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By the time I'd come back out, Riku had left and a note was on the kitchen table, but I ignored it to dash back upstairs first and look in on my room. Kairi was tucked in and sound asleep and I relaxed. I returned downstairs and read his note.


Kairi's asleep upstairs, but I think you'd probably have checked on her already.
Your mom called to remind you that she'd be home the 15 and that she'd
call or email you daily just so that you won't miss her too much. Anyway, I smelled
hot chocolate on you so I didn't brew the coffee for you. If you want it, I didn't touch
it, so it's still on the second cabinet. Don't drink too much or you'll look like the living
dead tomorrow. Get some good sleep tonight and I'll see you tomorrow.


"Sudden inspiration and great idea: let's go get some sea salt ice cream afterschool!" Hayner grinned with a look of satisfaction.

It was in the morning of 7AM and the rain drizzled overhead, but we were under the trees, so it didn't really bother us. Most of us had umbrellas anyway. Hayner still had his cast. The doctor said that he'd have it for about two months. He'd complained that it made him look unattractive. Pence was still hospitalized. Olette had bandages on her arms, legs, and face. She healed the fastest. Only Kairi was missing. She was still at home.

About Seifer's gang, I didn't care—the longer they stayed in the hospital, the better.

"You are not eating that and it's too early to decide what we'll do afterschool. What about Pence and Kairi? They'd be missing out. Plus, you're 65kg already," Olette retorted. Oh right, I'd forgotten to mention just how much ice cream Hayner eats a day. The record was six popsicles and it resulted in a stomachache and a visit to the bathroom. The bathroom was his for an hour. I don't know why he doesn't look physically larger from the huge amount of Sea Salt Ice Cream, but it probably has something to do with Struggle.

Hayner flushed at the mention of his weight.

Riku and I stood a good distance of two meters away from the bickering group. He stood below the cherry blossom tree and I sat on the rail beside it, clutching a paper bag containing Roxas's towel. We watched as Olette beat down more items from his list. Hayner turned around and asked us, "Well then, what do you guys want to do?" I felt as if the question was more or less directed towards me for what happened yesterday. Hayner was probably still irritated about my rudeness from yesterday. Standing up, I swung my backpack over my shoulder and thrust my other arm behind the strap.

"Not now. School will start soon."

Riku's face was emotionless as I strode away from the small group indignantly and I could hear his footsteps trailing after me. Hayner and Olette were surprised at this sudden change in mood, but they didn't follow us. I only made about ten steps before I looked up into the face of a oceanic-eyed brunette. It took me a second to recall the identity of this person. Of course, it was Sora—no, Roxas. I gave him a smile and he returned the gesture, though it didn't quite reach his eyes. "Hello, Naminé."

"Good morning, Roxas."

Riku showed no signs of surprise. Hayner and Olette did. They stared at the boy standing before Riku and me. Olette looked slightly astonished at the boy they'd tried protecting yesterday.

"Wow, hey there."


I looked at Roxas. He wasn't looking at me, but over my head at something I didn't know what. Lowering his gaze, he seemed nervous and unsettled. But he had no time to even emit a sound before the lame school anthem began to screech loudly.

The anthem was the signal that classes were to start in 5 minutes, which the anthem would play again, screaming bloody murder at the people who dwindled outside of their destined classes.

Hayner swore and sped off into the building with Olette tagging behind—they had the same class. The other three of us sighed. Riku had Algebra II and Roxas and I had the Arts (well actually, he just joined this class, transferring from Mrs. Dalmasca's ceramics). We trudged up the building steps and made our way up the stairs. Unfortunately, freshmen lockers were on the fourth floor and it was a pain making our way up the spiral staircase. Riku headed towards the left for the B Block, while Roxas and I went to the right for the C Block.

We stepped into the classroom, earning a few stares. Nothing near to a fuss, but I'd heard a couple of "I didn't know that they were friends" or "Whoa, who's that guy?"

I took my usual seat at the table closest to the door only to find that Roxas had joined me and his chin rested in the palm of his hand, his fingers drumming lightly on his cheek. He looked calm, and yet there was a tinge of sadness I couldn't help but notice.

"Morning, guys! Sorry for the wait, we'll start as soon as I take the attendance!"

Our teacher, Ms. Gainsborough (age 20) strode into class with a bright smile on her face that shone with such luminescence that others couldn't help but smile along with her. She was tall, slender, and pretty. A gentle smile that reached up to her spring green eyes, her trademark was her chestnut brown hair pulled back into a braid with a pink ribbon and trailed down past her back and two locks of curls that rolled down her shoulders. Oh, and did I mention that she almost always wears pink? Not that it's bad (in fact I think the only one it looks good on is her—and Kairi), she wears white sometimes too and that was what she wore today. The white dress encircled with blue lace and ribbons. Ms. Gainsborough said that it was the dress she'd worn when she first met Zack (age 22 and our youngest and most attractive PE teacher—and they're together). She said he fell through the roof of her house, and I seriously don't doubt it. Knowing Zack… it's actually quite possible.

"Oh hello, I can't see your face right now, but you're…?"

Roxas looked up at her and his jaw dropped slightly. His eyes dilated and he looked like he was seeking for some words he couldn't saw. She gave him a confused look at the recognition that seemed to light up in his eyes. She shrugged it off though, considering that he'd probably just seen her constantly in the hallways.

"He's Sora," I called out to the teacher before turning to Roxas, "Don't stare at her like that. Do you know her?"

"Yeah, she's a…uh…friend of my brother."

"Brother? I thought you lived alone."

"Yeah, I do."

"Aerith," Zack beamed happily from the doorframe and strode over to Ms. Gainsborough, and swung her down in his arms with a kiss to the lips. We "ooh"-ed, wolf-whistled, and applauded the two as they straightened up, Aerith looking a little flustered and Zack with a cheery look on his face.

Roxas smiled and a student I recognized as Selphie pointed out, "Ms. Gainsborough, there's someone at the door."

Half the class turned towards the doorway to see a tall blonde that stood where Zack had been before his act of love. Roxas nudged me gently, "That's him."


"Cloud. He's …my brother."

Cloud walked over to Roxas and gently rested his hand on Roxas's head and turned to me. "Good to see you finally making friends, Roxas." Roxas punched his side. Aerith caught that and shot him a wary glance. "Hello, Aerith. We're here actually just to let you know that there's a faculty meeting today after school. It was announced just a while ago."

His voice was so alluring. Half the class shut up at the sound of his low, sweet voice. It was like music. Such a person couldn't possibly exist in this world.

Aerith laughed. "Thanks, Cloud, Zack."

"Well, see you later." Cloud left with a wave and Zack following suite, after giving her a peck on the cheek. Voices burst out as soon as Zack's heel skimmed floor on the other side of the door. Aerith swung around immediately and said cheerfully, "Alright now, let's get this class started with." (No one was pleased to find that she was ignoring their comments.)

I thrust my arm into my backpack and pulled out my sketchbook. Flipping to the page I'd temporarily named "Roxas"; I reached once again for my backpack and grabbed out a couple of color pencils and a pen. In a black robe, he stood on the page with two oversized keys in hand. With a look that seemed almost like utmost vehemence, there was this determined manner that flowed throughout the spiked blonde hair and oceanic eyes. It still wasn't complete. I needed shadings and some luster to the keys that I could see so vividly in my mind. He was right beside me though, so I switched to another page.

Roxas saw the drawing. Smiling, he touched the edge of the sketchbook tentatively, as if asking for my permission. I released my grip on the sketchbook and settled myself with watching his reactions at the images. There were signs of surprise that soon became admiration. He complimented on my skills (I blushed) but before he could flip to the page with my drawing of him, I shut the book with heat growing on my cheeks. Chuckling, he didn't protest as I dragged the book back to my side of the table. I shoved the paper bag with the towel into his arms, keeping my promise. He showed no surprise, but sniffed the fabric. I swatted him on the back of his head, to his amusement and he cracked a smile.

Throughout the entire class, Aerith never answered some pressuring comments about her and Zack, which actually gave up halfway through the 85 minutes of class.

I soon found out (with not much surprise) that he shared the same lunch, free period, and PE class. That was in fact…a lot of classes to share with a person. Hayner was in my math class and lunch. Olette and Pence shared absolutely no classes unfortunately except for lunch. Riku shared the same lunches, PE, and History (which he was very, very good at). Even my own cousin shared only three classes with me, being English, lunch, and History. Roxas, had four.

What did surprise me though, was that Roxas came on par with Riku when it came to athletics. Our second unit was softball. I never saw how 'Sora' behaved in PE as this was my first time being in the same class as his athletics class, but I'd heard that he was actually good at sports. I didn't want to assume, so I kept my mouth shut about it as I watched Roxas examine the bat.

There was a smirk on his face as his fingers grasped the handle of the bat firmly and he held it, raised over his right shoulder with his eyes watching the pitcher as if analyzing where the ball was going to be pitched. The pitcher, on the other hand was analyzing the path of his throw. Funny how even though this is just a PE class, there's total concentration on the game. Though, it comes back to being just a normal PE class when you notice the people on both sides of me screaming at the pitcher, "Just throw the ball!" and "We want a pitcher!"


When the pitcher (who was ignoring all of these comments) finally did throw the ball with all his careful calculations perhaps and might, Roxas's eyes seemed to watch everything happen in slow motion—or that everything was just too slow for him, and he smacked the ball with the bat at what I could tell, only a small percentage of his true force, and it flew out. The ball soared and people were running backwards with their eyes on the object in the sky. As it reached the edge of the school's field, it fell, spinning furiously against the fence and finally collapsing with exhaustion onto the grass below it. All eyes were on Roxas, who was walking towards home base. As soon as they'd regained their senses, an out-fielder ran with most likely over two hundred thirty-nine complaints in his head about having to run the two hundred meters there.

Roxas reached home by the time the ball had just snapped into glove of the pitcher. Riku was laughing. Unfortunately, Roxas had missed Riku's record mark by the one centimeter that was the fence. The silver eyed the blonde with a knowing smirk while I was completely confused of everything that'd happened.

Zack was ecstatic.


Coming out from the showers, I dried myself quickly and threw on my clothes, wringing out water from my hair over my shoulder. Taking my usual lunch place on the roof, I rested my arms on the railings and looked down on all the cherry blossoms that filled the trees and scattered the grounds.

As I backed from the railing ready to sit down and enjoy my homemade lunch, I felt an arm snake around my waist, pulling me close against the body. I yelped in surprise, only to feel a hand cover my mouth before anyone heard the sound. I bit one of the fingers hard, feeling my teeth go a little numb and the finger desperately trying to pull out of my bite. I let go, and as soon as I did, a string of colorful words exploded from behind me—in a voice that belonged to Seifer. I swung around and glared at him.

"What now?"

"Well aren't you a little cutie with a temper?" He leered. I continued glaring at him, glaring more than just daggers. He smiled back innocently. It was blonde vs. blonde, blue eyes on each other. He scoffed, "Though it's really too bad you seem to take an interest in that midget."

"And you molested me for that?"

"Of course not," Seifer took a step forward, his eyes on mine, "tell your group to shove off."


"You sure about that? Let's put it this way. What makes you think I can't do what I did to Sora to you?" I took a step backwards, alarmed, my back pressed against the rails. A voice sounded from behind him.

"Well, well. I come up to take a nice catch of air and the first thing I see is your big bulky muscle-bound ugly back. What a turn off."

Seifer shifted his step, turning around, and I looked at the source of the voice. Seifer growled angrily, "What are you doing here? I took this place first. Get out, or are you up for more?"

"The roof belongs to the school, not you. The first to be on this roof was actually Naminé, and I can see that that she doesn't seem to enjoy your presence," Roxas stated breezily, looking at the checkered rings on his fingers and bands on his wrist. His words and look was clearly meant to mock Seifer, and he was doing a good job of making him angrier than he needed to be. Seifer was completely furious at being looked down upon by the one he'd clearly beaten yesterday.

"You dog, you were clearly beaten yesterday, but you still come back for more. Why not wait after school where we can have more fun?"

"Why not take me on like a man for once, one vs. one?"

"What?" Seifer gasped at the sudden humiliation. "Alright, you asked for it." Narrowing his eyes with contempt, he crouched down with a growl. He threw himself at Roxas, swinging a fist towards the unsurprised face. With an open hand, Roxas brushed the fist aside and clutched Seifer's arm, throwing him over his shoulder, the latter crashing onto ground. The teacher in the classroom below would complain…

Panting madly, he took a hold of Roxas's ankle and kicked, with all the force that he could in his feet, into the back of his knees. Roxas staggered a little, falling backwards onto Seifer. But he grabbed Seifer's arms, he twisted his body so that Seifer was lying on his stomach with arms twisted behind his back and Roxas sat perched on his back, clutching Seifer's wrists in his hands.

Seifer gasped for air.

Roxas sighed. "Done yet? I'm a bit hungry actually."


Releasing his grip on Seifer's wrists and jumping off of his back, Roxas stretched and helped him up. At least Seifer had the pride to be a good loser, rather than take him out after the brawl was already over.

Seifer walked away with his head high, and his footsteps sounded loudly down the stairs along with a string of cussing. Roxas's eyes followed him down, and when Seifer had left, he turned to me with a smile. He walked to my side and leaned against the railing. I watched him cautiously—there was this look of frustration in his face and his eyes had a depth that seemed deeper than the deepest ocean. My eyes were locked on his, which gazed over the city. The sunlight was a soft bright glow on his face, and his lashes were long and halfway down, shielding his eyes from the light. "Mm, at least Zexion can create good losers."

"Excuse me?" I stared at him for a second.

"Oh no, don't mind me."

"You keep saying that."

There was a moment of awkward silence before he started abruptly, "Sometimes, do you think that there's a world much deeper than this? How about one that's filled with war that's lasted for years—no—decades? Do you believe that there might just be a place that's filled with more power?"

The sudden change of topic caught me by surprise. "Are you talking to me?"

"Maybe. Since it doesn't appear that there's anyone else on the roof."

I flushed, pondering for a while. I'd never actually thought about this. Most of what'd happened I would just take it and accept it. There'd be no questions asked. Just take and accept. Take and accept. That question sure was random and out of the blue though. I tried to figure if there was something else behind what he'd just asked. "Um…no, but it seems like you know about it. Fill me in."

He laughed.

"Well, it's a reverse world of where we live in, where said world is experiencing a war at the moment, with the people of Destiny against one another. It's total chaos. There's a group that's upset with the ruler and his terrible regime, and there's those that feel that the ruler's doing just fine. But the war's going on with the ruler and the people who are upset with them. Those people are called the Organization XIII. They're a group of rebels. In order to possibly blackmail or defeat the king in some way, they've kidnapped the both daughters. However, where one is still there, something occurred and the other escaped. That made the king even more determined, and both sides became involved in total chaotic war."

"What happened to the other one?"

He shrugged, "They don't know, so they're all trying to find her. The king because she's his daughter, and the Organization so that the king doesn't get her and feel that there's even the slightest hope of regaining her without a fight or an abdication of the throne."

"Wow, you could actually write a story about this." I laughed, smiling at him. He looked at me with solemn eyes. I immediately shut my mouth and bit my tongue, scolding myself for my careless words. He looked away and shut his eyes momentarily, then smiled, though it didn't reach his eyes. "Yeah. With all this, maybe I could."

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