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"Where am I?" " Who am I?" " What am I?"

A storm was coming. How did she know? She knew what the wind brought, just as she knew these people where odd. Very odd. She had smelt that smell before. But where? She hunched down behind the boulder that sheltered her. Two men where down in the small gorge. One was blue, and smelled like fish and blood. He held a larger sword warped up in banadges. That alone was strange, but the other one made her nervous. Black hair and black eyes. Both wore a large black coat that hid their necks. The smaller one smelled like...somthing she just couldn't remember what.

But that was not important right now. Why? Her past experiance of this smell told her so. She looked back at the two strangers.

"Should I kill them? Are they a threat? Or should I stay and see what happens?" Two locks of black/red hair swung on the breeze, hindered only by the bone rings that held each to itself. The rest of her hair was braided around a metal chain that was quite long and attach to a collar around her neck. She wore a kimino that's shoulders were a slight metal armor sticking out a inch or two from the collar of the shirt. The sides of the cloth were gone leaving only a lp robe in the front and back. Under it she wore black pants that ended at her knee. The shirt was embordied with golden thread and was origanly a purple color. On her back was a cloth like object that looked like a cloak.

The wind came again with the danger.

"Them!" Her mind clamored. "Must go..." A involantary hiss left her lips. She instantly regerted it. Now only a few feet away from her stood the man, His eyes now red.

"Kissame. We had a watcher" The man called to his partner.

His partner, Kissame, was faced witha different problem ten ninja faced him. Song Ninja. The snake man's shinobe. The young woman could no longer stand the pressure. The 'cloak' flew open. Two large wings flexed the air. Before any shinobe, Akatsuki or Song, could move she was on the Song shinobe. A terrible roar shook the stone. The girl, who looked so much like a dragon in the fight ( From here out I'm calling her 'the dragon' till later in chapter two), tore throught two of the ninja like they were paper. Their blood stained her hand, which had oddly developed a claw like apperance. The rest of the Song drew from their packs needles and kuni that were covered in a potion. The dragon/girl became wary, If those posions touched here she would lose 4 out of 5 of her senses.

"Why" she spat out to the shinobe. "I'll kill you."

"We got our orders" grined a fat one that reeked of flith."And I'll get quite rich from your bounty! So, you'll kill us? Try to! You'll hardly dent myself!" The rest joined his laughter and a few even lowered their weapons. That was a mistake. She struck and they fell. two minutes and seven of them were dead the last still had one last breath but that was gone as well.

If they were all dead then, why was the sense of the danger growing.

"Damn", she thought," I forgot about the other shinobe"

Looking down she saw that, that was not the case a needle and a kuni were stuck in her arm her blood welling up around them. The Posion was in her system.


Her vision went blurry then shot out but her hearing was fine. Then it too, was gone.

"Damn it all"