Chapter #1

It had been a very long and hard war. What it had initially been called the winter war, had prolonged for nearly a decade, after the initial confrontation on top of Karakura town Aizen along with his three top arrancar, fled to Hueco Mundo where the battle continued, it had been in the throne room of Las Noches that the battle between Aizen and Ichigo had really finished, a struggle that had been brewing in the Sereitei for more than 100 years had finally ended, although there was nothing left from the old crew left.

Orihime and Uryu had married three years after the initial struggle and once Orihime was pregnant with their first born, they had stop the fight, Ishida moved to England, where he studied medicine, he opened a private practise and to this day continues to study in the hopes of obtaining a second PhD, they now have one son and one daughter and though the war was not over, for them it had been for more than seven years.

Chad had died keeping his promise to Ichigo of always having his back covered when he saved Yuzu from a plot to capture by Aizen and his Arrancar, he had fought gallantly, and he scared Ichimaru for the rest of his life, making sure that the last thing the fox faced captain saw was his changed right arm, before being pierced by Shinzo straight through the chest.

It had occurred to Ichigo several times that he was fighting this fight alone, as time went by he fought for his family, and his allies at the beginning started to drift away and left the fighting to him, At the beginning the Soul Society had lent a hand, but with the death of Ukitake and the loss of several of the vizards, and Ichigo and company having taken care of most of the Arrancar and Tosen, the Gotei thirteen felt like they could sit this one out, knowing full well that Ichigo would hunt Aizen and his arrancar till he died because of what they had done to Karin.

So as the war dragged on, people in the Seireitei could tell when Ichigo was fighting, as his reitsu would reach all the way to the Seireitei, from Hueco Mundo.

Ichigo stood on top of Aizen with Tensa-Zangetsu at his side, his Ban-kai coat ripped and his hollow mask on 'You will pay for what you have done to Karin Sosuke let you burn in hell and never return' he raised his Zanpakuto above his head and as he was about to start powering up a final Getsuga-Tenshou Aizen coughed up blood.

'In Sayel's laboratory there is a sphere that will take you to another world, one you touch it you will not be able to return, but it will be another start at life, one where maybe your allies will not leave you alone' he knelt in front of Ichigo, with his head held high and he offered Kyoka Suigetsu to Ichigo 'You have bit me fully Ichigo Kurosaki, I have nothing left, take my sword as prove of your victory and may it serve you as well as it has served me'

Ichigo looked at Aizen and nodded his head 'Getsuga-TENSHOU' and a massive black wave of black reitsu flew away from Zangetsu covering the ground, when the light banished Aizen Sosuke was gone, and only a few remains of his clothes remained along the green hilted and normal looking Kyoka Suigetsu.

As Ichigo bent down to pick the Zanpakuto up he was pulled into his inner world and what he saw made him take out Zangetsu at once, a lone female was standing over the edge of one of the buildings, looking at everything that was in front of her.

She turned around only for Ichigo to see that she looked like Matsumoto Rangiku, however the person in front of him had white hair and her kimono had a very intricate pattern, all over, which made it clear that she was aristocratic, along with her refined looks.

'Who are you' asked Ichigo walking cautiously towards her 'what are you doing here?'

The lady turned around and gassed at Ichigo with eyes that reflected everything and at the same time Ichigo could still make out her piercing blue eyes 'You are Kyoka Suigetsu' said Ichigo holding Zangetsu above his head ready to bring it down in a Getsuga-Tenshou if he needed.

'I am' said the woman with a voice that mixed with the wind and at the same time let her be heard probably everywhere.

'Where are the Hollow and Old man Zangetsu?' asked Ichigo looking at Kyoka Suigetsu closely for any sign of movement.

'They are letting me meet you alone, so that we may talk' she said looking back towards the horizon 'Come over here and tell me what you can see'

Ichigo brought Zangetsu to his side and walked towards the edge of the building as he looked down he saw that there was a lake below them and the reflection showed a mirror Image of the tow standing over the edge of the building.

'It is showing you and me in a mirror image, but there is also a wind that is moving the image, yet there is no wind' said Ichigo looking at the bottom of the lake.

Kyoka Suigetsu looked at Ichigo appraisingly 'My old shinigami gave me to you, knowing that you would take the sphere he told you about and that you would need help of the more subtle type in this new quest of yours'

'How did Aizen knew that I would take the sphere?' asked Ichigo as he looked at the woman next to him.

'Think about it Ichigo' said the woman looking back over to the lake below 'when the shinigami feel threatened by something they do not understand and they only do one thing and that is destroy what they don't understand, they did it to the Bounts, and they did it to the Vizards and they will do it to you, the Gotei thirteen may not want to do it, but they are only following orders of the Central 46, which has been running for the past 5 years and they are afraid of you' then she looked at him 'and with good reason'

Ichigo knew of the power he had at his disposal, he was after all aware that after years of fighting he had developed that spiritual pressure like no one except maybe the captain commander, the fact was that he knew that that was going to happen as soon as he told them that Aizen and the Arrancar were death.

'Plus what are you going to do sit down now that it is over' she looked at him 'you have been fighting for too long you are a warrior now and where you will go you will be feared by your enemies and loved by your allies'

Ichigo sighed 'yeah you are right' and he sat down 'but at least it is all over, my hollow is my partner and Zangetsu always keeps me in the right track and I guess the new world will show me new challenges that we'll have to overcome' he looked at the sky and saw that it was sunny and that there was no clouds in it 'look at that Old Man' said Ichigo looking at the reflection of the sun in the water 'Their it is the sun and there are no clouds in the sky anymore'

Zangetsu appeared besides Ichigo as well as his hollow 'You will need to train Ichigo' he said in his usual serious tone 'now that you have more power you need to hone it and make it yours'

Ichigo looked at Kyoka Suigetsu 'Am I going to be able to wield you?'

Kyoka Suigetsu smiled at him and placed a hand over his 'It was what Sosuke wanted and I want it too, you saved this world from someone that lost the way, now you will go forward and save a galaxy from someone that wants to make it worse the only thing that I ask is that when the time comes, you don't hold back your powers and that you accept me as part of you'

Ichigo nodded and as soon as he did he was back in the throne room of Las Noches with Kyoka Suigetsu strapped to his right side and Zangetsu to his back, he walked towards Sayel's laboratory and on his way he found what must have been Aizen's wardrobe that had been blown out of a room probably by an explosion, he rummaged though it and to his surprised he found another two pairs of Shihakushos and a white haori with the inside being light green, with the symbol of the fifth division on it, he picked it up and put it along with the uniforms, he put one extra uniform and the extra haori that was lying on the ground in a bag, and he changed into the new uniform with the haori on top of it.

He figured that he had killed the Captain of the fifth division; as such it was rightfully his to wear.

As he entered the laboratory he saw the sphere suspended in the air next to a computer, that he knew would allow him to communicate to the Gotei 13, he sat down on the chair and he turned on the computer and waited.

After a couple of minutes he was able to link himself with the captain of the 12th Division after all he had had Kisuke Urahara as his teacher and he was bound to know something about technology.

'Captain Kurotsuchi' Ichigo said looking at the weird looking humanoid 'I have news for you all I need to speak to the captains of the Gotei 13 and their lieutenants'

Mayuri Kurotsuchi looked irritated about being disturbed from his work, but all the same he left to assemble the captains.

Half hour later the door to the room opened and twenty six people entered the room and crowded around the screen so that Ichigo could look at all of them.

'Ichigo Kurosaki' said Sou-Taichou Yamamoto 'What is the news from Las Noches?'

Ichigo smiled at the assembled captains and their respective lieutenants 'I have just killed the traitor Aizen Sosuke and the remaining of his arrancar, Hueco Mundo is safe for now'

'Good' said Yamamoto 'return to the Seireitei at once central 46 would like to question you'

Ichigo smiled at them 'No'

He stood from the chair and looked at them 'I have finished cleaning up for you now, it is time for me to move on I'll miss you guys say goodbye to Orihime and Uryu for me' he walked towards the sphere and looked back at the crowd 'I will not go back to the Seireitei so that Central 46 can kill me after what I have done for you'

All the captains looked sad and some of the lieutenants looked even on the border of crying 'I took the haori commander I hope you don't mind but since I killed the captain the rules say that I would be the next one'

'That would be fine Ichigo' said Yamamoto.

Ichigo looked at Byakuya and then to Shinji 'look after Rukia Kuchiki-san and take care of Chad Shinji when you see him'

They both nodded 'Kurosaki' said Byakuya 'you can call me Byakuya'

Ichigo nodded to him and walked towards the sphere he waved to the assembled shinigami as he touched the sphere a portal opened under his feet and he fell to through the light.

In the Seireitei, everyone was drinking, celebrating the end of the winter war, however the high ranking officers of the Soul Society seemed to be at a funeral, feeling the lack of the spiritual pressure that Ichigo would have every so often in the process of making sure that nothing happened to his friends and family that remained in the world of the leaving as well as Soul Society.

Shunsui Kyoraku stood with a saucer filled with sake in the house of Byakuya 'To Ichigo Kurosaki may he be remembered as a true warrior for all that the Soul Society stands for'

Everyone raised their glasses to the toast and the story of Ichigo would be one that would be told for generations to come, as the human turned shinigami that time and time again faced and fought for the freedom of a place that wasn't his own, not because he was asked to, but because it was the right thing to do, and people would right plays making the famous quote 'good-bye Shinigami' be used by all.