Chapter #5

It took them about twelve hours to fly from Tatooine to Coruscant; it had been a rather odd trip, in which Anakin tried to get pointers from Ichigo when it came to sword fighting, the Jedi tried to pry as much information as he had or could recall from his time fighting, what they now called the Sith lord and Padme seemed to just want to ask without knowing how to, get Ichigo to help her in saving her people.

Ichigo moved to the viewing port to the left of the cockpit and looked on in wonder at what to all except Anakin was a pretty ordinary site. The whole planet was a city, and it was amazing for Ichigo to see the sea of lights that expanded through the whole planet.

Padme came up to him from behind him 'The first time that I saw this' she said motioning to the planet before her 'I was very intimidated, it was just after I was elected queen and I came to meet the senators and to speak to the senate about some spice miners in our moons'

Ichigo looked thoughtful 'I find it beautiful in its own way' said Ichigo looking as they were crossing the atmosphere 'I never really saw anything like this' he laughed 'when I was younger a friend of mine wanted to be an astronaut to be able to go into space, and now look at me I landed myself into a universe where space travel is not only not uncommon, but it is also very easy'

He looked at her 'Although I have to say, your planets beauty is far vaster than this planet's'

Padme smiled at him 'I have been meaning to ask you something, but I don't know how to do it'

Ichigo smiled at her 'you want to ask me if I would be willing to help you with the problem in your planet'

'How did you know?' she looked surprised 'Was I being that obvious?'

Ichigo smiled at her 'you are not obvious my lady' said Ichigo vowing to her 'you are just a good ruler with the best interest of your people at heart' he looked at her from his vowing position 'and that I can respect'

He looked back down and knelt in front of her 'You have my sword my lady in the help of your people'

He stood up and when he was about to walk out, he was caught by surprise by an armful of queen, she held him close to her, and even though the position was sort of awkward, he returned the hug to her 'Thank you' she said, he was surprised by how sincere it felt.

'I haven't done anything yet Padme' said Ichigo 'now I don't mind this position at all, but I don't think your people would be very happy for you at the moment if they saw you hugging someone, while they are in a pickle'

Padme let go of him, stood in the tip of her toes and kissed him on the lips, before walking away smirking, having left Ichigo completely stupefied by what had happened a few moments ago.

'Are you Ok Ichigo?' asked Obi-Wan looking at him closely 'we just felt a resonance in the force, and it was coming from you'

Ichigo looked like a deer caught in the headlights 'I-ah I-ah...have to go and do things' he said as he tried to walk out onto the corridor to a place where he could meditate but found himself bumping head first into the wall behind him, he looked sheepishly a Obi Wan 'I meant to do that' he knocked on the wall with his fist 'very sturdy...steel...metal...looking wall'

When Obi Wan raised an eyebrow to him, he just smiled and left the place at once.

The flight to the landing platform took them forty five minutes, and for Ichigo it could not have been longer, as he was anxious to see the planet and be able to see the sites. As they had come close to landing, Obi-Wan had pointed out different land marks, like the Senate and the Jedi Temple, along with the building known as 500 Republica where the Queen of Naboo had her residence in Coruscant.

When they finally landed, Ichigo noted that first the military men left the ship followed by the queen and her handmaidens and lastly the Jedi, the little Droid with three wheels and Jar Jar, so Ichigo followed them and the moment that he did, he noticed that Anakin started walking next to him instead of going with the Jedi.

When Ichigo walked down the Ramp with Anakin, he saw that the Jedi and the Queen were talking to a man flanked with guards and that wore expensive looking simple robes, he looked at Anakin and saw him standing next to him, Ichigo smiled and said 'Come on Anakin lets go and introduce ourselves'

The two kept walking and when they were close enough Padme saw him and Anakin walking their way and for a brief second she smiled 'Chancellor, may I introduce Anakin Skywalker the most talented Pod Racer I have ever seen and Ichigo Kurosaki a Shinigami'

Ichigo vowed to the Chancellor and Anakin followed suit, and they stayed vowed till the Chancellor acknowledge them 'It is a pleasure meeting two people that her majesty speaks so highly of'

'You honour us with your words Chancellor' said Ichigo 'her Majesty is way to kind to us' he added looking at Padme to see her reaction, which was covered by the makeup she wore.

He stayed behind to see the scenery and walked to the very edge of the platform, he turned to Anakin and looked thoughtful for a moment 'Do you trust me Anakin?' he asked looking at him intently.

'Yes Ichigo' said Anakin without hint of doubt.

Ichigo extended his had to Anakin and said 'Don't be afraid' Ichigo pushed enough Reitsu to his feet and to Anakin's so that he could take the next step.

Everyone in the platform felt the drawing in of the wind surrounding the young man and holding the hand of the young boy, then to everyone's surprise he just took a step onto thin air, but he floated there, moments later, Anakin took a deep breath and took a step to following his lead.

Everyone gasped as the two of them started walking in the middle of the air, everyone on the platform started to walk to the edge, and when they did, they saw that Ichigo and Anakin were in fact standing in midair.

'Can you feel the Reitsu following through you?' asked Ichigo looking at Anakin.

'I can feel something, but it is very feint, going towards my feet' explained Anakin.

'That's good' said Ichigo 'Now concentrate on that flow and push it downwards as fast as you can'

Anakin saw Anakin started to lift higher but stopped at about a foot higher than Ichigo, then he faulted and started falling to the abyss below them, Ichigo instinctively graved a hold of his hand and with the use of Shunpo they were on the platform once again.

Anakin was exhausted 'What was that Ichigo?'

Ichigo smiled at his young companion 'that was what we call Reitsu and it is where the power of a Shinigami comes from'

'Does that mean that I could be a shinigami?' asked Anakin hopefully.

Ichigo sighed 'it could mean that, unfortunately it will take you a very long time to be able to be a Shinigami'

'How long?' asked Anakin looking at Ichigo expectantly.

'Let me see' said Ichigo 'First you would have to be a Jedi knight, and then reach the level of Jedi Master, like Qui-Gon'

'I'll be the most powerful Jedi ever' said Anakin proudly.

'You should be as powerful as you have to be Anakin' said Ichigo looking at Anakin disapprovingly 'To want to be the most powerful ever, means that the only thing that you will be caring about is obtaining power'

By this time they were back with the main group 'A Shinigami is the God of Death' said Ichigo to his young pseudo student 'but we are not gods over it, we just watch over it'

'What is the difference?' asked Anakin 'Between being a God of Death and being a God over death'

'A god of death is affected by death, we help the soul of people pass from this world onto the next' said Ichigo 'A god over Death would control Death itself' he looked at Anakin 'in a way I am just a messenger, the same way as the Queen is a messenger for her people, and the Jedi are a messengers of the Force'

Anakin nodded in understanding.

Ichigo looked as he walked towards Obi-Wan and kept on walking with him and R2 when Qui-Gon and the Queen approached him 'That was a good way to put it; said the master Jedi 'I have not heard even Master Yoda talk about the Force and the Jedi in that way, would you like to Join us with Anakin at the temple, I am sure the Jedi masters would find your company most intriguing'

Ichigo Nodded and looked at Padme who was standing next to him 'Will you sleep at the Embassy?' she asked with a hopeful undertone in her voice.

Ichigo smiled at her 'I will most definitely do it your Majesty' said Ichigo vowing to her.

'What is it that you mean when you say God of Death?' asked Qui-Gon 'as the three walked to the speeder waiting for them to take them to the Naboo embassy and the Jedi Temple.

'Let's put it this way' said Ichigo 'When it is your time, I will be the first thing you see'

With that answer and the confused Jedi Master and an even more confused queen got onto the speeder.

It was a short way to the Jedi temple after they left the Naboo delegation at 500 Republica, it was only a matter of minutes, before they were walking down the ramp in one of the landing platforms in the Jedi Temple.

As they walked behind Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Ichigo and Anakin felt a sense, that they didn't belong to this place, it was as if the air in the air was to pure and they were not, Anakin felt self conscious when they were in front of a group of five people all of them different from each other, but all wearing the same robes that Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan were wearing.

'Welcome back' said a tall black man with a bald head 'Master Jinn'

'Thank you Master Windu' said Qui-Gon 'it was eventful to say the least'

He moved to the side 'may I introduce to you Anakin Skywalker and Ichigo Kurosaki' he turned his gaze back to the Jedi Masters 'I think we should take this to the Chambers of the Council'

Mace Windu nodded and led the way into the temple and through the maze of hallways till they finally came to the top of the Centre spire where the Jedi high Council sat.

The members of the council sat in their respective sits leaving Anakin, Qui-Gon, Obi Wan and Ichigo standing in the middle of the council chamber.

The meeting started with the Jedi telling how their negotiations never took place, and that the trade Federation tried to kill them, then they went into meeting Ichigo and the way that he dealt with the droids and how they came to be in Theed, how they met with the Queen and how again Ichigo had destroyed the droids with a red ball of energy.

Then Qui-Gon went on their stay in Tatooine where he went on to describe how they met Anakin and all the odd things that Ichigo had done while he was there, then came the part that everyone in the council was waiting, the attack by a Sith Lord.

At this time however Mace Windu turned to Ichigo 'Ichigo Kurosaki what can you tell us about your attacker?'

Ichigo looked thoughtful and said 'well first of all he said that he was called Darth Maul by his master, which, when added to his poor use of a blade he would definitely be considered an aprentice'

'What do you mean?' asked a man with a very long head.

'Well he started fast' said Ichigo 'but once he saw that he could not over power me he grew inpatient, and the more he tried the more mistakes he made, I could have killed him several times'

'Why you didn't the question is' stated the little Jedi Master sitting to the right of Master Windu.

'I agree with Master Yoda' said a man with black hair that sat behind them 'if you could kill him, why didn't you?'

Ichigo remained quiet for a minute as if he was not going to answer the question when he said 'do not be hasty Master Jedi' he turned to look at him 'now his master knows that we know he is out there, and that I did not kill his apprentice, it is only a matter of time before I can get to meet him again and this time his master will make a mistake'

He looked back at Mace Windu 'People who think themselves smarter than most many times make bigger mistakes than does who don't'