"S..Sir!?" Jarad called, stepping out of the main building of Super Jail. "Sir, are you out here?" Jarad seldom ever ventured out of Super jail's main building, and if he did, it usually wasn't to go to the yard, where prisoners were able to move about freely.

"I'm over here!" The warden called back. Jarad followed the warden's voice to the side of the main building. The warden was facing the smooth, curved, wall, his tongue pressed to it.

"Sir! What are you doing!?" Jarad exclaimed, grabbing the warden's arm and trying to pull him away from the wall. The warden shook him off.

"What does it look like I'm doing, Jarad?! I'm licking the wall!" Jarad blinked.

"B...But sir! Why?!"

"Because." The warden smiled lovingly, and he put his arms around the building in a hug. "It tastes good." Jarad blinked a few more times. He swore to God, the wall had just gotten a few shades brighter. He shook his head. No, that was just crazy.

"Do you want to taste?" Jarad looked back at the warden.

"W...What?" He stammered

"Do you," The warden repeated, putting lots of space between the words. "Want to taste?"

"Taste... T...The wall!?"

"No, Jarad! My head!" The warden exclaimed, throwing his hands into the air. "Yes, the wall! What else would I be talking about!?" He walked away, grumbling to himself. Jarad stood there for a moment in shock, then, he moved to the wall. "Does it really taste that good?" He wondered aloud, running a hand down its smooth surface. He stuck out his tongue, hesitantly, and put it to the wall, then pulled back with a gasp. It tasted like skittles. Like fucking skittles.