Pliskin Yu walked off of the stage towards his bodyguards, the curtains closing behind him. He had just given a speech about a company called Itex. About how they were supposedly performing ilegal experiments on children. He was quite proud of himself for how emotional he had gotten his audience, though nervous at what might happen to him if Itex found out. Mentally patting himself on the back, he slowly walked down the step backstage. He looked up to see a cloaked figure standing in front of him. Glancing around quickly, saw his three personal gaurds coming up behind the hooded figure. "Can I help you?" Pliskin asked the dark figure in front of him. Though the upper part of his face was covered, Pliskin saw the figure smirk, just as his gaurds arrived and drew their guns. In an instant, the figure pulled off his cloak and flipped it into the air, shrouding him from everyones view. Outside in the auditorium, the people slowly filing out heard three shots and a scream that was cut off abruptly. Spinning around, the crowd saw the curtains parting, revealing Pliskin pinned up against the wall with a long ornate knife in his chest. His three gaurds were stuck to the wall in a similar fashion below him. Above Pliskin, written in blood, was "Don't let this be Yu". Someone in the crowd screamed. Outside, nobody saw the tall dark figure take to the sky on a pair of giant wings.

A/N: Okay, I know its short, but it's the prolouge(?). If anyone recognizes the plot, it's from Assassination of Memories by White Wing Alchemist. Best story ever. And as for my story. Read it, love it REVIEW! You might get a special part in my story. 'Cause I need characters. Powers and description included.