Solo Por Ti: Chapter Two

Legolas looked sadly at all the devastation caused by the storm…trees lay on the ground and many crops had been destroyed. He also knew that many animals may not have survived which saddened the Prince. He was with a group of guards surveying the damage that would have to be dealt with when a golden and white shape moved into his eye sight. Moving quickly, he gasped as his blue eyes gazed down on the small figure. The guards came to a stop behind him and also gave out their own gasps of surprise.

Lying on the floor was an elfling, an elfling who was untouched by everything around him. If it was not for the rise and fall of the young one's chest and the sound of breathing they would have been convinced that the child was not really there. Legolas knelt down by the elfling and took the small one's pulse and pulled back sharply when he felt the warmth from the small child.

"Prince Legolas?" one of the guards asked when he pulled back.

"The child is warm, he should be freezing, but he is warm and dry," Legolas explained and went back to checking over the elfling.

"Perhaps we should take the young one to the Healers?" Another guard suggested.

"He does not appear to be harmed, he has no scars and his skin is smooth like a newborn's," Legolas told them but gathered the delicate child into his arms. Legolas did not think he had seen anything as beautiful as this elfling. The golden, soft hair which fell around the small head, the little face which was so peaceful and a sense of magic surrounded the child making Legolas hold the child protectively to his chest.

They walked towards the Healing Wing under the stares of many elves who gasped when they saw the child within their Prince's arms. When Legolas carried the child into the Healing Wing news had already reached the healers who were ready to care for the child.

Legolas was allowed to stay with the child, though he sniggered when his guards were pushed from the room despite their protests that they must watch over the Elfling. Elves were very protective of their children- this elfling would have every elf in the city watching out for him. The healers checked the child over and could find nothing wrong with the elfling and just tucked the child into the bed. After a while, Thandruil came in and looked down at the child with shock.

"Legolas?" Thandruil prompted.

"He was lying there, dry and warm, on the wet ground," Legolas started, "the healers can find nothing to suggest anything about the child either…it is like he is brand new."

"Surely we would have heard news of an elfling being born, it would have been celebrated for many summers," Thandruil clearly spoke with a frown on his features.

"Yes, it is most strange, Ada," Legolas replied, his blue eyes never straying from the small form in the bed.

"I will send out messengers to other Elven cities to inquire about this matter, until then you are to watch over him, my son," Thandruil told his child and received a nod, "I will be back within the hour."

Legolas watched his father stride from the room and soon enough the elfling and the Elven Prince were left alone; he knew that many elves within the kingdom were wondering about this elfling. It was very strange that the elfling was not harmed by the storm last night, he seemed almost unearthly…unmarred by the cruelty of the world. Surely the child would have some scar or sign of a past…from a fall or an accident. Legolas remembered one time he fell when he was an elfling and he cut his knee which left a small scar…and he knew from others in the kingdom they all had a least one scar. It was strange…yet watching the small elfling sleeping peacefully, Legolas could not help but feel a sense of peace wash over him.

About forty-five minutes later, Legolas was sat in the chair by the bed, sipping a glass of water when he heard a moan from the bed. He looked to see the child moaning, his head tossed back and his little hands clutching the sheets.

"Little one?" Legolas called out gently, unsure of how he should act around children…considering he had never been around any.

The elfling woke with a startled gasp and for a moment Legolas was stunned by the blue eyes which looked upon him. He had never seen eyes so blue…they were icy blue and Legolas imagined that their colour was that of an icy lake…and the gaze fixed upon him was just as cold.

"Hello, little one, I am Legolas, what is your name?" Legolas asked, keeping his voice quiet and trying to be unthreatening to the small elf.

All Legolas got was a quiet stare which then switched to his father who was walking into the Healing Wing.

"I sent some messengers-," Thandruil stopped suddenly when he caught sight of the elfling looking at him and almost took a step back when he saw the cold gaze directed at him.

"Hello child, I am King Thandruil of Mirkwood, I am Legolas's father," Thandruil introduced himself.

The elfling simply stared, but to the relief of the two elves the child's blue eyes looked away from them and out of the window.

"Has he said anything?" Thandruil asked Legolas curiously.

"Nothing," Legolas answered his eyes still on the small form on the bed.

"Maybe he can't speak…" Thandruil wondered aloud unaware of the thoughts running through the elfling's mind at his words.

Thandruil sat with the elfling and his son for the rest of the day, however, the small child did not speak to them and when darkness fell over the city Legolas and Thandruil left to go and rest and left the Healer to care for the little elfling.


"Can't speak my arse," Draco muttered once the Healer had gone into the office. Draco snuggled more into the comfortable bed and closed his blue eyes.

He began to focus and even out his breathing and filtered out what little noise he could hear from around him. Draco felt his magic rising within him and seeking out its match.

Like a spark, the connection grew and Draco was assaulted with smells, sounds, thoughts and sights that had been seen. Opening his eyes, content that for the moment they were both safe, Draco let his mind drift into slumber.


A/N: I know some people say Draco has grey eyes, some others say blue however in this story he has blue, okay?

I posted these two chps early since I don't have an update for Shadows and Orbs done- I'm hoping that this will pacify some people. This won't be updated again until Because God Commanded It is finished.