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So on to the drabble. This one takes place in the early Dharma days; before Sawyer and Juliet even began to realize they had feelings for one another.


You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you and all you know and how you speak
Countless lovers under cover of the street
You know that I could use somebody
You know that I could use somebody
Someone like you

Use Somebody/Kings of Leon

Sawyer never needed anyone. He'd been alone since the day his daddy decided to shoot his momma. That damned conman—piece of shit showed no remorse—took away his home, his innocence, his life. From that day forth, Sawyer was born; a manifestation of anger and guilt fully equipped with a skin so thick nothing could puncture it.

But she did. Juliet.

Like a shard of broken glass—beautiful broken stained glass—she sliced him open inch by inch.

He wasn't used to this, having someone care about him, having someone there for him. He was too high, too mighty, too proud—oh who the hell was he kidding—too broken, to accept her concern, her help. She was the one who put him in this state. He didn't feel like himself, like Sawyer. She cut him deep, so deep he no longer had a sense of who he was. Those precise surgical hands ripped right through him, revealing a broken, terrified child just trying to survive. James.

"James," her voice brings him back to reality, to the situation at hand. What was that situation again? Oh right, he was drunk—not as drunk as he would have liked, but clearly drunk enough. They were in the living room—rather she found him in the living room sitting on the floor with his back resting against a wall.

"Just leave me the fuck alone, alright," he grunted, cracking open another can of DHARMA's finest. By this point he was surround by a sea of beer cans. It'd been a rough night, but he would never burden Juliet with his feelings of failure and disgust. He was fit to keep them bottled up. Maybe if he was foul enough, she'd just give up—like the rest of them—and go on her merry way.

"Really, James, this is pathetic. You're a big boy. Get up, brush yourself off, and get on with your life." She stood in front of him, one arm on her hip, the other extended towards him, with a stern frown upon her face. She was clearly annoyed and his attitude was not helping.

Her harsh words tore at his open wounds, leaving him bare, exposed. He could never quite understand how the hell she seemed to do that, to see right through him, right into his soul, into James. Truth was, she was right; although she was right most of the time. He needed somebody, but not just anybody. He needed her, though he would never admit it.

"Just go. I don't need you. I ain't ever needed nobody," he muttered and continued to knock back the beer he had just opened. Maybe if he said it enough times, it would come true.

"Keep telling yourself that, James," her voice took on a softer tone as a small, concerned smile graced her face. She shook her extended hand to emphasis the mere fact that she was not going to give up on him; she was not going to leave. She was there for him, to help him up when he needed it most. She did have his back after all. "Now take my hand."

He took it.

Sawyer might not have needed anyone, but James sure as hell did.
James needed someone to piece him back together and stitch him up; damn good thing Juliet's a doctor.

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