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As quickly as possible, she dumped the transport in the nearest convenient location once she reached town. Town was more like a bursting metropolis, the amount of people staggering to anyone but the locals. It's a great place to get lost, especially if you are considered dead.

Sarah walked into a run-down shop, knowing exactly where to go. Old habits long lost were kicking in again, including the one where you are looking over your shoulder without even turning your head.

"what do you need?" the heavy set and balding man behind the counter.

"I'm the one who called over the holograph."

"Ah, the girl of shadows." His look changed from a jolly man to a man of business in the blink of an eye. His voice lowered, "What you are asking is highly dangerous."

Sarah nodded.

"More for me than for you, for you will be armed, as I am a fat man who can hardly walk." His voice cracked.

She nodded again, staring him in the eyes.

"I will be well compensated?" The worry shown in his eyes like beacons of danger.

"As always." She pulled up the box of her treasures and let it bang loudly on the counter. Flicking the latch, she punched in the 4 digit code and the box lid swung open. The man drew in a quick breath and looked her in the eye.

"This is artifacts that have extreme value, especially this one." His frontier slang was coming out in him as he held up the statue of Earth-that-was. "I can do everything you ask, plus you'll have spending money left over."

"can we get on with it?"

In an hour's time, Sarah's name was now Hazel Saran, a native of Persephone, was armed with a small revolver and a knife and had a ticket to go back "home", and no one was the wiser that Sarah Lorran still lived, not even the jolly hearted man that bought merchandise from her.

She headed out and toward her future, a transport ship heading away.