Megan Andrea Payne: Short, medium-blond woman with hazel eyes; Doctor in Veterinary Medicine

Brook Sky Payne: Brown brindle & white semi-longhair English Shepherd x Pit Bull mix with warm brown eyes

Gary Cole Essex: Brown-haired man with brown eyes

Corbin Austin Crawford: Blond-haired man with green eyes

Officer William Earl Gray: Black-haired man with brown eyes

Howard Eddie Marella: Black-haired man with dark hazel eyes

Buck Cameron Benson: Red-haired man with dark blue eyes

Ryan Elisha Bunch: Dark brown-haired man with dark brown eyes

Clifford George Mitchell: Light blond-haired man with blue eyes


Brook was gone. The brindle & white, semi-longhair, English Shepherd x Pit Bull mix with warm brown eyes was gone. Megan Andrea Payne, a doctor in veterinary medicine, sat up groggily. She took a mental inventory of herself, relived that her throbbing head was not a concussion & her strongly stinging leg not shattered. She remembered how Greg & his gang had killed her father, stepmother & now how they had stolen Brook. She wouldn't let them steal anymore from her. Her only hope would be hard. She had to have the A-Team.

The Chinese man named Mr. Lee had told her to go to Splash Car Spa but as she pulled up in the rusty, red pick-up truck, she saw no one. Pulling into the number one station, to her despair she only saw a silver-mustached man who started spraying & soaping her car. She slumped in her seat, no A-Team here, as she sighed. When the blue-eyed man started to dry her truck she dug out her wallet, all she got was a car wash, she wouldn't need the rest now. A towel was pressed against the drivers-side window & she saw words written on it.