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Well guys her's the first chapter to my new story. now like I said in the last chapter in from darkness to light this will be a naruto x xion, hinata, kyuubi, and haku. Now as a last minute decision I decided to put in mikoto sasuke's mom, and the mizukage in the harem. The only uchia's left in the uchia clan will be sasuke and fugaku. He will keep the gyrados summoning contract, infernape contract and the lucario summoning contract I might put In torterra contract as well im still thinking. Let's roll with the show!

As naruto made his way back to konoha with a broken sasuke on his back, he was hoping that once he comes back that h'll be greeted with respect. If only he knew

At the konoha gates

A group of people were waiting outside the gate for the two ninja…. Including sasuke's parents. As they waited at the gate the two shinobi came into view. Sakura being the bitc- I mean dumb ass she is walked over to the two injured shinobi when she saw sasuke she went into her bitch mode.

NARUTO YOU IDIOT! I TOLD YOU TO BRING HIM BACK ALIVE NOT INTO A BROKEN HEEP!" the whore yelled as she started beating on naruto…. While others started to throw rocks at him while fugaku was doing handsigns to do

"fire style fire ball jutsu." He yelled as he spit out a huge fireball at naruto. It was coming, and coming, and coming until someone intercepted the blast….. With another fireball. When the smoke cleared it reaveled…..mikoto?!
"damn it mikoto what are you doing?" stand a side so I can end this demons life." Fugaku said angry that his wife had the balls to stop him from ending a demons life. Mikoto only shaked her head and said

"no. I wont stand aside just so that you could kill this innocent child. Who stopped our son from leaving this village if I may add." She said which only infuriated fugaku even more.

"ether you stand aside or ill burn you to!" now this statement shocked everybody. He was willing to burn his wife as well?!

Bring it on!" trust me even thought I haven't been a shinobi in a couple of years, I still have enough skill to kick your ass!" now this shocked people. The most caring and probably the hottest woman in konoha used such lanquage…damn asses

Fugaku was about to make a retort when tsunade came with a team of ambu." Fugaku what the hell is going on? I come here to try and see if your son and naruto returned safely and im greeted with the site of you trying to kill your own wife and naruto, what the hell Is the matter with you?!" she yelled as the said uchia just growled in response before saying

" whatever, that whore isn't my wife anymore…..all she's good for is being a breeding stock and- BAMM. He never got the chanceto finish his sentence as naruto ran at him and with all his strength decked him square in the face.

"you disgusting pig…. How dare you say that about her?! Naruto yelled as fugaku was trying to get back up from the punch.

"because it's true demon brat… that whore is nothing better than a slut I picked up just to breed sharingan-." He never finished that sentence as mikoto rammed a hidden dagger that she kept hidden in her sleeve and slashed his face ...leaving a permanent scars on his face.

" if I was really nothing more then a slut to you… then fuck you and the uchia clan your microscopic penis couldn't even pleasure me anyway ." Mikoto said as she stepped back from the injured uchia as paramedics took him to the hospital while she and tsunade helped take naruto to the hospital…. As he lost conscience

Konoha hospital (three days later)

As naruto woke up he saw that mikoto was sleeping in a chair right next to him. As he stated to move mikoto woke up and saw that the blond power house waken. She got up and was at his side in a minute.

"naruto are you okay?." She asked worried that thinks that her son did too much damage thinks to that damn chidori.

"don't worry miko-chan im fine." Naruto said as she blushed she was about to continue until a ambu shushined in the room.

"naruto-sama, mikoto-sama, the council request both of your presence." The ambu said with mikoto getting angry.

"what do those old farts want not? He hasn't even been awake for five minutes and their already want him in the council chamber!" she yelled as she was about to continue naruto just stopped her.

"don't worry mikoto-chan ill be fine." Naruto said as he tried to stand up… only for him to fall and mikoto catch him.

"no im going with you." She said as she shushined him out of the room with the ambu looking at the smoke."poor boy….had to endure so much in his life." The ambu said as she left the room

Council chambers

The council was waitng for naruto to come. It was filled with three sections. The shinobi clan head section….. the civilian section and the elder council section. As naruto and mikoto shushined in the room the council was in session.

Alright we are here to discuss the assault on one sasuke uchia by the hands of naruto uzumaki!" danzo said with everybody smirking exept for tsunade, jiraya, naruto, and mikoto.

What are you talking about you old bastard. I was defending myself against that little prick!" naruto yelled with danzo fuming.

How dare you speak of sasuke sama like that you little devil." Koharu yelled as she looked at naruto.

It's true that little bastard tried to kill me by driving two chidor's inmy chest while I kcked his sorry ass." Naruto yelled with mikoto giggling at what he was saying.

" damn it mikoto how could you stand their and listen to what this demon said about sasuke." Fugaku said as he stared at mikoto.

" because what he's saying is true. Sasuke cant be pampered just because he's that last uchia that can breed. The fact is that he got his ass kicked by naruto and he'll just have to live with it!" mikoto said which only infuriated fugaku even more.

"that's enough we didn't come here to fight, we came here because the council has come to a desicon to have the demon banished from konoha." Homura said as tsunade and jiraya had a look of horror on their face. While naruto didn't look surprised.

Fine if you basterds don't wont me here then ill leave this damn village along with my clan possessions." Naruto said as everybody was confused at this. Danzo being the dumbass he is asked.

"what clan could you have." Danzo asked with naruto saying.

My true name is naruto uzumaki namikaze you dumbass." At this everybody shouted that he was a liar until jiraya pulled out papers.

"it's true minato is his father…which also mean that he's the nephew of cloud strife namikaze. At this everybody paled. Cloud strife namikaze was known as the heavy blade in twilight village. with s ranked statues.

They were so fucked

"I vote that we reinstate as a ninja of konoha." Homura quickly said with the others nodding their head while naruto just laughed

"you all are some dumb mother fuckers.. you really think that ill come back to this village now?" HAH. Im not coming back. Im going to twilight nation and ill go see my uncle." Jiraya were are the scrolls about my blood line?" naruto asked. (the same from darkness to light).

" I have them right here." Jiraya said as he produced a large scroll and threw it at naruto who caught it easily ill be gone by tonight." Naruto said as he left the building leaving a angry council in his wake.

"Ill be leaving with naruto-kun aswell." Mikoto said as she left.

Later that night

" im going to miss you gaki." Tsunade said as she hugged naruto who hugged her back as mikoto hugged tsunade aswell.

Keep him safe mikoto. Tsunade said with her nodding her head.

"wait!" they turned to see hinata with her bags packed." I wish to join naruto-kun and mikoto-san aswell." She said with naruto nodding." Alright lets start out!" naruto yelled as they left the village. not to be seen for a few years.

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