This is set in 2005 so jasper is still a newborn with a lot of self control.

Chapter 1: Dreams

Bella's POV

The day my daddy left is when my life turned upside down. My name is Bella Marie Whitlock and I'm two years old. I Live with my mummy and her new husband which she said is my 'new' daddy and I should start calling him that because my real daddy is never coming back. Since daddy left- My real daddy that is- Mummy has been really nasty and drinks a lot of that stuff in a can with Lucas. Lucas, mummy's new husband is a police man in forks where we live, he's still mean to me even though he knows he could get in a lot of trouble for it.

It's Friday the 9th of October, 2009 and I'm all alone in the house waiting for mummy or Lucas to get back, Mummy said she'd be back in fifteen minutes. ages ago. I heard the door unlock and could hear mummy walking in with Lucas. Mummy's been drinking that stuff again and so has Lucas, He stumbled over towards me and raised his hand above his shoulder and brought it down hard against my cheek while saying,

"What the hell are you doing up at half past 6 at night time, Your lucky I'm not giving you more of what is to come, my angel"

Where he hit me across the cheek stung. I knew that if my real daddy was here he wouldn't ever hit me, mummy always told him to hit me but he said 'that it was wrong to hurt a child'. I also knew that I missed him terribly and that If I didn't get to my bedroom this instant I would get more and more of what just happened. I ran up to my bedroom tears pouring down my face as I held my cheek. I jumped onto my bed and stared at a picture of me and my daddy laying in our back garden.I fell asleep while staring at the picture and thinking about how happy I was when my daddy was still here.

Bella's 'dream

I was sitting in the garden with the light shining on me and daddy but a few things were different, Daddy was sparkling and had Yellow eyes.I looked up at him and wrapped my arms around his neck while he said,

"I love you my angel and I always will" And then he kissed my cheek.

Jaspers POV

Oh how I miss my beautiful baby girl, Bella. I was changed into a vampire seven months ago and have never once gone a day without thinking about her. She was my world and still is, I can only hope that she is happy. I even missed her second birthday because I didn't know if I would have enough strength to not go up to her and carry her away with me. When I told my family about me having a daughter I could feel nothing but pity,anger and sadness. That is my power I'm an empathetic, meaning I can read peoples emotions. Edward my brother can read peoples minds and my mate Alice can see the future. Alice is the one who found me and brought me to Carlisle to bite me. I had been a victim of a shoot out, outside our local grocery store in Forks.

"Jasper, We can all tell that you are not happy that you can't see your little girl so I suggest that we go see her, not properly but through her bedroom window just so you can see that she is well" Carlisle proposed. I nodded my head, if this is the only way I'm going to see my little girl again then I will take it, even if I cant just run up to her and hug her into the next century.

"When shall we be going ?" I asked nearly jumping in my seat like Alice does.

"At night time so nobody can see us" Carlisle replied.

"Are we all going ?" I asked, confused as to what was actually going to happen. Everyone in the room nodded.

"I want to see how cute my step daughter looks" Alice said while coming over and sitting on my lap.

"Yes I would like to see what my grandchild looks like as well" Esme said while pratically beaming with delight at having a chance to see her grandchild.

We all waited until it was dark enough out that we could leave.

"Jasper please stop shouting at me in your head, I know your excited but please please please be a little quieter" Edward said to me with a pained but happy expression on his face. I chuckled and rushed over towards the door.

"Okay Jazzy calm down " Alice said to me.

"well lets just go then" I said, everyone nodded and followed me and Alice outside. We ran through the forest towards Forks, Washington. At the minute we live just outside of Forks. We ran through the forest and towards the house I lived in not seven months ago. As we got closer we could hear shouting coming from inside the house and then what sounded like crying. I looked to my family assuming they had all heard it too. The only thought going through my head was that Bella was okay. We all rushed closer to the house and stuck to the walls. Inside I could hear a female laughing, obviously my ex-wife. We were all up against the window in a second, looking in at the scene. I remember this room so well, The living room but what we saw shocked us all. A small child crying infront of a man and my ex-wife stood behind laughing along with him. I recognised the little girl.

"Bella" I whispered in shock as I saw her crying hysterically. All my family turned to me in shock.

"That's little Bella, crying ?" Rose and Alice asked. I knew if they could cry they would have been by know, Esme was too shocked to form a coherent sentence. We all turned back to look at my angel crying. As we looked on at the scene we could hear my ex-wife Grace, laughing along with what looked to be her new husband or boy friend.

"Aw, is little Bella crying becuause she got a little smack" The man said, This made me fuming mad, someone hit my little girl ! "Well maybe we will have to do it again to make sure you understand what you did wrong"

" B..b...bu...but I didn't do any...thing" My little Bella cried out. The man practically jumped into Bella's face and grabbed her roughly by the top of her arms and brought her closely to his face. Bella started to cry even more hysterically.

"How many times do we have to tell you, Not to even think about your daddy" He spat at her, Bella whimpered. "But you still go and say that he always loved you and is still alive, but new flash baby cakes if he loved you he wouldn't have gone and got himself shot while going to buy you some cereal or whatever it was" He was saying to my little girl that I didn't love her and that if she didn't need food I wouldn't have gotten shot at the local supermarket. Grace started laughing again. Then he had the ordasity to throw Bella onto the floor were she hit her head on the corner of the coffee table. Bella screamed and cried out.

"DADDY PLEASE SAVE ME !" This broke my heart. Grace and whoever he was laughed uncontrollably, they actually found it funny to watch a little girl of two years old get beaten. I couldn't take it and by the looks of my family's faces, neither could they. I and the rest of my family smashed through the patio doors and straight into the living room scaring the shit out of Grace and her new husband.

" JASPER!" Grace gasped. Bella must have heard because her head shot up and she had a massive smile on her face but then winced as he pulled her up by her hair and through her back onto the floor again. Bella started crying again. I went over to him and got right in his face, Picking him up by the collar of his shirt and lifting him up off of the ground.

"How dare you hurt my baby girl and tell her that I don't love her!" I literally spat in his face.I through him across the room and turned to Grace.

"LUCAS!" She screamed as he hit the floor with a smack. She went to run over to him but Alice stopped her.

"How dare you hurt my little step-daughter and your biological daughter, You clearly aren't a very good mother are you!" Alice shouted. Grace didn't move an inch until we saw her shake her head. No. Alice slapped her around the face and moved back over towards the rest of the family. Carlisle was checking Bella over, making sure nothing was seriously wrong. Grace took the chance she had and ran from the house and got into her car and sped off, leaving Lucas here all alone with vampires that want to rip him to pieces. I was going to be the first one to pounce on him until I saw Emmet fly towards his body and land on him hard.

" That was my neighs you hurt then, and when it comes to my family you are in deep deep deep trouble" Then all of a sudden everyone including me and Esme were attacking him. Carlisle stayed with Bella and kept her from seeing any of this.

We made quick work of him and set him aflame so nobody could find the evidence of his death.I quickly ran over to Bella and took her from Carlisle. I put her infront of me and stared into her eyes.

"Daddy!" She squeled and jumped onto me, wrapping her arms around my neck.

"Yes Baby, its me and I will never ever leave you again I promise"