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"So…humiliated," I struggled for breath, "fallen…at hands of…someone…like you…."

He said nothing and I continued to glower at him.

"Boy…you'll regret this."

"Just die already."

At his word, the Lifestream took me.

"I thought we succeeded. Why is she here again?"

I was sitting on the clock tower again. My eyes widened as I couldn't remember what had just happened. All I remembered was falling into the sea and suddenly, I'm back on the clock tower. Riku was staring at me, and so was Roxas. Kairi'd strangely disappeared. In fact, everything was disappearing.

I watched as the towers slowly dissolved bottoms up.

He sighed and faced Riku, "I guess she'd fainted or something. See you later. It's hard concentrating here while fighting. Zexion will have destroyed everything by then I guess."

"Where's Kairi? What's going on? Who's Zexion?"

They turned back to me and their mouths moved, but nothing came out—or perhaps I couldn't hear it.

I watched their lips forming words and tried to lip-read, but was very unsuccessful. Everything was turning slower and slower as if time was being controlled and it took three seconds for them to open and shut their mouths soundlessly. It was completely frustrating to attempt to make out what they were saying to me.


Everything turned black again.

I woke up, lying in the arms of a cloaked figure that was running down earth brown stairs. There were two sets of stairs and a door between in the huge room with two glass windows on each wall.

Alarmingly, miscellaneous artilleries shot past. Sounds of blasts and explosions reverberated everywhere as figures in black cloaks fought each other clashing weapon to weapon. Sparks flew as a huge black elaborated key spiraled overhead and struck a window, shards of glass raining down. They glittered beautifully against the sunlight for second, flashing, and blinded my eyes. The figure swore angrily at the shower of glass and leaped over the stair railing. As he did, the hood flipped off of his head, and his eyes twitched at the light that suddenly entered his line of view.

"Sorry Sora! Axel, damn it, control your Dusk Nobodies!"

A silver-headed boy shot from nowhere and caught the falling key, before taking off from the wall, kicking a couple of grey humanoid creatures that he'd called Dusk Nobodies. They were everywhere—the Dusks that is. A whitish-grey color, their slim bodies swayed to the sides whenever they walked, twisting their bodies dementedly at the same time. They covered the brown floors, walls, and ceilings, attacking anyone they saw.

"I'm a bit lazy right now, Riku. You bastards on the other hand, go and burn in the pit of hell!"

I flinched at the thunderous voice. It seemed louder than the rest of the sounds. Fire blazed suddenly in a ring that encircled the entire place, the only space without fire was the pathway to the door. Screams of vexation or pain rose from around.

"Now, now, Sora," an extremely tall cloaked body came crashing down before us, standing with a bladed lance in his hand. He had the widest shoulders I'd ever seen beneath the black cloth. I shut my eyes and turned my face against Sora's chest to keep the light that reflected from the metal from damaging my eyes. They were still sensitive to even the slightest form of light—highly sensitive.

I heard a snort. "I think it's in your best interest to be a good boy and return her to us before I get angry. It might save you from the delightful consequence Superior has in store for you."

Sora said nothing and continued striding forwards, past the man.

There was a low hiss.

"Don't provoke me, Sora. I'm being exceptionally generous." His words were ignored.

Instantly, a jolt penetrated through his shoulder above my head and as I opened my eyes, red droplets spattered over my eyelashes and the towel that wrapped my body. The color imbued the whiteness of the fabric, and I could feel chilled spots through the towel. From the shoulder, crimson oozed heavily, dripping onto my face and hair, dyeing the blonde strands a pale burgundy color.

The blade pulled out of Sora's shoulder as he collapsed to the ground. I tumbled out of his arms and onto the ground, still incapable of moving my limbs. Staring at the pallor of his skin with horror, blood dripped from his shoulder and onto my cheeks.

"Look what I had to do, Sora, doesn't it hurt?"

"Damn you…"

"Still an arrogant tongue, huh? Maybe I should pierce your tongue next and finish it with a lead ring as a remembrance, to keep you from feeling so smug." The deep voice spoke complacently as he grabbed a handful of Sora's caramel-colored hair and pulled his face up, grabbing hold of his tongue with his other hand.

As he released Sora's hair, he held the tip of the lance direct vertically over Sora's tongue. Sora was breathing heavily.

It was hard to stay up as blood continued to trickle from his wound, his body losing strength as each second slipped by.

I opened my mouth in attempt to protest, though knowing that my sounds would only come wordlessly. Luckily, a small body barreled into the man, who released Sora as he gasped at the impact, flying across the room and into a wall. A loud crash emitted from where he'd fallen.

With two black circular ears and a tail, the small creature wore the same cloak that everyone else did—just in a much smaller size. It glared in the direction of the smoke that was emitted from a large crack in the wall. I gaped at the creature. For its small physique, it sure had an amazing strength.

It turned to its left just in time to see another hooded figure jumped off of a balcony, his outstretched hand towards me. Noticing the creature, the man's eyes widened, but it was impossible to change a direction in midair and too late.

With a large key that appeared in the creature's gloved hand, it slashed the man's open hand off; black smoke like mist spraying the air from the man's wound. The man howled in pain and his face twisted in agony as he slid on the ground, clutching his wrist with knuckles that were white from his grip. He was terribly close to the fire.

"Xaldin, what in Superior's name are you doing there sleeping while we're doing all the hard work?"

"Sora!" the creature ran over to him, supporting his exhausted body, just as an explosion sounded from where the man with the lance had fallen. His hood had fallen off, revealing a tumble of jet-black braids and sideburns. Boulders from the explosion were diced to small pebbles in a second. He grinned, "Shut up, Lexaeus, I was just thinking that since you're so strong, you'd like to take the spotlight for once."

"'For once'?" a curly red-headed man raised an eyebrow and eyed him with an air of superiority. Swinging his black blade over his head, he smashed the marbled floor heavily, sending boulders crashing in a straight line towards the three of us. The rocks were huge, we'd immediately be demolished. With panic, my eyes widened as my breath came quick and shallow and my hands dropped several degrees in temperature and began to perspire heavily. There were angry shouts of displeasure as my eyes begged the hooded creature before me, my head spinning due to my hyperventilation.

The creature's eyes were set forth, watching as the boulders rose up before it. Gently setting Sora down beside me, the creature's grip around the handle of the large key tightened and it raised it over its head, bringing it slashing down to the ground in the same movement as Lexaeus.

The rocks parted, flung uselessly to the side.

Lexaeus's eyes narrowed and he leapt at the creature in a close-ranged mêlée. "Lexaeus," the creature plead in its high soprano voice as it deflected his blows, "I don't want to fight you."

"Fight me to the death, you mouse," his words came harsh and coldly.

"That's not what your sister would want."

"What do you know of my sister?"

"She wants you home! You're here, putting yourself in danger, but she just wants you home and safe. She's praying for you everyday—you, her brother. What sister wouldn't want for a family to be as complete as it can be? After your parents died of the famine, you've been trying to take care of both you and her. She wants to help you, to do whatever she can to make you feel better! Her parents gone, Aerith doesn't want to lose her only brother."

There were hisses around the room at the mention of her name. Lexaeus flinched as if struck, though his blows had diminished and they now merely stood there. The mouse was looking at him with determined eyes while the red-head's eyes were towards the ground.

He stammered, "I did this…because the Superior said that if we succeeded, she and I won't have to starve as we do anymore. She won't have to sell flowers to pedestrians. Zack won't have to be locked up in the palace. The child won't have to dwell in such a filthy environment. Living in the slums, we can't make much income. There are days where we have to starve, though I'd rather I starve."

The mouse's eyes were compassionate.

"Go back to her, Lexaeus. That's all she asks for. If you can, the least you could do is to visit her frequently. Don't do something to put your life on the line. Don't wage this war against the king."

The man looked to be almost convinced, but his eyes relapsed to cold stone once the word 'king' slipped from the mouse's lips.

"You say the king? Ha! I appreciate your concern, mouse, but that's not going to change our lives no matter what. The king will pay for his injustice—his corruption—and lack of attention towards those who suffer like us. Then we who live in the slums won't have to endure with what we do now!"

"I don't want to be the one to say this," the mouse spoke remorsefully, "but that would never happen no matter what we try to do. Even if we try to get as close to Utopia as we can, there'll always be those who suffer so that others can enjoy the pleasures. The most we could do is to lessen the pain—"

"That's what you nobles always say!" Lexaeus was furious now.

"You bastards may have your calculations, Mickey Mouse, but you know what really tallies up? It's the spirit! And that's what we 'commoners' have that you don't! We endure more of the burden as you filthy monsters raise our taxes, develop your larger cities and towns, and leave us as the way we are, never bothering to ease ourpains but the trivialities of those who already have more than we do! We have the true nationality and love for our homeland!"

He'd spat the word 'commoners' angrily.

Crouching down, he released a low snarl. Mickey's eyes were still passionately vehement, and there were no traces of fear behind them.

"Do you know what the Organization XIII consists of?"

This was the first time I'd ever heard of the Organization. Sora's eyes flashed at the word, and everything in the room had gone still. Riku had stopped fighting, but stood before Sora protectively.

I glanced around the room, catching the eye of a dark haired girl who glowered back at me with the same lavender eyes—they were filled with hatred.

"We're called Nobodies, mouse." Mickey's expression remained unchanging, but tension filled the room.

He shifted his weight to one foot and took a deep breath, "Regardless of your superb talents, I'd never imagined that the fourteen of you would be them."

"Turns out we are."

A dark lavender swirl appeared beside me, spiraling from nothing and a hooded figure appeared from the smoke-like substance, to the surprise of everyone in the room, offered me a gloved hand. Under the hood, I could see a kind smiling face with a disarray of blonde hair.

I forced my arm up, and sweat broke out from my forehead from the strain as my hand reached piteously towards his.

The man whose hand had been dismembered let out a roar of vehemence. Many things happened at once. Still to my confusion, all the Organization members present (sans Axel) made a leap towards me.

The gloved hand I'd reached for grasped my hand firmly and pulled me into the smoke, towel and all. The other hand took a hold of Mickey and Riku, who held Sora in his arms, and pulled them into the darkness.

Before I was submerged into the smoke, the hooded blonde raised a blade warningly at the men.

"Oathkeeper! Didn't we lock it away?"

"How did he retrieve his blade?" they were more than flabbergasted now.

"Really now," his laugh was a ringing sound. "There's no way you can keep a Keyblade away from its master!"

Before I could hear more, I gasped, feeling as if all the air had been forced out of my lungs. It was dark. The pressure was immense, and with my current physical state I knew I couldn't last if I stayed in this atmosphere any longer.

But I didn't need to.

Just as immediately as I had felt that pressure, I emerged from the smoke in the hooded figure's arms.

A skyscraper stood in the distance, green screens flashing at the top and we stood in a dark street, neon lights on the sides of the stores illuminating the ripples on the ground. Rain was falling over our heads as Riku emerged from the shadows with Sora on his back, his arm hanging loosely over the silver boy's shoulders.

His fingers stroked the back of my head as Riku came to a standstill, and as soon as the physical contact was made, there was an electrical jolt that sent the both of us recoiling violently.

I was suddenly experiencing pain throughout my entire body, like needles puncturing every square millimeter of my skin, and a severe headache in my head. The others were astounded.

"Naminé? Sora?"

'Who's Naminé?' I wanted to ask, but was in too much pain to do so. Screams pierced the air, and I was alarmed to find that one of them was mine. My vision was replaced from a rainy street to flashes of a beach, a red-headed girl, a silver-headed boy, an oversized key, and several other images that flickered violently past my eyes.

The girl…I'd seen her before. I watched as she handled a star-shaped keychain gently in her hand. The silver-headed boy I could tell was Riku.

And just as quick as they'd come, they disappeared—but I'd seen everything. I finally stopped writhing in pain in his arms, coughing and panting fiercely with exhaustion.

I held a corner of the towel over my mouth, tasting a bitter coppery tang. I'd seen his memories. Yet the recovery was short, as I was immediately knocked out cold by another wave of memories.

Restoration processing…

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