Disclaimer: I do not own Never too Late by Three days Grace

Random short story I had written. Tell me what you think of it. I'll take any comments.

Missing Him

The little girl's feet softly padded down the circular stairs.

Her tiny black gown ruffling against her delicate legs.

She pushed her brown-caramel hair out of her eyes.

Big icy blue eyes, rubbed red from constant tears.

Walking slowly into the kitchen, her small hand grasping her lit silver ipod.

"Never too Late" blasting through her headphones in her ears.

Fingers playing with the hem of her little black dress.

She wants to call for her Dad but knows her won't come.

Her eyes begin to water, tears on the verge of crawling down her rosy, damp face.

Asking herself "Why it happened" over and over in her head.

Thoughts swirling through her confused, tired mind.

"D….D….Daddy…." she whispers under her breath, tears fall onto her dress, her heart tugs at her emotions.

Her mother comes up behind her, hugging her tight, "I know…." is all she says.

The little girl hugs her back, wiping off her tears, and then pulling away.

Taking her petite hand, her mother leads her to the car, tugging on her shoes as she goes.

The shy is dark, dreary, and ashen. Clouds as mysterious as midnight itself, no sun insight.

Sky perfect for a day like this.

Little girl staring lifelessly out the window of the car.

Eyes blank, without emotion, ipod still playing its soft, sad melody.

Listening to its sad song, motionless in her seat.

Heart hurting, broken silently in two equal halves.

Legs' shaking as the car gets closer to the end, a swing creaking in the distance.

Car slowing to a gentle stop on the side of the winding path.

Both the little girl and mother step out of the car.

Wind blowing quietly, swing swaying back and forth with each twist of the current.

The little girl walks toward the great, old oak tree.

The swing under it moves soothingly toward her, as if gesturing to her.

A small gray stone is in the scarcely, green ground.

Few pieces of grass sticking out of the earth around it.

Two single flowers are laid in front of the site.

The worn letters on the stone lightly fading away.

"Here Lies Beloved Husband and Father"