Chapter #4

It was night when the sky cleared and the sand storm ended. The group had had supper at Anakin's home and after that Padme began helping Shmi Skywalker clean, Jar Jar had gone and helped Anakin with the pod for him to race and Qui-Gon and he had gone to meditate.

'How's it going Aibo?' asked the hollow that lived inside Ichigo.

Ichigo looked at the three persons that where standing a few feet away 'Hello everyone' he said as he sat down near the edge of the building they were standing on 'I just wanted to pop in and say hello'

'What on your mind Ichigo?' asked Kyoka Suigetsu sitting next to him, while his hollow sat on his other side and Zangetsu stood behind him.

'There is something coming but I don't know what it is' he said looking to the horizon 'I can feel it coming, it is just like before the winter war, I know something is going to happen, I just don't know what'

'I can feel it too' said the Hollow looking pensive for a moment 'I think that the reason why we are feeling this is because there is a war coming it is just beginning to brew'

Ichigo sighed 'this must have been what the captains felt while we were trying to rescue Rukia; he said turning to Kyoka Suigetsu as if to confirm that 'right?'

Kyoka Suigetsu just nodded.

'There is only one thing to do Ichigo' said Zangetsu 'You have to fight'

'Yeah Aibo go out there and start trying to fire ceros at the moon, or destroy boulders with kido, you need to be able to do more powerful attacks, I know that you can cast up to level 90 but you need to be able to cast more power into them, like you used that one time after Byakuya was taken'

Ichigo remembered that time, he had to go and recue Byakuya for Rukia's sake, after he was take by the top four espada, and he was forced to do one Kido that took out most of the Menos forest with it.

Ichigo nodded 'I have to go'

He stood up, and as he did so he returned to the world of the leaving, having left his inner world behind.

'Are you Ok Ichigo?' asked a concerned Anakin looking at him quizzically 'we have been trying to get your attention for a long time now'

Ichigo looked around to see everyone looking at him oddly 'Don't worry' he said standing up and brushing his robes 'I just meditate and enter into this trance where I can find my center' he looked at everyone and when he saw that no one seemed to believe him he sighed and walked outside.

As he was about to live, he left his captains haori on top of a chair and picked Kyoka Suigetsu, that had been standing against the wall close to the exit, and walked into the night.

When it was about time for Anakin to go to bed he looked at the sky and was talking to Qui-Gon 'has anyone visited them all?'

Qui-Gon laughed well naturedly 'I doubt it there are a lot of them'

Anakin smiled 'I am going to be the first one to see them all'

As Qui-Gon was about to say something else, after having taken a blood sample from Anakin, he was caught off, by a massive ripple that shook the ground.

Anakin and Qui-Gon looked to the horizon to see a black figure that was clearly Ichigo from the form of the clothing with regards to the moons in the sky.

All of a sudden the earth around Ichigo started to swirl, the Rocks in the area surrounding him cracked and the pressure continued to built, then he extended his arm, pointing the palm of his hand forward and intoning 'Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens. Hado No. 63 Soren Sokatsui' the explosion that erupted when the massive blue fire columns hit the giant boulder in the distance was one, that would continue to amaze the people of Tatooine for decades to come, the ripples in the ground was such, that it literally made a tear in the earth and at the same time it completely levelled the ground where the boulder was.

'What was that master Qui-Gon?' asked Anakin looking at the devastation that Ichigo had unleashed with seemingly just his palm.

As Qui-Gon was about to answer, Shmi, and Padme came walking out of the doors to hear what all the noise was 'I think that was some sort of Force technique' he said quite shocked himself.

They kept watching as Ichigo raised his spiritual pressure again and fired another Kido spell towards the distance. The devastation only increased, and as the dust settled they saw Ichigo walking back to the house looking deep in thought, as if it was normal that he had just made a crevasse on the ground.

As Ichigo neared the rest of them walked into the house, except for Padme 'Was that a Kido?'

Ichigo looked at her calculating what he would say 'That was a midlevel Kido, far more powerful that the one used in your city, but not the most powerful one by a long shot'

Padme nodded and started thinking, if they could persuade Ichigo to come to Naboo with them, then the invasion army on her planet would be nothing against him, he alone could take care of the federation army.

At the same time she had no idea, how he would feel about being used by her to help her people, she knew firsthand how it was like to be used, after all as part of the senate and she had to help senators to pass some bills in order that she could pass some that would help her people.

'Good night Padme, sleep well' said Ichigo as he laid on the floor with his haori folded as a pillow, and he went to bed as if he was asleep as soon as his head hit the pillow.

The next day Qui-Gon and Anakin went early in the day to talk to Watto, and so they were gone before Ichigo could wake up, when he did he sat down and looked around himself, as if he was trying to make sense of where he was.

He stopped and closed his eyes, after a couple of minutes he woke up and stood up; he walked over to the kitchen where he heard voices, when he entered he saw that Shmi and Padme were talking and when he entered they stopped talking and looked at him.

He sat at the table, and served himself some of the caffa that they had had last night 'You know the fact that you stopped talking as I got here means to possible things' he said looking at them both at the same time 'the first is that you were talking about me' he took a zip of his drink 'the other option is that you just don't want me to know about something and that is totally fine'

Padme sighed and looked at Shmi and then at Ichigo 'we were just talking about what we saw last night'

Ichigo nodded and after a while he said 'Kido as any other skill one has needs to be trained, the more you use it and hone it the more effective it becomes, it is like when you run, the more you run the more that you are able to keep running, the more endurance you get'

Padme and Shmi nodded.

It was two o'clock when he was asked to come to the race track, where apparently Anakin was going to be racing and Qui-Gon had entered their Ship in as a payment in case they lost.

Ichigo said nothing but it was clear that the Jedi Masters idea was not well liked by Padme or him, and the fact that the Jedi Master kept thinking nothing of their opinion did not sit well with them.

The race was fun, Anakin won the race by a good distance, although the last stretch was a very tense one, and Ichigo thought that at one point he could feel something coming of from the Jedi Master, but he kept his judgment till more evidence was found.

Ichigo went back to the ship with the parts along with Padme, while Qui-Gon did some more business with Watto, he gave the parts to Obi wan, who with the help of the force he was able to replace them and at the same time he was able to take out the parts that had been broken down out of the ship, Ichigo looked up when he heard some screaming and to his surprise he saw Anakin running away from a man in a speeder, he grabbed Zangetsu from its resting place close to the exit of the ship and he used Shunpo to where the Assailant was battling with Qui-Gon, he blocked the mans sword with Zangetsu and looked at Qui-Gon.

'Leave me to this, go back and tell them to take off it is your responsibility that the queen gets to the senate' he threw the attacker and took over the battle for the Jedi knight.

When Qui-Gon entered the ship, he went straight for the cockpit, where he instructed Obi-Wan where to fly so that they could pick up Ichigo.

On the ground however things where looking bad for the Attacker, as Ichigo blocked the blade and made a swift counter Attack, and then used Shunpo to get behind him and attacked again, once their blades were locked again he asked 'What is your name stranger?'

The attacker snickered 'I don't have a name, but my master calls me Darth Maul' and he did a tried to pierce Ichigo with his second blade that had not been activated yet.

Ichigo blocked the blade again and looked at the attacker 'You are good Maul' he said Graving Zangetsu by the cloth and spinning it around, like his hollow self did when they fought.

As mall was about to answer the giant clever form of Zangetsu came throttling towards him at a speed impossible by humans unaided by the force. The Sith Lord had trouble blocking the blade, as he was running towards the man, just as the ship that the he was trying to stop came close enough for Ichigo to jump on.

As the Ship was about to depart, he screamed to Maul 'Next time I'll have your head Maul no one tries to mess up with innocents, tell your master that I will kill him to' and as a parting gift he let lightning flow from his palm, that missed where the Sith lord had been standing, as Ichigo walked into the ship.

'Who was that?' asked Anakin as Ichigo came around to where the queen was holding her would be court.

'I have no idea' said Ichigo 'he said his master called him Darth Maul and that he was going to stop the Queen from something, but I was having too much fun to really care what happened, or what he said'

Ichigo looked at Qui-Gon 'So are we finally going to Coruscant?'

Qui-Gon nodded 'we are' he said then he looked at Anakin 'Anakin I would like you to meet my apprentice Obi-Wan Kenobi'

'Wow' said Anakin looking very exited 'You are a Jedi too?' he asked, when Obi-Wan nodded he smiled and added 'nice to meet you'

With that the group was finally on their way to Coruscant.