*I walk into the room* Me- Hello Itachi! *glomps*

Itachi-Who are you?

Kisame-Where are we?

Me- You are hidden safely away from a annoying nusceince, so be happy. I am Me or the write of the fanfiction where you meet Nyra.

Nyra- You smell like vanilla. *sniffs* I like her.

Kisame- You like anything that smells good

Nyra-Wanna fight fish bait?

Kisame- I'm a shark!

Me, Nyra, & Tobi- FISHY!

Itachi- -.-

Kisame- Tobi?

Chapter 2

In the morning the dragon rises

On it's firey wing

It flys up into the sky

to fall to the west

and drown in the ocean

(Several days after the fist chapter)

The sun hung high over head as a figure lay sleeping in the branches of a tall oak. The breeze was steady and mild. All was peaceful and quiet. BANG! The old oak shook. The woman jumped to her feet, and forgeting she was in a tree, nearly fell to a sure demise on the forest floor. Peering over the edge of the branch. She spotted Kisame getting ready to whack at the tree again. Stiffling a yawn, she called to the akatsuki member.

" What does a dragon got to do for some peace and quite? I was sleeping fish-brain!" Her wings sprang open as she walked of the branch and glided to the forest floor.

" Heh. Well if you were sleeping how'd ya wake up so fast?" That aweful grin that was as smug as he was about how to weild his sword.

" Itachi-sama! There has better be good reason." Her voice was mild but a edge was unavoidable. Behind the tree she had flown down from stood Itachi Uchiha.

" There is. We're entering a town where some leaf shinobe are conducting a mission." His voice was as mono toned as ever. " You're coming, Nyra." Her name was Nyra. He had given it to her.

She shuffled her wings, "Fine, I'll join u before the town is in your sight." With that Nyra took off, making sure that fishy got the back-wind of the take off. She called back to Kisame, "I hope it rains and you get struck by lighting!" She flew up into the sky with a few wing beats.

"Gah! Itachi we could just kill her, then we won't have to put up with Tobi." Growled Kisame, "I really want to dice her with my sword."

"No, Kisame. She is too powerful to kill. Besides she would probly nearly kill you first."

A roar of laughter echoed through the sky. The Dragon soared over the forested area. The eddies and swirls of air rose and fell under the leathery wings. The wings were over a yard long when extened to full size. Her creator had prefected them. The sky was her own kingdom. Here none could ride the thremals nor dive through the thickest forest like she! The fire-in-her-belly that was called "chakra" gave her this abilty. She knew the things called "handsigns" and other jutsu. It was the knowledge built in side of her. The memories of her escape still haunted her, but less now. Though she could remember it clearly.


What is she?

Where is she?

Who is she?

The room in front of her was filled with glass. She knew it as the glass-room. Staring at the scene, he vision flickered and blurred. She fell into a deep not-sleep-but-sleep.

Waking once again she saw the snake-creator and the medical-poison-one. They stunk. She did not like them. Her eyes flickered as she heard words for the first time.

"Failure. The inabilty to survive outside of this container is unacceptible. She must be able to fly and use her chakra." The snake-creator said. " That chain feeds her the enegry she need to live to bad she cannot live outside of it... A pity."

She went back into the not-sleep before she heard the reply.

She woke again and this time to a shock that had been deliver through her tail-that-was-chain. A new boy stood before her. This one smelled strange and looked odd. He smelled to her like red. Like blood. Like betraly. The Red-eyed-one now known as the Younger-snake-scent-red-eyed was fear to her. She did not feaer Snake-creator. Only him and now the older red-eyed one. They had power, and lots of it.

She moved and spoke her first words here.

"Red-eyed-one..." The shock the medical-grey-man produced pleased her. Her tail-that-was-chain twiched and swung more and more. Her eyes opened wider. "I...smell...fox! Much fox and much fox-blood!" Her tail pulled free. Her roar shook the glass-room. She broke the glass-cage. She was free!

The bad-smelling-medical-one lept at her. She ran.

-end of flash back-

Shifting through the breezes the Dragon-warrior rose on the thremals of air. The thin-hard-breath air hurt slightly, but no much. She was beautiful in battle and air and she knew it. Steeping the fake-wings-that-were-hers she dived toward the ground, only pulling up at the last second. Her sensitive nose had caught a strange scent. Looking though the sky, she spotted a large speck flying toward her. Diving toward the earth she weaved her wings though the branches, as the shape grew to form a large white bird with a man on it's head. Soon Nyra was under it.

"Who are you, hn?" The blonde man looked at her with curiosity.

"Do you really want to know?" She answered queitly, eye-ing him. "It will cost you." She noticed there was a smaller man beside him. Strange he smelled like a Red-eyed one, but he wasn't. Both wore the Akatsuki robe. The bird was clay.

"Blast!" The blonde-clay man shouted. Bombs went off around her. Forcing her into the sky.

"Damn.."She growled."We fight now?"

"Sure,hn." The blonde smiled. "Let's see you go boom, hn! Blast!" Letting loose a roar, the dragon dived and swirled advoiding the bombs. Forming hand signs, a firey blast issued from her mouth. Several bombs meet the wave and deflected it. This went on for several minutes. Along with acrobatics to see who could use the sky better. The clay-man was forced to land.

Finally, above her adversary she dived, fire issuing from her. "Dragon's Fire no Jutsu!" It nearly hit the grounded bird when water counter-act the jutsu. Looking for the person who had taken the prey that was rightfully hers, she spooted Kisame. "Shark bait!" She snarled.

"Stop it, Nyra." Itachi joined his partner. With a sigh the dragon winged to the earth. " He is one of the Akatsuki."

"My apoligies, Itachi-sama." She growled queitly. "The -" She cut off. The masked-one was looking at her. Dangerously.

"Hey! Deidara, Tobi!" Kisame called out.

"Kisame-sempai! Itachi-sempai!" The masked one shouted down. "Deidara-sempai! Let's land we're close to the base."

"Hn." The blond clay man responded."Who's the girl Itachi, hn?"

"Nyra Dragon. A wanted Sound ninja." The said person answered. Beating the wings, the girl landed fully on the limb of a heavy oak. Looking at them curiously. She slapped her wings to her back. Now they looked fully like a cloak.

"The village is near. Do we go around?" Her queit voice still had the mence in it.

"No, we go through." Kisame growled. "The base is on the other side." She shuffle the cloak till it concealed the chain around her neck.

"Hai." She drew a breath. "Rain is coming."

"Let it." Said Itachi, as he walked toward the town.

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