Author's note: First, don't get your hopes up too high, I just started my study at the university, so I'm busy as HELL all the time, so uploading won't go very fast I think.
Second: This story WILL contain abuse, boy love and all the other things people can freak out about. Don't like, don't read.
Third: The second chapter will be written soon I hope.
Fourth: The chapters won't be too long, but there will be 34 chapters (at least, it looks like that right now, but I've changed that for 100 times already, so that might change).

Guess that was all. Hope you enjoy.


The evil behind two faces

Chapter 1:
"The story" by Axel Nakayama

My name is Axel Nakayama, and I'm about to tell you a story; the story of an abused child.

This child was a boy. The boy was pretty much like any other, a cheerful, playful boy. One thing stood out though, his unusual haircolor. His hair was a bright, flaming red, and no matter what he tried, the hair would not behave, always spiking up in every direction. They defeated gravity and rain by far.

At the age of four, this boy's life took a dramatic turn. The parents had never been the most loving ones, from four on they were downright hateful towards the boy. When he did not reply, or act to what his parents said, they would not repeat it, no, a slap across the face was what he could get.

The boy didn't understand why this sudden change had taken place, there was nothing he could recall he had done, or anything that had happened. The beatings got worse with time and the signs of abuse started showing: the boy started to flinch away from people's touches and would look scared whenever someone raised their voice.

From the age of seven the boy's father started to sexually abuse him as well, first beating him senseless and then raping him. The boy's mother knew, but did little, if anything, she'd beat him some more, because his father would rather fuck him than her.

At the age of nineteen, after being abused for fifteen years, the boy had some serious issues, but found a reason to never give up, a reason to escape, a reason to live.

My name is Axel Nakayama, the boy mentioned above is me, and this is my story.