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Blaze POV

"Is he waking up yet?" "It looks like it."

I opened my eyes to see a shadowy figure in front of me. I tried to see their face, but everything kept swinging in and out of focus. It was like trying to watch a movie directed by Michael Bay (haha, get it?). I groaned and the figure in front of me stepped back.

"Oh, he's getting up!", A high pitched voice said as I propped myself up on my elbows. A wave of nausea washed over me, making me instantly regret it. "Whoa, easy now. Don't hurt yourself.", another voice said. Ha. Obviously, this guy, or at least it sounded like a guy, didn't know who I was. I chuckled lightly, then groaned again at the throbbing in my head. What happened to me? Why did it feel like there was a chorus line of elephants tap-dancing in my head? Why did my stomach tingle? And what the hell was in my hand? I squeezed my fist a little to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. Whatever it was, it was small and disc shaped. "Are you okay?", said he higher voice. Presumably a girl's. "Where am I?", I asked. "You're in our cave." the girl said, sounding a bit relieved. "We found you about a mile away, covered in blood and unconscious.", the guy said. The world seemed to have stopped spinning, so I looked up at the owners of the voices. First I saw the girl. She was standing close to me, concern written all over her face. She had dark brown hair and deep gold eyes, which seemed to be smiling. She looked about 15 and around 6ft tall. Behind her, leaning against the cave wall, was the boy. His eyes were a piercing gray. They looked like they could see into my soul. But if they did, he would be on the ground crying and begging for death. His hair was light, sandy brown with darker, almost black, highlights. Or would it be lowlights? He looked a couple of years older than the girl, and just a little taller. "My names Terra", the girl said. "I'm Kevin", said the boy. I looked at each of them in turn, then down at my shirt. "Blaze. I'm Blaze.", I said. "What were you doing out in the middle of nowhere covered in blood?", asked the boy, Kevin. "I-" I looked down and closed my eyes, trying to remember what had happened just a few hours earlier. I remembered finding Shadows and almost killing her. Then there was a fight wherein I ended up a human, well, almost human, shish-kabob. So that explained the tingling in my stomach. But not why it healed so fast. Even I couldn't heal that fast. And I could heal pretty fast. But what happened after that? It was all dark after that. But then there was a flash of a girl carrying me. I couldn't see who it was, everything was blurry, but I knew it was Shadows. And then my face was wet. She was crying. No, that can't be right. Shadows never cried, she was like a rock. Then the image cleared and I saw my hand reaching up to touch Shadows face. "These are tears. People cry when they're sad" I heard my voice say. Snapping back to reality, I looked down at my fingers, almost afraid at what I would find. But sure enough, there were two clean splotches through the dried blood. If Shadows was crying, something really, really bad must have happened. Oh wait. Something bad was about to happen. Which is why I needed to find Shadows. Fast. "Umm, where's the nearest town?" I asked the two kids in front of me. "About ten miles east of here" was Kevin's reply. I slowly got to my feet and swallowed back the nausea. "Well, it was a pleasure meeting the two of you. But I've got to be on my way now." I said as I walked unsteadily to the cave entrance. "Wait. We'll come with you." said Terra. I really wasn't in the mood to argue, and she looked like she would put up a really big fight, so I didn't say anything; just kept walking out the cave.

I walked outside and stopped as soon as the sun hit my eyes. I stood there blinking in the sudden light, and stretching my cramped wings. I reached up and touched the razor sharp bone spur on the top joint of my right wing, automatically reaching for my necklace with my other hand. Pulling out the whole chain from underneath my cut and bloody shirt; I held it up to the sun, admiring the reflective sheen off the midnight black feather. The necklace consisted of a large black feather between two smaller scales. I had a bracelet that looked the same, except it had a large crimson scale between two much smaller feathers. Getting those feathers had been no easy task. The original owner kept them hidden extremely well. But even she couldn't collect every little feather that fell off of her. That's how I got the two smaller ones. The big one was much harder to get. But she hardly even noticed when she was trying to fight for her life in one of our more hectic missions. I don't even remember what rank I got for that one. I stopped caring after she left. "You ready to go?", the girl, Terra, asked. Snapping out of my trip down memory lane, I slipped the necklace back under my shirt and replied. "Yeah, whenever you are".

"So, who you lookin for in town?" Terra asked again for the hundredth time. "I'm trying to find an old friend", I replied, again, for the hundredth time. "What kind of friend? Is it a girl?", she asked. "Yes". Her face fell at this reply, but perked back up again when there was a rustling in the bushes. We had been traveling east for about half an hour. I could probably could have flown to the town by now, but these two kept me entertained. "What's that Kevin? Kevin?" we both spun around to see Kevin struggling on the ground wrestling with two sweet smelling, gaunt skinned creatures. Terra screamed and I spun around again to find her with one holding her from behind, and another covering her mouth. Looking up to where the foul smelling creatures came from, I saw one of the sitting on a branch looking down at me. I put on an irritated face and said "What do you want? Your in my way, and I have somewhere to be." "Oh, we just want a snack. Don't worry, it won't take very long." Terra had gotten her mouth free by this point, and screamed "Disgusting Leeches! Just like a vampire to outnumber someone rather than fight them head on! And there's only two of us that can even fight you anyway." Ignoring her, I asked again "What do you want?" "Just a snack. God, are you dense?" "Just get out of my way, I have to meet someone." "Hmm. Your muleheadedness reminds me of someone. You remind me of Shadows. You even have that annoying smirk." My eyes narrowed at that. "What do you know about Shadows?", I asked. "Well aren't we moody? Well, my names Holden. Shadows owes me a debt." "Well, if Shadows owes you a debt," I said reaching into my cloak. "Let me pay you back for her." I whipped the small pistol out of my cloak and fired off three rounds into his shoulder. He just laughed, jumped down from the tree, and walked toward me. When he got to me, he grabbed the gun, and snapped it in two. "Oh no. You've broken my gun, whatever will I do now?" I asked in mock fear. While he blinked, I morphed my right arm in a flash of fire, and shoved it in his stomach. He looked at me with shock and pain plastered on his face. I slid my arm a little deeper, till I found his spine. Once I found it, I grabbed it and twisted, snapping it in two, and threw him into a nearby tree and faced his comrades. They looked on at me in shock and horror. I raised my silver dripping hand and ignited it, causing a black flame to run across the silver blood. So they burned black? That was just plain cool! One of the vampires holding Terra suddenly rushed up to me from behind, attempting to catch me off guard. I spun around and grabbed his face with my morphed hand and lit it. He instantly started screaming as the black fire spread across his entire body. He seemed to shrivel up, and then just disintegrate in my hand. Ok, this was starting to creep me out. And then, with no warning, I blacked out. When I came to, I was standing outside a small two-story house. Just outside a second story bedroom window. From inside, on the first floor, I could hear fighting on the first floor, then it stopped. A couple of minutes after the initial silence, I jumped through the second story window. I heard a door slam and rushing feet. The entire room dripped with shadows scent, so this was the right place. I held Holdens body against the door and stuck a long knife through his stomach, pining him there. A soft groan escaped his lips as I let go. I pulled out another knife and carved into the wall next to him, "I picked up your tab". I heard pounding feet the stairs as I finished, so I jumped through the window again. I dropped a couple of feet, then opened my wings and launched myself over the roof with a single flap. Landing in the forest a few miles away, I sat down to wait. Shadows would show up soon.

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