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Dear Mokoto,

Let me start by saying: I love you. "I love you Orihime. I always have." These last two years have brought me much joy. And now, on the eve of our wedding, only one thing races through my mind. "He loves me, he loves me-"

I'm not in love with you. "I love you, too, Uryuu."

I bet that's not what you expected, huh? In all honesty, it wasn't what I expected either. "But you're getting married." Until about a week ago, I was completely sure of my love for you. "He's not you." But then, my heart was turned upside-down. "Can you come back with me, Uryuu?" I realized my true feelings. "Are you sure?" I knew then that I could not go through with this. "More sure than I've ever been."

I'm sorry I waited so long. So long, I say, about five days. "It feels like I've been in love with you forever." I wanted to be entirely sure before I chose a completely different path. "Are you sure this isn't just pre-wedding jitters?" But I am sure, now. "Yes."

I have thought of nothing else. All that came after was his touch. Please know that this is not a decision I make lightly. Clothes on the floor, guarding against reality.

Someday, you will make another woman as happy as you've made me. She will love you more than I ever could. "I've never been happier than I am in your arms."

Hopefully, this is not wrong. "We shouldn't have done that, Inoue-san." Hopefully things will turn out well for both of us. Hopefully this won't be one of our biggest regrets. But it feels right. "I'm glad we did."

I know this whole letter sounds a little confused, but I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life. "I'm sorry, but I won't be able to attend your wedding. Please give everyone my regards." There is one thing I want to make sure comes through all the babble, "What are you talking about?" the most important thing.

I'm sorry. "I'm so sorry for all of this, Inoue-san."

I know you won't be happy with me, "Don't ever be sorry." but if you need anything, I'm sure you'll know where to find me. "I'll always be here for you if you need me."