Chapter #6

Ichigo smiled at the Jedi Master standing in front of him, after Mace wind u had finished Anakin's test and had declined his initial training then Ichigo had jumped in and said in front of the Jedi Council for them to hear 'Don't you worry Anakin' he said taking a knee in front of the boy 'this people may not want to teach you their ways, but I will make a fine swordsman out of you yet'

'Care to prove your point Shinigami?' asked the affronted Jedi Master with the large head.

Ichigo turned to look at him then, he turned to Anakin winking at him, then he turned and said 'Ok Master Jedi' said Ichigo standing up and looking at him straight in the eye 'I will give you a test for what a shinigami can do' he started to walk to the window 'if only to rid you of your arrogance'

The Jedi council led the way towards the training rooms, where young Jedi and old practised their sword skills, the walk to the training room was quiet, some Jedi Masters were intrigued at what they were about to see, by the way Knight Kenobi talked about the Shinigami, he was skilled with a blade, others were sceptical about the results of the encounter, and others were reserved, not wanting to give themselves away.

When they arrived, they caused quite the shock; the people around just moved away, since it was not very common to have the Jedi Council enter the training room at once, followed by Knight Kenobi, and a young boy with sandy blond hair, the person that threw the most attention however was the tall young man with orange hair and that carried two swords, one normal size at his side and another big and bulky covered in cloth strapped to his back.

They walked to the middle of the room, where the Jedi council, Obi-Wan and Anakin stood around them.

'What are the rules?' asked Ichigo 'First to draw blood?'

'No' replied his opponent 'first to score a would be killing blow will suffice'

'Ok' said Ichigo, turning to Anakin 'would you mind keeping an eye on my haori and Kyoka Suigetsu?'

'I'll watch them for you' said Anakin taking the sword that was trapped to his side and his white haori.

Ichigo ruffled the boys hair, before turning to walk farther into the circle and stopping fifteen meters before the Jedi master.

'Who will referee the match?' asked Ichigo.

'Referee the match I will' said the little green alien to the right of Mace Windu, seeing that there was no objection from anyone he nodded and turned to look to Ki-Adi-Mundi.

Ichigo bowed to his opponent, as did the Jedi Master.

The Jedi Master went for his belt and unhooked his lightsaber; he waited for Ichigo to draw his own blade.

Ichigo lifted a his left hand and it landed on Zangetsu's handle, the moment that the hand touched the blade the cloth raping undid themselves and Ichigo stood on guard, with Zangetsu in front of him, he looked as the Jedi master ignited his blue lightsaber and they waited no time to start hacking at each other.

The Jedi master started going off with the usual forms, from the first form of Shii-Cho to the sixth form of Niman, what the Jedi master found disturbing however was that without a fault Ichigo would adapt to whatever form he was using, as if it was the same, it also was mind bugling that he could willed such an obstructive weapon, as if it was feather like, often wielding the sword with one arm, and the other behind his back.

Ki-Adi-Mundi started to give terrain, as his attacks receded and he was forced to continually fall back, and be on defence, Ichigo on the other hand kept pushing forward, he dodged the attacks that he did not need to, and kept pressing the attack, whenever master Mundi kept going into defence.

After what seemed like ages for Master Mundi Ichigo used Shunpo, to go to the other side of the training grounds that they were using, 'Are you ready to see what real power is like Master Jedi?' asked Ichigo as he looked onward towards Ki-Adi-Maundi.

The sweating Jedi Master looked at the fresh looking shinigami 'does your power extend to more than this?'

Ichigo only smirked , he pointed Zangetsu towards the Jedi and looked at Anakin 'Stand Back Anakin this might b too much for you' he then looked towards the Jedi Master and his eyes turned blue, as hi said 'BAN-KAI' their was a swirl of energy that encompassed Ichigo, that changed from brilliant blue and white, to black and red, when the energy and dissipated and the dust cleared away, Ichigo stood looking at the Jedi surrounding him with a longer coat and with a smaller sword 'Tensa-Zangetsu' before Ki-Adi-Maundi could do anything Ichigo used flash step and was pointing the tip of his sword at the Jedi Masters neck.

'Do you yield?' asked Ichigo with his hand wrapped around the Jedi's wrist holding his lightsaber and with the other holding Tensa Zangetsu to his opponents throat.

The Cerean Jedi Master had no choice but to yield 'I yield master Shinigami' he said withdrawing his blade and putting his lightsaber back in his utility belt and stepping away.

Ichigo let go of the spiritual pressure that he had been holding his Ban-Kai with and as he did so, Zangetsu returned to its original self, he walked towards where Anakin was standing as he put the wrapped Zangetsu on his back.

'That was amazing Ichigo' said and exited Anakin bouncing up and down 'will you teach me?' he returned his haori.

'I don't know Anakin' he said looking thoughtful as he put on the haori 'To practise with the sword it takes a lot of discipline and skill' he took the offered Kyoka Suigetsu from him and strapped it to his side 'you would have to work hard'

'I will' said Anakin looking up to him.

'And there will be times where you might want to give up'

'I wont' said Anakin looking at him hopefully.

'well' said Ichigo looking down at Anakin and kneeling in front of him 'You wont be able to be a shinigami for a very long time, and it is a process that you yourself will have to achieve, I can not make you one, nor can you just become one'

'I don't care' said Anakin with conviction 'I want to learn and they wont teach me' he said signalling to the Jedi that were getting finback from the Jedi Master.

'Ok Anakin' said Ichigo 'when you have found a sword I will teach you how to use it' he stood up and looked at him 'but for now we need to stat teaching you how to think like a shinigami and ho about we go and look for a certain handmaiden?'

Anakin nodded and followed Ichigo, one step behind and one to the side.

As Ichigo and Anakin started walking towards the door to the training hall where they had been practising, the Jedi council looked up to them.

'Shinigami Kurosaki' stated Mace Windu looking him straight in the eye, when Ichigo turned he continued 'I would like to know what you are going to do now that you have decided to take the boy and…'

he was caught off by Ichigo who looked far from amused 'his name is Anakin, and unless he has explicitly told him not to, then you should use it' he turned to Anakin who had something akin to worship on his eyes.

Anakin nodded looking at Ichigo with new found respect, it had been the first time that someone that he looked up to defended him and as such he was determined to succeed and he was waiting for the time, when he would be able to repay Ichigo everything that he had thought him.

Ichigo turned back to Master Windu' And whatever I would do, is completely and utterly up to me' he turned to leave but stopped 'however since you probably will be seeing more of me in the coming weeks' he said turning to look at them 'I will be going to the delegation of her Majesty the Queen of Naboo and hopefully we will be able to help her people since you are too busy to do so Master Jedi'

He turned and left the room with Anakin, turning in the general direction of the front doors to the Jedi Temple.

When Ichigo had found the exit to the temple he moved towards where he was looking over to the 500 Republica building, he grabbed a hold of Anakin's shoulder and he focused on the building, he used his Shunpo to get there, and to the surprise of the Jedi Masters, the moment that he used the technique the Jedi Masters where unable to sense him in the vicinity, but found an impressive source of Force on the place direction of where the political sector of the city was.

When Ichigo reappeared with Anakin in front of the front doors to the building the security guards where shocked at first, but let them pass without a problem, when Ichigo and Anakin entered Padme's suite, they were greeted by an older man having a very lively debate with the Queen.

When they entered the two of them looked at them, Ichigo bowed low to the Queen 'Mam if my apprentice and I are interrupting you we will surely live you to your business' he said without standing from the bow and signalling for Anakin to remain the same way.

Padme smiled at the Antics of the Shinigami and the little boy behind him 'It is not necessary Shinigami' she turned to the old man 'Senator Palpatine allow me to introduce Shinigami Ichigo Kurosaki and his new apprentice Anakin Skywalker'

She then turned to Ichigo and Anakin and repeated the introduction 'Ichigo Kurosaki, Anakin Skywalker meet Senator Palpatine of Naboo'

Ichigo turned on the spot and faced the Senator 'A pleasure to meet you your honour' said Ichigo looking at him.

When it was clear to Padme that Ichigo would not stop bowing unless indicated so by her she said 'There is no need for you to bow to me like that Shinigami Kurosaki you have done a great service to my people and it will not be unanswered'

'We live to serve my lady' said Ichigo and he stood up and walked towards one of the windows looking out.

'Is it your first time in Coruscant Shinigami?' asked the senator politely.

Ichigo turned to him 'Yes it is' he returned his gaze to the window 'it is very different from where I come from.

'Where do you come from?' asked the Senator in a very interested manner.

'My home world is not unlike Naboo' he said looking lost for a few moments, but for the most part, I have been leaving in a desert for the better part of a decade, where I have been doing some law enforcement if you will'

He turned back to the window as if lost to his own memories, When it was clear that no more information was forthcoming to the two of them, the returned to what they were conversing before hand.

'My lady please reconsider if you go back they will force you to sign a treaty' the senator said imploring the queen to stay.

Ichigo smirked at that, the two of the them turned his gaze to him 'They will certainly try' he turned to them 'I guarantee you Senator Palpatine that no harm will come to her Majesty' he turned to her and added 'I will destroy the droid armies and I will make certain that they al pay for what they were going to do.

He smiled in a way that made the hairs in the back of their necks stand 'I will destroy all of them'

With that he turned to Anakin 'Come Anakin let the senator and Her Majesty finish their business' he turned to leave before turning and saying 'Your Majesty I bid you farewell' and leaving the room.

'What was he talking about?' asked the senator to the Queen

'I have seen what he can do Senator, he could level a mountain with a single attack' she sled where the Shinigami had left 'I am truly sorry for the Trade federation it seems to me that we have found ourselves a very powerful ally.