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The evil behind two faces

Chapter 16

"How I met Axel" by Cloud Takeda

I remember the first time Axel set foot in our house very well. There were two things that stood out, which I did not like at all. First: he had flaming red hair, spiked in every possible direction and defeating gravity by all means. Second: two tattoos beneath his eyes. What kind of idiot gets his face tattooed? All in all, he was very much not the kind of guy I wanted Sora and Roxas to befriend, but that was bound to fail from the beginning.
The tattoos could only stand for the fact that the guy was a rebel, something I did not want Roxas and Sora to become. I was having enough of a hard time taking care of them already, thank you very much.
Then, the hair. But that's just something personal, involving some awesome, sexy redheaded bitch called Reno that I dated a few years ago.

Those are not the only things that stood out though, the huge bag he was holding drew pretty much attention too. Roxas probably saw my 'big bro is ready to take out and kill' look (as Sora calls it), and introduced us. He then proceeded to tell me that Axel was staying for two full weeks, as his parents were gone. Those two weeks included Christmas and new years eve.
I must have said something along the lines of a yes, as Roxas took him upstairs to his room. As we didn't have a guestroom, Axel slept in Roxas' room. Another something I did not like. If that guy did something to my baby brother (I'm six years older than Roxas and Sora), I would personally make sure to kill him slowly and painfully.
Roxas was enough of a mess already, the last thing he needed was a hotheaded redhead to mess with his feelings, or change him into a rebel, or do worse.

Of the three of us, Roxas took our parents' death the worst, as he was very close to our mum. I took it the best, I suppose. I moved out about three years before and didn't have that much contact with them anymore. After their death, I took the guardianship over the twins and sold the old house, as I couldn't effort to keep it. As we inherited some money and with that and the money the house had given us, I decided to move us from my four room apartment in a town where it always rained, to another town, to this house, which happened to be the one next to Axel's, so we could start over.

My prejudices about Axel were all proven wrong wrong though: Axel's a great guy. If someone told me back then that I'd have the guardianship over the same guy about a year later, and that he actually had a great effect on Roxas, I would never believe them.
It's true though, and I'm glad things went this way.