This was written for a thread in ten's ncis forum, the dialogue had to be made up of lines from lyrics in order. disclaimer: i do not own ncis, or the lyrics to walk away by lara fabian.

Tony entered the autopsy room and his heart squenched at the sight of Ziva. He walked towards her cautiously. There she was, sitting by the little table, leaning against the wall. She didn't even look up, she only stared through the table.

"Did you break me to see if I'd break?" she asked, still unmoving.

He looked away but couldn't help glancing back at her. He opened his mouth but she continued. "There's nothing now, that you or anyone can say, so save your breathe and walk away."

He would never. He could look at her forever and not realise that the world was still went on. She was thin now, thinner than she was when he first saw her. Her eyes had darkened, much like the time after she went undercover as the girlfriend of a serial killer. She became an emotional wreck but at the time, she still seeked out human contact. And found it in Michael. it all came back to this. Michael Rivkin. The man he killed. He killed Ziva's boyfriend-with-an-agenda. But she wouldn't listen. She went back to them. She said she couldn't work with people she couldn't trust.

"And your excuses? They make me wanna scream!" He yelled.

She lifted her eyes and looked at him. Their eyes met and he regretted his outburst.

She snapped at him, "I could have sworn you were the man that would never be mean."

He reached for her chin and when she didn't fight, leaned closer, his cheek was now beside hers. "I could have sworn you were the light in the end of the dark for me," he whispered, "but you proved that it's never what it seems." He leaned back, away from Ziva. "How can I look at you the same way?" He asked.

She searched his gentle eyes. He was standing there so lonely. She reached out and held his hand it to her forehead.

That was when he felt her short, sobbing breaths, and she told him, "nothing is the same as it was." He breathed out and put his arms around her and they were at peace more than they had been for months. It was finally over.