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Chapter 80

Twenty-four hours! Twenty-four unbelievable long hours was the time they had given Logos to surrender peacefully, which was something Shinn found himself kinda wishing they would not do, he was itching to get in the Destiny and go show Djibril and everybody affiliate with that man just what he could do in that mobile suit.

And as he kept on playing around with the airhockey table down in the mess hall, he looked over at Rey who was quietly sitting on one of the black leather couches reading in a book. And seeing that his friend was smiling slightly over something in the book, Shinn let out a deep sigh, that he was sure that it was impossible for Rey not to hear.

And the exact moment Rey glance up from the thick book, he immediately start complaining loudly. "This is SOOO unbelievable boring, Rey! Why the hell isn't anything happening!?" He yelled.

Slowly Rolling his blue eyes, Rey placed the still opened book down on the couch beside him. "We have only been here three hours Shinn, so try and be patient, if it is possible to resolve this matter with Logos without going out into battle, than that is definitely best, don't you agree? Just think about how many lives will be saved, if they surrender without making a fuss" Rey said thoughtfully, even though he knew that if Djibril actually did surrender the true purpose of this battle, would be totally ruined. It was after all no coincidence that such a huge part of the none Zaft fleet, that had joined up with them to help rid the world of Djibril and Logos, had so conveniently been place near the very front of their formation, they need Logos to kill as many of the none Zaft soldiers there as they possibly could, before they finished Logos off.

Scratching the back of his neck. "I...guess you are right Rey, but it's just so frustrating sitting around here not doing anything!" Shinn half yelled before he almost violently shot the airhockey puck into the opposite goal. Then stood up straight as he wait for Rey to give him a response.

Yet before Rey could think of something to say back a third person entered the mess-hall and start talking instead. "I for one think all of us here are a little on edge. And to tell you the truth my young friend, I honestly doubt quite a bit that Djibril is just going to surrender, he is simply too mean a person not to do something terrible first, and please do not tell anybody I said this Shinn, but the true reason why I send Heaven's Base that offer to surrender, and told them to hand Logos over to us, was because I sincerely hoped somebody in there would have enough brain in their heads to knock the bastards out, and then surrender" Gilbert said in his usual calm tone.

After that the Chairman slowly made his way over to the empty side of the airhockey table, where he hurried found the small red puck and place it back down on the table, then with a hint of a smile on his face, he shot it with full force down towards Shinn's side of the table.

Quickly getting his act together, the Destiny pilot got the airhockey handle in the right position, then with a deeply determined look in his eyes he slammed his hand out thereby sending the puck back over on to the Chairman's side of the table. Yet much to Shinn's surprise and slight annoyance, the Zaft leader was fast enough to prevent the puck from reaching the goal.

Yet what happened next, came as an even bigger surprise to the young pilot of the Destiny gundam. The Chairman, hit the puck with such accuracy and strength, that there was nothing Shinn could do, to prevent the small round object from hitting his goal, and as he raised his gaze and looked back at the Chairman, he saw the man sending him a small mischievous grin.

"It has been quite a long time since I last played airhockey, but I used to do it a lot when I was in college. So do not hold back against me Shinn, show me what you got" he said, the grin on his face not waving at all.

Hastily fighting down the almost nagging temptation, to tell the Chairman to shut up or say something else to the man, that would likely have gotten him in a heap of trouble, Shinn swallowed loudly a single time, as he hurried picked up the puck, and after looking at it a few seconds, he placed it back down on the table, then slammed the handle into it with as much force as possible.

Which meant that the game was soon going on in full fury. It did however take less then ten minutes, for the victor of the game to be decided. "Heh! It's a good thing Shinn my boy, that you are so much better at piloting a mobile suit, than you are at playing airhockey" Gilbert teased.

Bitting his lower lips, to stop himself from trash talking back, Shinn glared angrily at the airhockey table, like it was to blame for him losing. No matter what it was, mobile suit combat, or a game like this, Shinn Asuka could not even begin to describe, how unbelievable much he hate losing, it was just so damn frustrating, and it reeeeeally did not help much, that he could not say anything back to the person who had beaten him.

It was at that point Rey's calm voice, interrupted Shinn's bitter thoughts. "Let me give it a try Shinn, I have beaten him a few times before" the Legend pilot said in a confident tone.

Letting out a a short laugh at Rey's words, Gilbert watched as the quiet Shinn handed the airhockey handle over to Rey, then stepped slowly aside to watch Rey and him take each other on in the friendly game.

"I hate to break it to you Rey, but the last time you beat me in a game, was at golf, and while there is truthfully no denying, that you are much better at that game, than I will ever be. This is quite different from golf. And before you ask, no you are not getting a golf course here on the Minerva, there is simply not enough room for that. But perhaps a bowling lane, is something we can discuss, if we manage to take out Logos without too many loses" Gilbert said, then wondered briefly what Talia's reaction would be if he told her that they were getting something like that installed somewhere on the Minerva. Yet once he saw Shinn's red eyes lighten up, at the prospect of getting a bowling lane, Gilbert found himself letting out another short laugh, which was at that exact moment Rey choose to get the game start, and with him momentarily distract, there was nothing he could do from prevent the puck from hitting his goal.

Sending his most loyal follower a displeased glare, Gilbert hurried found the puck again. "That wasn't very nice Rey. Guess I have to teach you are lesson in manners here" the Zaft leader said, honestly enjoying spending a little time with Rey and Shinn, without having to worry about the war, and what Djibril might be up to, it was so rare he got an opportunity to do something like this these days.

Yet as the game carried on, Shinn was watching it with great interest. He did however not do that for very long, once he spotted Abbey appearing over by the entrance to the mess-hall, the Destiny pilot immediately decided that he was far more interest in spending time with her, and getting to know the cute blonde even better.

And with that in mind Shinn took one last look at the airhockey table, before he with great haste made his way over to the blond who was presently getting a soda from one of the vending machine down there.

"Hey there Abbey how is it going?" He asked once he got over beside her.

Quickly getting the can of soda open, Abbey brought the can up to her lips and took a huge mouthful of the brown refreshing liquid inside the can. It was only once, she had somewhat satisfy her thirst, that the blonde lower the can again and smiled slightly at Shinn. Yet if one were to take a closer look at her they would be able to see a hint of annoyance in her eyes.

"I am actually a little mad, Shinn"

"And why is that?" He asked curious, as the two of them sat down on one of the sofas down there.

"Well you see Shinn, there is not really a whole lot for me to do up on the bridge right now, so I was spending a little time, playing Tetris. Apparently the old CIC, had a version of that install on the computer up there" the angry girl said, not noticing Shinn narrowing his eyes slightly at the mentioning of Meyrin, she just kept on talking.

"Yet when the second-in-command saw me doing that, he actually told the Captain on me, and even after she said it was all right, he just would not stop glaring at me...I don't think I EVER met such a big stick in the mud before" she growled displeased, not even realizing that she had said the last part out loud.

Yet Shinn's only reaction to those words, was to let out a light chuckle along with Rey and the Chairman, it was after all a pretty accurate description of Arthur Trine. He was a man, who always did his utmost to sound and behave serious, but in the end so rarely succeed in being it.

"Don't mind him too much young lady, Arthur really is a good, hard working man. He just have the tendency, to act a bit silly when he is nervous. And if I had to guess, I would say that he is probably not the only one here, who is feeling a little on edge right now" Gilbert said in a calming tone.

Looking silently at the Chairman a few seconds, Abbey finally nodded slowly in understanding. "I'll keep that in mind from now on, Sir. It's just that I don't like it, if somebody is going around thinking that I am not doing my job" the girl said.

"That is something I think all of us can relate to. But I don't think you need to worry so much about it, I am sure that Talia has already told Arthur, to take it easy on you, and give you the necessary time to learn, how things functions here on the Minerva. It's not like you are supposed to know everything about the ship, the very first instant you stepped on board" Gilbert kindly reassured the girl, then mentally cursed when Rey manage to score yet another goal.

Smiling gratefully at the Chairman. "Thank you, Sir!" Abbey said then turned her head and looked back at Shinn, who was presently using a pencil to play the knife game. And once she saw him hit his left index finger, she could not help but let out a light chuckle, which instantly made Shinn laugh too.

"You need a lot of practice before you start doing that with a real knife" the blonde softly told him, sincerely hoping that with his obvious lack of skills in that game, he would not try doing it for real anytime soon.

Knowing that Abbey was right about that, Shinn again let out a small laugh as he threw the pencil aside. "You don't have to worry about me Abbey, I am nowhere near crazy enough to do it for real" the boy said. Knowing that if he he actually did try it with a real knife, he would likely end up losing one of his fingers in the process.

"Glad to hear" Abbey said back, then took yet another mouthful of her soda.

"So other than your small disagreement with Arthur. How do you like being here on the Minerva?" Shinn asked curious.

"It's great Shinn, really great! The Minerva is just so unbelievable awesome. And the fact, that I have a room all to myself, is something I am ready to start celebrating at any moment" the girl said. The big smile on her face making it completely clear, just how happy she was about not having to share a room with anybody.

"I guess that you don't like sharing, huh?" Shinn asked. Doing his utmost not to show Abbey just how eager he was about getting to know her better.

Rubbing the back of her neck in a thoughtful manner. "I don't really mind sharing, Shinn. It's just that, the last roommate I had snored so unbelievable loud, that I am certain that a few aliens over in another galaxy, was wondering where that noise was coming from"

"It's couldn't have been that bad" Shinn said, with a great deal of scepticism in his voice.

"Trust me Shinn, IT WAS! I can not even remeeeember how many sleepless nights I had, thanks to her, and the worse part was that whenever I mentioned something to her about it, she would always get angry as hell, and claim that I was the one who had a problem" Abbey said in a tone, that made it totally clear to Shinn, that the blonde could NOT have been anymore serious about everything she had just told him.

Letting out a low whistle. "I am glad, that Rey does not snore like that" Shinn said, seriously relieved, that he did not have to deal with that problem. Being kept awake all night by somebody's snoring, was most definitely something that could put him in a bad mood. Yet as the Destiny pilot sat there thinking about the people he knew that snored, he could not keep his thoughts away from his father, the noise that guy could make during the night was so terrible that Shinn had been kinda tempt to go into his parents bedroom and placing a pillow over the man's head. Yet now that it had been such a long time since he had last heard his father's unbelievable loud snoring, and knowing that he would never hear it again, Shinn found himself kinda missing it.

The red eyed boy did however not get much time to be all nostalgic and think about his old man, when Rey's calm voice interrupt his thoughts. "You don't snore either, Shinn. But you do talk in your sleep at times, which can be a bit annoying but also kinda amusing. The last time you did it Shinn, you kept babbling about the Impulse running away, and that you needed to hurry and go get it back" Rey said in a tone, that made it extremely difficult to tell if he was actually serious or just joking around.

Thoroughly studying his best friend's face, to try and determined if Rey was telling the truth about him sleep talking. Yet in the end the pilot of the Destiny gundam bitterly realized, that the expression on Rey's face revealed nothing at all.

"Please don't make up stuff like that Rey, it is not funny!"

Laughing softly. "Ohhh, I'm not making it up Shinn, I recorded it on my cell phone if you are interest in hearing it" the blond man offered him kindly.

Mentally promising himself to delete everything on Rey's phone, once he got back to their room, Shinn glared at his roommate a few seconds longer. "Do not you have a game of airhockey to lose?"

The only response Shinn got to that question, was a small barely visible nod, as the pilot of the Legend placed the puck back down on the table, and got the game against the likewise smirking Chairman going again.

Looking silently at the two of them a few short seconds, Shinn finally rolled his eyes a single time, before he slowly turned his head and looked back over at Abbey, who was keeping herself busy playing and messing around with her now empty soda can. And as he got eye contact with her, the girl immediately send him a bright happy smile, which Shinn could not deny made him feel a bit warm inside, almost in the exact same manner, Stella had made him feel whenever he had looked into her eyes.

Yet still not ready to admit that he might be developing a crush on Abbey, the stubborn teenage boy, quickly forced himself to ignore those feeling, just as the cute blond start talking to him.

"Sleep talking ain't really that bad Shinn, I for one would much rather listen to that during the night, then somebody snoring. At least sleep talking does not last for very long, and you talking about your mobile suit running away, does actually sound kinda cute and funny"

"I am glad you find it so entertaining Abbey, I honestly think it sounds more childish and embarrassing than anything else" Shinn mumbled in a somewhat bitter tone.

"It's nothing to be embarrassed about, you should stop doing it eventually as you grow older. That and sleepwalking, is something full grown adults rarely do. But it does happen from time to time, especially if one is suffering from sleep deprivation. So do make sure, that you get plenty of sleep, Shinn" she advised him in a tone, that made it clear that she had some knowledge about the subject.

Slowly scratching the back of his neck, Shinn looked down into his lap a few short seconds. "Yeah well...since that mess with Athrun and Meyrin, I have been having a tough time falling asleep, I just can't stop thinking about if there was something else that could have been done to stop them" Shinn said, with a deep guilty look in his red eyes.

Having never known Athrun and Meyrin, Abbey felt quite a bit unsure about what to say back to, Shinn. But she could not deny that she really did want to try and cheer him up, she frankly did not like seeing him looking all sad and depressed like this, the blonde like it so much better when he was in a good mood, acting confident and sure of himself.

Yet as Abbey was so caught up in her own thoughts, trying so hard to come up come up with something to say, that might help cheer Shinn up. Neither she nor the Destiny pilot, noticed the person that was slowly approaching the black leather couch, they were sitting on. It was only once a strong hand was placed on Shinn's shoulder, that he realized that somebody was standing right behind him, and while forcing back the surprised gasp that was threatening to leave his mouth, Shinn quickly turned his head and saw the Chairman smiling sadly at him.

"The death of Athrun and Meyrin is not a burden which you should carry on your shoulders Shinn, my young friend. If anything it is entirely my fault, if I had not asked Athrun to rejoin Zaft in the first place, and then made him a part of the Minerva's crew. He would not have been able to poison the young lady's mind with his crazy lies, thereby dragging her down into darkness with him, and forcing you Shinn to use the Destiny to do the complete opposite of what I want you to use that mobile suit for, which are to protect this world and all of the people in it. So please, please let me carry the blame for what happened to the two of them, it was not your fault" Gilbert said to the boy in a kind tone, even though deep inside he honestly could not have cared any less about Athrun Zala and Meyrin Hawke, hopefully they were both rotting in hell right now, even though it had been impossible to confirm if they really were dead thanks to that black Orb mobile suit's interference.

Looking silent at the Chairman a few seconds, Shinn send the man a small yet grateful smile. "Thank you, Sir" he said even though he knew that it was not going to be that easy for him, to stop feeling guilty over having killed Athrun and Meyrin, but it kinda helped that the Chairman was willing to take some of the blame.

"Don't mention it" Gilbert said back, then after giving Shinn's shoulder a light friendly tap, the black haired man turned around, and went back over to the air hockey table where Rey was waiting for him so they could continued their game.

Watching them play for a brief moment, the smile on Shinn's face grew even larger in size, when he saw the Chairman score a goal against Rey. After that he slowly turned his head, and looked back at Abbey, and while still smiling Shinn continued small talking with the cute blonde.


Meanwhile elsewhere on the ship, Lunamaria and Nicol where in their room. They had spend most of the morning together, first they had watched a movie then played a few board games, yet now they where kinda doing their own things.

Lunamaria was laying peacefully on her bed with her headphones on listening to music and reading in an old manga she had found in Meyrin's room. Nicol on the other hand was sitting at the table in there, working on a crossword puzzle. while at the same time trying not stare too openly at Lunamaria, the young green haired man was still somewhat uncertain about what exactly their relationship was now. Especially that comment Shinn had made awhile back about the two of them being hot for each other, kept on running though his mind, and thoughts of the small kiss they had shared was also something the Adamant pilot was having trouble keeping out of his mind.

Nicol really want to talk with the redhead about it, he just wasn't sure how he was suppose to start such a conversation. Yet as he heard Luna sing along to one of the songs she was listening to, the boy's mind, was working a million miles an hour trying to figure out what to do in this situation.

'Maybe talking about it ain't the right thing to do...Maybe I should just try kissing her, and see where that leads to...But...But...if she pushes me away, then what?...If she reject me I don't think I would ever be able to look her in the eyes again...GOD DAMN IT NICOL YOU STUPID FOOL! DO SOMETHING ALREADY! YOU KNOW THAT SHE CARES ABOUT YOU, AND THAT YOU CARE ABOUT HER...! So what the hell are you so afraid of...? She was the one who initiate our first kiss...' The green haired teenager reminded himself, then got up on to his feet. He did however not do anything more than that, he just kept on standing there with a far away look in his brown eyes, that made it impossible to figure out what he might be thinking at the moment.

Of course noticing Nicol's pretty bad imitation of a statue, Lunamaria sat up on her bed and removed the headphones, then with a slightly curious expression on her face, the new pilot of the Impulse began talking to her roommate in a somewhat mischievous tone.

"What's your problem, Nicol? It's rare, to see you looking so thoughtful, I almost feel like I should call up the bridge to get Captain Gladys to announce it on the loudspeakers, that you are actually thinking about something for a change"

Rolling his brown eyes a single time. "Very funny Luna, a million laughs, I was actually thinking about...about...emmm..."

"What?" The redhead asked, now even more curious about what was going on in Nicol's head right now.

Giving his lower lips a small hard bite, Nicol practically had to force the next few words out of his mouth. "Emm...I...I was thinking about, kissing you Luna..." the boy admitted in a barely understandable tone.

Yet even thought Luna did not understand the first part of the sentence, the last three words was something that could not possibly be misinterpret in any way, and as the redhead sat there staring with widen eyes at the boy, she felt a deep blush slowly appearing on both of her cheeks. And it was with a great deal of embarrassment in her voice that Luna forced out the next few words.

"Umm, well if you really want to kiss me, Nicol...I...I do not mind" she said, then turned her gaze away from him, and looked over at the blank wall beside her bed, like it was the most interesting thing ever.

Finding her embarrassed reaction kinda cute, Nicol stared intensely down at the floor a few seconds before forcing his fidgety body to get moving, which meant that he was soon standing just beside the bed, unable to move his gaze away from the nervous redhead.

Feeling the weight of the only other person in the room, sitting down on the bed across from her. The blush on Lunamaria's round face grow that much more intense, the color of her both of cheeks was even more red than her hair now. And when she Nicol take a hold on her right hand, the jumpy girl almost felt a bit like a brief electrical shock, ran through her entire body, and as Luna slowly turned her gaze away from the wall, she end up looking directly into Nicol's brown eyes.

After that neither Luna nor Nicol did anything, the two teenagers just sat there on the bed staring quietly into each others eyes. Each one of them struggling to figure out what to do next. Yet when Nicol briefly found himself thinking about how unbelievable soft and wonderful Lunamaria's lips had felt the first time they had kissed, Nicol could not keep himself back any longer, he began leaning slowly forward towards the girl, amazingly enough timing it just as she start moving towards him.

Which meant that it was only a brief instant later, when their lips met for the second time. At first the kiss was somewhat awkward not to mention slightly clumsy, since neither of them had all that much experience with kissing. Yet once Nicol felt Luna reach up, and slowly wrap her arms around his neck, the Adamant pilot found himself unable to resist, wrapping his arms around her slender waist hugging her gently, as they each worked hard on trying to figure out how this whole kissing thing worked.

Yet since each one of them were pretty keen on showing the other how they felt about each other, that was not something it took long for the two of them to do. Unfortunately much to their deep irritation, they did not get much time to really enjoy their second kiss. For almost instantly after Lunamaria let out a soft moan and was about to deepen the kiss even further, they were interrupt by Captain Gladys' voice, that began speaking loudly through the Minerva's loudspeakers.

"Attention crew, we are now going to condition yellow! I repeat, condition yellow! We are detecting some weird movements at Heaven's Base! All pilots are to stand-by down in the hangar, and await further orders!" The Minerva Captain ordered loudly before ending the transmission.

Quickly breaking the kiss, Lunamaria's eyes flew around the room in a frustrate manner, obviously looking for something she could take her deep frustration and irritation out on for being interrupt. And with her pillow not being that far out of reach, the girl finally slammed her right fist, into the soft object a single time, while cursing loudly.

"God damn it! Why now of all times?! It was just starting to get good!" The redhead practically screamed up at the ceiling.

Also more than a little annoyed by the fact that their second kiss had been cut short in such a irritable manner, Nicol could only nod hastily in agreement, as he found himself briefly wondering if Captain Gladys had a security camera hidden away in there, so she could interrupt Luna and him just when things was getting interesting. And it was with a deep frustrate sigh that Nicol slowly stood up from the bed, offering Lunamaria his hand to help her stand up.

"Tell me about it Luna, I can hardly believe that she picked now of all times to start bossing us around. But even so, I guess we better hurry up and get moving, I don't know about you, but I really don't feel like having to explain to the Captain, that the reason why we show up late, is because we were just starting to enjoy, our second kiss. That would be kinda embarrassing" the young man said.

Quickly going over his words, Lunamaria found herself thinking briefly about what Captain Gladys would likely say to them, should she ever find out about what Nicol and her, had been doing just now. She would most likely just say something about the proper time and place for them to make out, and not do it when they were in a situation, where they could very well end up in combat at any given moment.

"I guess you are right Nicol, that would be embarrassing. Especially if Shinn is there to make his stupid comments" the redhead said, then began pulling Nicol along with her over to the door.

Once they step out of the room, the young couple immediately began heading towards the pilot ready room, still holding hands.


It was about five minutes later when Lunamaria and Nicol entered the hangar, each one of them now dressed in their space suits. There was a lot of activity going on down there, pretty much all of the Minerva's mechanics, seemed to be quite busy at the moment.

And it was only after looking around a few minutes, that Lunamaria spotted Shinn and Rey sitting on a large metal crate, that was locate not that far away from the Adamant's location. One look at them, made it totally obvious to the female pilot, that they were not doing anything that could even be considered important, they were simply watching the mechanics work.

But while it was true that Lunamaria really didn't feel like spending time with either one of them right now, she still told Nicol were they where.

Looking over at them a few seconds, Nicol smiled slightly at how lazy their two friends looked right now. "Lets go over and ask, if they know anything about what's going on"

Letting out a long irritable sigh, Luna nodded slowly a single time, as Nicol began leading her over to the Legend and Destiny pilots.

Once Lunamaria and Nicol got closer to their fellow pilots they both heard Shinn call out to them in a happy tone. "It's about time you guys showed up! What where you doing? Visiting Aprilius?!" The red eyed teenager asked in a witty tone.

Paying no attention whatsoever to Shinn's somewhat simple attempt at being funny. Instead Nicol start talking to Rey in a hard tone, that made it clear to all of them that he was in no mood to laugh right now.

"So any idea about what's going on?" The Adamant pilot asked.

Slowly shaking his head, Rey moved his hand up and removed a bit of blond hair that was hanging down in front of his eyes. "Unfortunately not Nicol, I kinda have this feeling that it might just be flash alarm, since we have not been told to get into our mobile suit yet" the pilot of the Legend pilot explained thoughtfully, then reached down and picked up the can of apple juice he had brought along with him down to the hangar.

Watching Rey take a sip of the can, Nicol mumbled the word typical, and with a roll of his brown eyes, he sat down on the large crate not that far away from Lunamaria, seriously hoping that if this really was flash alarm, it would not take the bridge crew long to realize that, and then permit them to leave the hangar again, Nicol really didn't feel like being cooped up down there, if there wasn't a good reason for it.

Nicol did however not get long to mentally complain about wasting their time down there, when Rey with a small amount of humor in his voice. "By the way Nicol, not that it's any of my business, but if you absolutely have to wear lipstick, I would suggest that you find one that matchs either your hair or your space suit a little better, that red one you are wearing now doesn't really suit you"

Immediately upon hearing those words, Shinn's extremely loud laughter could be heard echoing throughout the hangar. And it did not take a genius to figure out that he was not going to stop laughing anytime soon, he simply found this way too hilarious.

But while Nicol could not deny, that he was honestly a bit tempt to throw the large screwdriver that was laying not that far beside him, at laughing idiot, the green haired man quickly decide not to do that, since he did not want to seriously injure the Destiny pilot. Instead he settle for telling Shinn to shut the hell up already.

That however only served to make the idiot laugh that much louder. So after glaring at Shinn a bit longer, Nicol slowly turned his head and looked over at Luna, who was using her right hand to try and hide the obvious smirk, on her face. "You could have told me that it was there, before we left the room" he complained to her.

Looking down, Lunamaria at least had the decency to blush slightly, as she reached over and used the right sleeve on her space suit to rub away the red cosmetic on Nicol's face. "I am sorry, it completely slipped my mind. To tell you the truth, I had actually forgotten all about putting something on in the first place" she softly told him.

Seriously wondering how it was possible for the new pilot of the Impulse to forgot about having put on lipstick this morning. In Nicol's eyes it should be impossible to forgot doing something that simple, he did after all clearly remember brushing his teeth, not long after finishing his breakfast. So how could Lunamaria possibly have forgotten all about, putting on lipstick at some point during the day.

Yet the slightly displeased glare Nicol was presently sending Luna, instantly disappeared when Rey's calm voice interrupt his thoughts. "I am happy to see, that the two of you have finally stopped beating around the bush, and showed one another, how you truly feel. It's about time if you ask me" Rey said, smiling slightly at Lunamaria and Nicol.

"Yeah no kidding" Shinn added from where he was sitting on the crate, also smiling happily at the two of them.

Looking a few times between the Destiny and Legend pilots, Luna felt a small blush appear on both of her cheeks, as she looked down into her lap with an embarrassed expression on her face. While Lunamaria of course realized that a few of her female friends around the Minerva, knew that she and Nicol had some feelings for each other, she could not deny that she had honestly never expect Rey and Shinn to know about it, she just kinda figured that they were both so caught up in trying to find a way to end this stupid war as quickly as possible, to have paid any attention to what was going on between Nicol and her. Yet hearing her friends support her relationship with Nicol, really made the red haired pilot happy.

"Thank you both of you" She said in a sightly embarrassed tone.

"You are welcome Luna" Shinn said back.

Afterwards all four of them where silent few minutes. The only thing they did was watch the mechanics run around all over the place, yet once Nicol's eyes happened to land on two blue mobile suits down there, he immediately asked a question he was quiet curious about.

"So how is our two temporary pilots doing? I have not really had a chance to say hello to any of them" the green haired man said, not once taking his eyes away from the two GOUFs down there. Since it was SO important that they destroyed everything affiliate with LOGOS here at Heaven's Base, if Djibril decide did not surrender peacefully, two extra GOUFs had been add to the Minerva's mobile suit roster to give the ship just a bit more firepower.

"Now that you mention it, I haven't seen much to them either. I said hello to both of them when they got on board, that's about it"

Yet as those words left Shinn's mouth. Rey was taking a thorough look around the hangar for the two temporary pilots. But just when he was starting to think that they might already be inside their mobile suits, he spotted the two pilot sitting by themselves on another crate. The left one of them had all of his attention focused on his cell phone, which was all Rey needed to tell that he was one of those people, that would rather give up a kidney, than the small device. And it was with a roll of his blue eyes, that Rey moved his gaze away from the left GOUF pilot, and over to the other one, who was presently reading in a thick book, something which honestly surprised Rey a bit, he just could not fathom how the hell somebody could actually do that, with all the noise down there.

Pointing in the direction of the two GOUF pilots. "They are over there, but it does not seem like any of them are in the mood to talk at the moment, so it is probably best, that we leave them alone" the blond haired man said.

Looking over at the Minerva's two temporary pilots. One look at them was all it took for Lunamaria to agree with Rey, neither one of the two men seemed overly interested in having a conversation with anybody right now. As far as the redhead could tell from this distance, they seemed like the type of people that preferred stay by themselves.

"Yeah they do look kinda anti-social..." Lunamaria said. Even through a part of her did feel slightly guilty over the fact, that she had not even bothered taking the time to say hello to the GOUF pilots. It was just after everything that had happened with her little sister and Athrun, Lunamaria really didn't feel like meeting a lot of new people. Abbey had kinda been the exception, since Lunamaria had manage to become friends with the new CIC almost instantly after meeting her, the two of them did after all have the same reading habits, and no matter how the red haired girl look at it, she could not deny that she really loved having somebody around, she could talk with about her romance novels.

It was at that point, when Shinn's self-assured voice interrupt her thoughts. "I for one, don't really see what we need them for, I am certain that the four of us can easily handle whatever Logos can throw at us" he boasted with a great deal of over confidence in his voice.

"I get that the Destiny is extremely powerful Shinn, just do not go around thinking you are completely invincible now, that kind of thinking, could very well end up getting you killed. You do after all have no idea about what Logos might have hiding away in there, heck they might even have something that are far more dangerous, than the Destroy gundam" Nicol warned him in a friendly tone.

"He is right Shinn, while there is no doubt about the fact that your skills in the Destiny, are already pretty grand. You are not unkillable, so try not to let your ego get the better of you" Rey said next.

"Geez you two, there is no need to gang up on me, I get what you are saying guys, I'll try not to do something totally crazy and reckless just because I got the Destiny now. But that doesn't change the fact, that I am still going to kick Logos' butt, all the way to the deepest corner of hell" Shinn said determined.

Smiling slightly at those words, Nicol nodded slowly in understanding. "I do not think any of us have anything against you doing that Shinn, we just don't want you to get hurt in the process" the Adamant pilot said.

Finding it kinda nice to know that his two best friends was concerned about his well, a small grateful smile slowly appeared on the Destiny pilot's lips. Yet before he could think of anything to say back to Nicol and Rey, Lunamaria cut into the conversation.

"Well I for one believe that a broken bone or two, would only make the idiot stronger. But since the two of you insist so firmly on him not doing anything completely insane if we do go into battle, I guess I'll just follow the crowd and say that you better be careful, idiot..." the female pilot said, ending the sentence by giving the red eyed boy a hard slap on his back.

Sending the redhead a slightly skeptical look. "Wow! Thank you very much Luna, your concerned for me is really touching".

Since it was next to impossible, for the new pilot of the Impulse not to hear the great amount of sarcasm in Shinn's voice, as he spoke those words, the already huge smirk on Lunamaria's face grew that much larger in sizes.

"You are welcome, Shinn".

With that said, the four gundam pilots let out a soft chuckle, at the playful bantering, before a deep silence fell over them. Each one of them just sitting there, far away in their own thoughts, as they waited patiently for the people up on the bridge to either tell them to get into their mobile suits, or that they could leave the noisy hangar.


Yet while this was happening down in the hangar, Gilbert had just entered the bridge. At first when the black haired man heard, that they were going to condition yellow, he had honestly expect all of hell to break loose in a matter of a few minutes, but one small glance up at the main monitor, told him that Heaven's Base seemed relatively calm, even considering the large number of his' forces, ready to attack the huge base, at any given moment.

'You better not surrender Djibril! If you do that, I would be forced to change my plans quiet a bit...This world Djibril, just isn't ready for you and the rest of Logos disappear, at this moment in time...You still have your uses...' The Zaft leader thought wickedly, sincerely hoping that Djibril's next move, wasn't going to disappoint him.

And while mentally telling Djibril, that he had better do what he was suppose to do, Gilbert asked Talia about what was going on.

Looking back at him with a small thoughtful frown on her forehead, Talia was quick to explain to him what was going on. "Not long ago we detect a lot of movement in there, which are not really all that weird considering that they are almost completely surround. Yet when Bart spotted a few older model Earth Forces gundams, I decide that it was time for us to stop taking it easy while waiting for them to give us a response, and be ready for anything in case they are up to something" she said. Obviously quite suspicious about what was going on, at Heaven's Base at the moment.

Narrowing his brown eyes slightly, Gilbert spend the next couple of seconds thoroughly studying the suspicious expression on Talia's face. "I trust your instincts, Talia. These people are after all terrorists, so giving them the offer to surrender might have been a mistake, on my part. But if possible I would VERY much prefer, to end this whole thing without bloodshed. The fewer people we lose during this, the better, I want as many soldiers as possible to return home to their families"

Those words had barely left the Chairman's mouth, when a huge explosion could be seen near the front of their formation.

And before anybody up there could even think about asking what was going on, Abbey who had returned shortly after the Chairman, began talking loudly over in her seat. "Captain! We just lost one of the Alliance ships! Yet what's weird about it, is that it almost looked like it was sliced in half before blowing up!" The young woman yelled. And without waiting for anybody to tell her to, she rapidly located the thing responsible for the ship's destruction, making it appear up on the main monitor, only a brief second later.

"What the HELL is that thing?!" Arthur asked loudly, staring with widen eyes at the peculiar looking mobile suit. It was mostly dark grey, and with blood red eyes, yet what really freaked him out about it, was that it was armed with a scythe of all things.

"That Arthur if I am not mistaken, is a Forbidden gundam! Get all of our pilots into their machines pronto! And tell Nicol, that I need to talk with him!" The woman ordered loudly.

It was about two short minutes later, when Nicol's face appeared on one of the smaller monitors up there. "What is the matter, Captain?" He asked in a serious tone.

"Nicol, what can you tell us about the Forbidden gundam?!"

Blinking rapidly a half dozen times, Nicol could do nothing at all to hide that he was honestly quiet a bit surprised, to hear the name of that mobile suit again. And while the word, why, left his mouth, Nicol found himself thinking back to what a nightmare it had been fighting the Forbidden, during the last war, while it was certainly true, that Nicol did not hate the Forbidden nearly as much as the Calamity gundam, he could frankly have lived without seeing the Forbidden ever again.

"Because Nicol, one of them just tore apart one of the Alliance ships like it was nothing!" Talia loudly told the Adamant pilot.

Letting out a deep frustrate sigh. "Uhh great...! That's just what we need. It's dangerous Captain, extremely dangerous. It took the Justice equipped with a Meteor Unit to destroy the first one of them, and while it might be pretty old now, it should not be underestimate. So tell the pilots in the mass produced mobile suits to stay away from it, and let me, Shinn, Luna and Rey take care of it instead!" The young green haired man said, then mumbled something about hoping that they were not going to run into the Raider and the Calamity too.

Studying the angry look on boy's face a few seconds, Talia knew from what Nicol had told her so long ago, at the Lodonia Laboratory, that he really detest the Calamity, not that Talia could blame him for that, since it had killed somebody he had cared about. Yet before the Minerva Captain could say anything to Adamant pilot about staying calm, and not lose his temper, even if a new Calamity gundam did show up, Abbey loudly cut her off.

"Captaaain! Heaven's Base is firing missiles! They are attacking our front line forces!" The girl yelled.

Yet as those words left Abbey's mouth. Not a single person up there noticed the small wicked grin, that briefly appeared on Gilbert's lips. 'You are just so predictable, Djibril...'

"I guess, we should have expect it to turn out like this! Tell our forces to start counter attacking immediately! We are NOT just going to sit out here, and be slaughter without doing anything!" The Zaft leader yelled, still greatly pleased that Djibril was doing exactly what he want.

And while Abbey's voice, could be heard echoing though the Minerva, telling the crew, that they where now going to condition red, Gilbert wondered what other nasty surprises, other than the Forbidden, Djibril had in store for them in there, hopefully he and all of his supporters, was prepared to put up quite the battle. It would after all help Gilbert achieve his goal, if most of the world were to start talking about how courageously Zaft had fought, to put an end to Logos, once this battle was over.


Meanwhile not that far away from the Minerva, Djibril was having quite a few nasty thoughts, going through his head about the Zaft Chairman. "Just wait Durandal, you bastard...Just wait, I am going to make you pay for all of the damage you have done to my organization...And once you are gone, I am going to make all Coordinators disappear too! There wouldn't be a single one left!' He thought wickedly, already looking forward to show the Plants, what the new weapon he was having build on the moon could do.

To be continued.

Hey I have another question for you guys, am I the only one who thinks that Shinn doesn't seem to care all that much about his mother and father? He never seems to think about them at all, it's like he could not care less about them being dead.