A/N: I'm not really a fan of this pairing, but ever since I saw the episode in which this happens, the idea wouldn't leave me alone. T_T It's just a short little story... Isn't supposed to make much sense, blah blah blah. So anyway~ Here you go, all you Laven fans, you. :P

They were running through the vampire's dark mansion, having already learned how to get rid of the horrible pink plants that were almost killing them.

You have to say, "I love you."

Lavi was successfully getting rid of the plants tailing him, while Allen was having trouble because he didn't want to say the words.

"Come on, Allen, it's not that hard! I don't think you even have to mean it!" Lavi said, keeping an eye out for any Akuma.

"That's just it! I don't want to say it if I don't mean it," Allen replied, dodging the plants' attacks.

Lavi sighed and shook his head. "I still think you should try saying it. Try picturing something you like."

Allen was lost in thought. What do I like…? Or better yet, who do I like…? Well, that's an easy one…

He turned toward Lavi, who raised his eyebrows, and spoke three words that halted the plants' attacks completely.

His lips formed the words, "I love you."