Alice's P.O.V

I bet nobody will guess which song I'm doing because I told them over and over again how much I hate that song and how much the person who sings it is how I wish she would just die. This is going to be my chance to surprise everyone. Nobody going to suspecting this I secretly listened to her with years. I already know the moves I'm doing. I was looking for my blond wig when Bella opened the door with a war look on her face.

"Did you bribe Nessie?" She screamed at me

"Possibly" I said scared

"Why is everybody bribing Nessie" She said

"Because it's what you're suppose to do," Alice said

Just then Rosalie came in.

"Why did you slap Emmett" She demanded to know

"Because he was annoying me," Bella said

"That's no reason to slap him," Rosalie said

" I thought that was a reason to slap him," Bella said

"I thought it was too," I said

"Only I can slap him," Rosalie said

"Are you sure that you're only the person allowed to slap him" Bella and I said together

"I have to go rehearse" Rosalie said suddenly remembering that we going to have to sing in front everyone and Bella's daughter was going to be the judge.

"I'm going back to my house" Bella said

"Okay" I said

I looked for my blonde wig and I found it and the perfect outfit to wear with it. I bought it on Ebay. I started practicing my choreography just make sure It would look right because I'm a pixie and the person who did it is an giant compared to me. Even though there were differences in height I didn't think it would matter and I was right. It's sad when you're a physic pixie and you don't know if you'll succeed or not.

"Alice, come quickly" Emmett said

"Why" I asked

"Bella's trying to burn Edward" Emmett said