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"Have you ever thought about the future, Quinn?" Zoey asked me. "I know Lola wants to become a famous actress, make millions of dollars, marry Vince and have dozens of little actor babies. But what about you?"

I was a little taken aback about this question. Here we were, sitting in the lounge, watching an episode of Girly Cow when Zoey pops this seemingly innocent question.

The truth was, a few months ago, I would have said become a scientist, marry Mark, and have dozens of little nerd babies. But now, I was having second thoughts.

I knew for sure that I don't want to marry Mark (bleurgh), but marrying Logan? That was a big step. I guess…if the time was right, I would do it. I mean, I love him and all.

I still wanted to be a scientist, but I also wanted to change the world somehow. Make a big impact. The question was, how?

"I guess…I want to be a scientist, but I want to be more. I want to change the world somehow. Find the cure to a disease or something." I said hesitantly.

"What about your love life?" Lola popped out of nowhere and asked.

I shrieked. "Where the heck did you come from?"

"Um, originally I'm from Kentucky, but I lived in Florida for a couple years, and then of course I came here to California…" Lola trailed off.

"Not that, you dummy. Never mind. Anyways, in answer to your question, I guess that will come when the time comes." I lied. I desperately hoped I wasn't doing anything to give that fact away. You know, sometimes people do things subconsciously that give away that they're lying. Little things, like twitching their eyebrows or flaring their nose. Stuff like that.

"Oooh. How romantic." A voice from behind me said-in response to my previous statement-sarcastically.

I turned to see a smirking face by the name of Logan Reese. And of course, I got caught into his eyes. Those really were my favorite things about him. His eyes, I mean. Yeah, I know what you're thinking. That's so cheesy and cliché! But, it was true. Even back when I hated him, his eyes were really the only thing that kept me from blasting him with my fatal electric heat-powered blaster. Yes, it was inspired by Star Wars. Yes, I'm a geek. Yes, I'm proud of it.

I blinked out of my revere. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Logan smirking some more, but it was softer. More like he knew what I was doing, but he was looking at my eyes too. But, as he's said a million times, the thing that brought me into him was my lips. So maybe, he was looking at those. My lips, I mean.

"Shut up, Logan." I said playfully, but tried to make it sound like I was really mad at him. I failed, of course.

"Yeah, at least people want to date Quinn." Lola said.

"Huh, who wants to date Quinn?" Logan asked possessively, now on red alert. It was actually pretty cute that he got all jealous over boys who wanted to date me. Which wasn't that many. If anybody, I should be the jealous one. With all those bimbos just drooling to go out with Logan. I mean, it's obvious they only want his money. Stupid bimbos.

"No one wants to date me, alright?" I reassured him soothingly.

"Uh, Quinn…" Zoey trailed off looking at my arm which was now perched oh-so conveniently on Logan's arm, rubbing it.

"Oh, uh…" I trailed off awkwardly, quickly snatching up my arm.

I laughed nervously and quickly changed the subject. "So, how about that Girly Co-."

I was cut off by Lola. "Actually about that whole liking Quinn thing, somebody does like her." She said that last part really fast as if she was holding it in for a long time.

"Huh? Who likes her?" Logan said, in a strangely high-pitched voice.

I gave him a warning look that clearly said to cool it.

"Uh, I'm just curious as to who would date such a spa-nerd. That's all." He had changed the insult from spaz to nerd at the last minute, knowing how much that would upset me. See, it's for moments like these that I love Logan so much. Underneath everything-his work crazy dad, his superficial mom, his childhood being spent with a baby sitter-he really was the sweetest guy. I threw a quick smile at him, showing him how much I appreciated that. Even though it was just a little thing, it really showed who Logan truly was. Well, kind of anyways.

"Um, okay, well if you're that curious…" she trailed off

"Oh, god cut the theatrics and just say it already!" Logan nearly had an embolism.

Aw, he was jealous! This was so cute! I know some girls think that their boyfriends being jealous is so annoying and all, but I think it really showed how much Logan cared about me. This always made my day of course.

"Well…Dana told me she saw you and some curly-haired guy sharing a smooch outside the janitor's closet near the library." Lola said quickly, edging away from Logan.

I stared at her for a while until the emphasis of what she just said had hit.

"So, who was that guy you were making out wit-" Zoey was cut off by me grabbing Logan's-who was currently staring into space-hand and bolting out of there saying," I'm tutoring you in math, Logan, remember?"

I heard a faint "Wait!" behind me, but ignored it.

I shoved Logan into a closet and tried to catch my breath.

Logan was still staring into space when I said "Oh my god." about five times.

"Quinn." Logan said, suddenly reaching out for one of my hands which were resting on my knees as I tried to catch my breath.

The urgency in his voice caused me to look up.

"I don't want to be caught!" Logan screamed like a two-year old.

"You may have matured quite a bit lately, but you're still such a kid!" I said, rolling my eyes.

I salvaged what little bit of hope I had and said, "Well, you know, Dana doesn't necessarily know that I was making out with you. I mean, there are probably lots of curly haired guys at PCA."

"That wears muscle shirts? Come on, I am the only guy at PCA with enough muscles to show off in muscle shirts." He said matter-of-factly.

I rolled my eyes for what seemed like the billionth time today.

"I have to admit that's true, but Lola never said anything about muscle shirts so calm down!" I said, trying to calm down myself.

"You're right; it's silly to get so worked up by something so trivial." He replied.

"So you think our relationship is trivial?" I said dejectedly.

"What? No! Quinn, I love you, remember?" Logan said quickly.

"Yeah, I know. I was just joking." I giggled.

"You really had me there." He said suddenly, walking towards me.

"Logan, are you okay?" I asked, worried about the sudden change in his behavior, as he had started cornering me in, well, a corner.

"I'm fine, but you're not about to be." He said threateningly.

"Huh?" I was thoroughly confused.

"Your lips are about to take quite a beating." He explained.

"Oh, are they?" I said, coming to a realization.

He took another step forward, wrapping his lean, muscular, warm arms around my waist. I flipped my chestnut mane over my shoulder and laid one of my hands on his cheek.

Logan moved closer and then his lips closed around mine. I moaned into his mouth and clenched his face a little tighter, guiding him a bit. Although, he didn't need it. He was good at what he did. Really good.

And then his hands-soft because he used moistening gloves, but of course, that's a secret so shhhh- slipped under my blue silk cami and traveled upwards. Now, usually this is where I'd slap his hand away and stop him, but this time-someone else did.

"I would really stop kissing at this moment as this is all being filmed."

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