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The evil behind two faces

Chapter 2:
"How I met Demyx" by Axel Nakayama

The first memories I have belong to the time I spent in kindergarten. Back then, the abuse hadn't started yet and I was a pretty normal boy I guess. There's one thing I remember clearly, apart from meeting Demyx.
Nearing the end, the lady watching us would always read us a small story, all of us sitting on the small benches near the big window, listening to her voice. The other children were hardly able to sit still, because they had seen their parents ' car, or their parents' faces. I always listened to her voice, loving it a lot, as it was the only time someone ever read something for me. When she was finished, she would open the door and the other kids would run towards their parents, quickly hugging them tight and showing them the drawings and other things they had made, chattering away about all kinds of things.
I was always the last one to still sit there, waiting for my parents. Most of the time it was my mom who picked me up, but from time to time my dad would come. The moment I saw them appear in the hallway, I ran towards my jack and put it on quickly, so that they wouldn't get angry because they thought it took me too long. There was no hug, I had tried in the beginning, wanting to be like the other kids, but my mom would always step back and shove me away from her, so soon after I stopped trying. She wouldn't even look at the drawings or other things I had made and just put me in the car.
I didn't chatter away like the other kids, because a nasty glare would be the response, or snapping that I should shut up. Often, my mom took me to the grocery shop first, buying the food we needed. I would see other kids from kindergarten in the shop, pointing to this and that and everything they wanted, and their parents buying it most of the time. Something I shouldn't have tried to copy. My mom just lost it, telling me that I should stop nagging and that she bought thousands of things for me and if that wouldn't satisfy me that I was a horrible kid.

From time to time, my parents would forget to pick me up when it ended. I watched all the other kids getting picked up by their parents, chattering away about everything and nothing, making sure the one kid they liked so much was coming over to play, because they had a new doll, a new race car or another toy. I would still be sitting on the bench, watching them and wondering why I never got something new, why I didn't have the things they were talking about. Sure, I played with toys in kindergarten, but I didn't have any of my own. Sure, the other kids would play with me from time to time, but most of the time I'd play with nobody, everybody too busy to even notice me sitting in a corner, riding my favorite red fireman's car in front of my feet, from the left to the right, left, right, left, right and so on.
The times my parents forgot to come and get me, the lady would call them, asking why there was nobody to pick me up. I would be standing next to her, hearing my father yell at my mother why she didn't pick me up, then my mother yelling something unintelligible back and my father saying that he was on his way. Those days, I hardly spoke on our way home and when we got home I'd go upstairs to my room, lying on my back on the floor, watching the clouds drift over and try to see figures in them.
On other days, I did pretty much the same, sometimes I'd sing a song to myself, something we learned that day. At night, when I couldn't sleep, I'd watch the stars, smiling at them, pretending they were my friends. I'd hear my parents watching television downstairs, the thing was always way too loud. When they came upstairs, they'd never check if I was asleep and just stumble into the bathroom, then into their bedroom and falling asleep.

Somewhere during my first year at the kindergarten, Demyx joined our group. The lady introduced him to us as Demyx and the boy took place at the big table, his mom gave him a quick peck on his cheek and then she was gone, waving from behind the windows to him and then driving away in her car. The boy seemed pretty nice, but he probably was like the others, not noticing me. When we were allowed to play, I walked towards the corner where my car was. I grabbed the thing and sat down, moving it from the left to the right and back. Soon, I saw two feet in front of the red car, two feet with colorful shoes on them.
'What's your name?' The shoes asked me.
'Axel.' I replied softly.
'Axel? What kind of name is that?' The shoes asked. I shrugged, I didn't know. It just was my name, there was nothing weird about it… right?
'I'm Demyx.' the shoes said and suddenly the shoes moved and the new boy came into my vision.
'Why don't you play with the others?' he asked. I shrugged again, and he shrugged as well. 'Do you want to play with me?' he asked and I looked up, very much surprised. My eyes met two blue ones, sparkling and happy, I was startled by those eyes. I nodded, not finding my voice. He grabbed the police car and together we played with the cars, pretending there were big things happening and that our cars were going there to save everyone.
At first, the boy kind of scared me, he was so happy and full of energy and so… hyperactive. He drove his car all over the place, while I just kept sitting in my corner.

That day, when all the parents had come to pick everyone up, Demyx took his mom to me, as I was still sitting on the bench.
'Where's your mother?' he asked and I shrugged.
'Do you want to come with us, so we can play?' I looked up into those blue eyes and then to his mother, who smiled down at me. For the moment I forgot about my parents and nodded. His mother grabbed my jack, as it was the only one left and helped me in it. Then she led us to the car, and kept talking about all sorts of things and asked Demyx some questions.

When we stopped in front of their house, I recognized it. It was only on the other side of the street and three houses to the left of mine. Demyx's mother took us inside, gave us some lemonade and a cookie and asked about what we had done that day. Demyx kept talking about everything, about how nice the other kids were and his mother listened to him. I watched the scene in front of me and my surprise kept growing. His mother was so nice!
After some time, Demyx took me to his room. When I stepped in my jaw dropped. His room had a nice light blue color to it, and looked out over the sea. There were toys all over the place and there was a small bowl with three fishes in them. I walked towards the bowl and pressed my nose against the glass, watching the fishes intently.
'They're called Zero, Yuna and Miles.' Demyx said proudly. 'Miles because he swims in circles all the time and goes really fast. That's the biggest one.' I smiled at him and he grabbed my hand, taking me to his toys. We played for what seemed forever, with all kinds of toys and he had a firemen's car just like the one in kindergarten, which I kept playing with. At some point he told me I could keep it and I looked at him with big eyes.
'Really?' He nodded.
'Really, I like the police car better anyway.' I smiled and thanked him.
Around five, his mother came to us and asked me where I lived, so she could take me home so that my parents wouldn't get worried. I told her I lived just down the street and she reached out her hand to me. Carefully I grabbed it and she pulled me to my feet, taking us downstairs and bringing me home. When the door opened she explained to my parents who she was and grumpily my dad gave answers to her questions.
There's one more thing I'll never forget: that day was the first time somebody hugged me. It was Demyx, just before the door closed. He hugged me, squeezing me tight against himself, let go and smiled at me. Then the door closed and my dad wanted some explanation.