Rina Tomonaga

Chapter 1-About me

It was a bright and sunny day and the sun danced happily through the windows of my class room. Why it was so happy? Well, I don't know it's the sun a thing that doesn't talk. Or, star, whatever you wanna call it. I was just listening to my teacher lecture us, not even bother writing down notes when I suddenly became annoyed, and my usual non-power coming in.

"No matter how many times someone tells you, there is absolutely no difference between organic fruits and vegetables and Regular fruits and vegetables."

No matter how many times a paid-to-say-this-teacher tells you, there is a BIG difference between organic produce and chemically modified produce.

"If organic fruits and vegetables were healthier for you, doctors would tell you they were,"

Organic fruits and vegetables are healthier for you, but doctors don't want to tell you that.

"If the doctors did, no one would use the regular fruits and vegetables. But then there would be no point in growing regular produce."

If doctors told you the truth, they would lose a lot of money, because no one would need to go to the doctors if they were able to heal themselves right at home.

Hi, my name is Rina, and, I have some non-powers. Now, what are non-powers? You ask, well, they are abilities that anyone could do, but no one either knows how to use them, or they don't take the time to learn. So they're not really powers, and they're not "Normal" things. So I call them "Non-powers". I'll tell you of my abilities as we go on with my story. But how I got them I will happily tell you.

"Florid is a mineral and is very good for you. There are a lot of towns and cities that have florid in their water and are much healthier today." Oh god my teacher just never shuts up does she?

I could hear a ringing in my ears as she said this, but I was used to it so there was no outside reaction. All my life my parents have taught me how to do different thing, but not everyday things. My mother taught me how to be very observant of my surroundings, and because of that my brain would create a red glow for about half a second of something I should notice. It's really fast but I catch it.

The ringing in my ears is caused by another part of my brain, and the extra words I would here in the background of someone talking is too. My mom also taught me how to know if someone is lying. There are two parts to this. The part where I hear the truth and then part when I know it's a lie.

The ringing, as you know, happens when I hear someone lying. But of course I don't know what the truth is. This happens for about five lies. After the fifth lie I would hear another voice, sounding much like the liars voice, in the background telling me the truth, (The italics).

So, if my boyfriend or husband is cheating on me, I would know. Lucky me.

But, sadly, I am no longer with my parents anymore. At the age of 12 my parents were coming to visit me on my birthday for I was on vacation for Christmas break with my friends and they're cousins. Come to find out the plane they were on just happened to be one of the many airplane crashes that year. So after the funeral I was sent to live with some relatives, my Aunt Mari and Uncle Scott, with their daughter who is only one year older than me Karen.

I hate them.

Yes, it's a mean thing to say but, yeah. I hate them.

Hate is a very passionate thing my friend, a VERY passionate thing.

Please note the sarcasm there.

That's just my little motto thing.

Uh, yeah…So as I was saying, I was listening to my teacher talk and lie and bullshit her way through class to try and make herself sound smart when I heard the bell ring! No, not the ringing noise from lying, I mean the school bell! This means, TIME TO GO HOME! YAY!

Walked outside with a grin on my face, happy that school was finally over and that I could go home, go to my room, and read the next chapter of Vampire Knight! Hell yeah!

And then my…friend, if that's what I should call her anymore, came over to me and started talking.

Her name is Monica, a girl with simple features and short brown hair that was up in a pony tail. Her eyes where a blue-green that liked to change its color WAY to much from blue to green and she was a hyper little pixie thing. She greeted me and I greeted her back and then she started talking and I just simply sat down at a near-by table while listening to her drag on and on about, well, I don't really know I'm not really listening. And then, she gasped.

"OMG There he is! THEE Kyle Martin!" She pointed her manicured finger nail at the schools playboy –coughgayfaggotcough- Kyle. A guy who I despise for one reason, and one reason only.

He's a manwhore.

Of course I wouldn't know this by experience, I just notice the way girls walk the day after they had a weekend or "Study night" with him. Being the observant person I am I know everything about everyone in this school.

"I don't get how girls even like him, I'm surprised rumors haven't been spread around the school about him doing some girl and then ditching them for another." Gee aren't I just blunt, straight and down to the point.

The corners of Monica's mouth and eye twitched only noticed by me and smiled a fake smile, her white teeth showing themselves. Oh, heh, heh, my bad, she would know.

"Uh, yeah, well, he's just cute that's all. I actually heard lots of rumors about him," she gave me a nervous laugh.

Riiing. Lie, she thinks he's hot, not cute. And she hasn't heard a thing about rumors other than the so-called "amazing" things he's done. Pfft, yeah right!

I rolled my eyes at her stupidity. I don't even get why we talk to each other anymore. After my parents died I became all, dull and boring. I guess we're still friends because we've known each other since the first grade. And now she's talking about her new diet which I could care less about and she won't shut up.


"Uh, Monny, I have to go, lots of homework and stuff." YES! Great excuse! Score one for Rina! And zero to the prep! Hey, it wasn't a lie, I have lots of homework, I'm just not gonna do it. She smiled at me like a proud mother to her child who made a perfect square made out of macaroni on a piece of paper. "Ok, I understand, have a great day Rina!" And she walks away to talk to her other preppy friends who I don't really care for knowing their names.

Now I'm at my "Home". And as soon as I walk into my room I notice three things:

1. My room was practically empty

2. There were suitcases filled up with my cloths, and

3. My bed sheets and blankets were GONE.

"WHO THE HELL PACKED MY FUCKING STUFF!?" Yeah…let's just say I blew my top there. No one and I mean NO ONE touches my things. I don't care if you're the president of the United States of America! No one likes the president! Ok a little bit much there but WHO CARES! I surly don't!

My preppy cousin swayed her slutty ass in MY room with a lollipop in her mouth, attempting to smirk evilly at me, which failed miserably but it's the thought that counts right? Not important.

"Oh! Mom and Dad didn't tell you? You're going to Japan to attend this boarding school over there! Lucky you!" My jaw dropped as she said this. She wasn't lying. I rubbed my ears to see if I heard her correctly. No ring….NO. EFFING. RING. Excuse me as I mentally scream for a bit.

AHHHHHHHH!-two mental hours later-AHHHHHHHHH! ! –takes a deep breath- Ok, I'm good, I'm done…No I'm not….-screams for another mental three hours and then takes another deep breath-

…My brain hurts now. As soon as Karen's parents came home there was a bunch of screaming and fake smiles and lies, I swear I'm never going to listen to ringing things the same way again.

"I am not leaving! I have a LIFE HERE!" I screamed, almost on the verge of tears. Of course me having a life here isn't true, but I have a test to Princeton thing coming up and I WANT THE RESULTS!

My Aunt Marie sighed and ran a hand through her short curly red hair. "Rina, you need a social life! And being there may help you a lot! There are too many memories here and it should be better for your health."

"Rina, you need to get out of my house. Being there can be one-step to getting rid of you. There aren't many memories here and leaving has nothing to do with your health."


Yeah, you see why I hate them?

"I don't care, I'm not leaving." And THAT'S FINALE!

My mouth was wide open as I stared at the building in front of me.

"Uh, Aunt Marie…what did you say the name of this place was again?" my voice was a little shaky from shock; please tell me the building in the anime was just based off of this school. I beg of you!

"Oh, I forgot to tell you what the name was did I?" She giggled and looked at a piece of paper in her hands. "It's called, Cross Academy."