specks then disappearing. Prime then returned with Jetfire split apart, with victory and glory. Prime said to Sosuke, "I've always believed in you. And I always will."

Sarah said, "What are we going to do now?"

Brian said, "Where is Chris?"

Chris came in a truck, hauling a captured Decepticon shouting Cybertronian swear words. Jetfire said, "What a idiot." And used Murcielago to make the Decepticon see terrible stuff. The Decepticon said, "I want my mummy!"

Chris said, "Yeah, I got into a missile truck and fired a missile at this loser."

"Wait," said Sosuke. He touched it's wheel. Then, it revealed a Autobot symbol. The Autobot transformed and said, "Hey who the hell is over here? Identify yourself insects! And what is that Decepticon sucka' doing here!?"

Prime did a facepalm. Smokescreen said, "Hey, longtime no see Scattershot"

Scattershot said, "Yo Smokey, long time no see! Hey, where the hell am I?!"

Sosuke explained everything. Scattershot said, "Yeah, good to see the Decepticons get shumped. HAHAHAHA!"

Josh said, "This guy seems weird."

Ken said, "That guy speaks gangsta."

Soon, the emo brothers came and said, "Who are these rusties!"

Sosuke explained everything. Then, Salvage said, "Hey Dropkick, lets listen to Welcome to the Black Parade while cutting ourselves!"

Dropkick said, "Awesome idea, loser."

Soon, every soldier went on board a jet and every Autobot went to the Ark.


Ending: Days(E7 OP1)


Name: Scattershot

Age: 33, 999

Faction: Autobot

Cybertron alt mode: missile truck

earth alt mode: missile truck

Weapons: Missles, twin SMG, arm mounted battle axe.

Bio: A serious overarmed Autobot who is also a gangsta.

VA: Dong Ertholz(Asuma in Naruto)

Seiyuu: Nobuyuki Hiyama(Viral in TTGL)

Name: Autobot marksman

Age: depends on when each unit is built.

Faction: Autobot

Cybertron alt mode: Jet

Earth alt mode: Sukhoi-Su 37

Weapons: energy bullet sniper rifle, plasma pistols

Bio: Instead of using beam snipers like most Autobot snipers, these use ones with energy bullets that are just as powerful as a beam one. Also used to counter Seeker units.

A/N: To note that I gave it energy bullets because I wanted the ammo to be like the Carbine from Halo 3.

Name: Aerialbot warrior

Age: Depends on when each unit is built.

Faction: autobot

Cybertron alt mode: Jet

Earth alt mode: F-16 Fighting Falcon

Weapons: Heat seaking missles, head vulcan guns.

Bio: To use aerial surrport, these were devoloped.

Name: Combaticon Bulk

Age: Depends on when each unit is built.

Faction: Decepticon

Cybertron alt mode: missle truck

Earth alt mode missle truck.

Weapons: missles, flamethrowers

Bio: Dumb yet overpowered Decepticons.

Name: Constructicon heavy fighter

Age: Depends on when each unit is built

Faction: Decepticon

Cybertron alt mode: Exavator

Earth alt mode: Exavator

Weapons: Exavator loader/heavy beam cannon/meele weapon, glatning gun

Bio: These heavy fighters have high damage but are vulnerable to snipers and others.