Jasper POV

Staring with sadness and guilt, I watched along with the family at the lowering coffin. The gleam of the fading sun, shimmered against the mahogany top. Matching the colour her hair had once been in the rays of the sun. Blocking out every sound around me, I reminisced on her birth. She was such a cute little thing, eager to look around at the world surrounding her. I was te first to hold her, her little eyes stayed trained on mine as she blinked.

The family cried silent tears, as the dirt piled upon his daughter, their grandchild, their neice, their adopted daughter...their mate. It took a lot in me to realise she was really gone, I was never to see her sweet little face ever again.

*When you were in trouble that crooked little smile could melt my heart to stone. Now look at you i've turned around and you've almost grown. Sometimes when you're asleep I whisper "I love you" in the moonlight at your door. As I walk away I hear you say "Daddy, love you more! *

Each of us laid down a rose, one at a time. Kneeling down at the edge of her grave, I whispered my love for her and how much I adored her and everything she ever did. Before standing I put my hand over the dirt whispering;

"I love you princess" Then standing slowly, I walked back staring at the ground. Standing once again beside Alice she took my hand an we stayed there long enough to hear the rest of the song picked out in her and my honour. The words meant everything to me. I hoped that somewhere, she was listening and realising that everything I hadn't done right was a mistake and I wish I could turn back time to fix it all.

*You're beautiful baby from the outside in, chase your dreams and always know the road that'll lead you home again. Go on, take on this whole world, cos' to me you know you'll always be...My little girl. *

As the song began to come to a close, I waited. Wanting some privacy as the others walked back into the house.

I crouched beside the newly put down dirt and placed my hand over where her heart should lie. Kissing the head stone, I stood not wanting to be here any longer than necaserry, Bella wouldn't have wanted us to be so upset, she would have wanted us to carry on. She'll always be apart of me, apart of my mind, soul and body. She'll always be my baby girl.

I stood, looking down upon the place my daughter was now resting peacefully. The wind blew, blowing my hair in a different direction and thats when I smelt it. The scent attacked my nostrils and my body shivered. It was Bella, it smelt of freesia's and strawberries. I smiled a cheshire cat grin, with my eyes tearing up I looked up at the sky listening to the wind as it whispered.

"I love you daddy"

This made me cry. I know it was very short, but i couldn't write alot about it as i have no experience with funerals or family deaths. I tried my hardest and i hope you all like my story, it was a pleasure to write. The song played at her funeral was Tim Mcgraw's My little girl. It's so soft, and soothing and upsetting at the same time. I thought it was a perfect fit. Thankyou, for reading. Please review and tell me what you thought!