I could't believe it...

This can't be happening...

But of course as luck would have it, here I am...in the world's most largest jail on this side of dimension fifty six twelve. SuperJail.

My luck is so awsome!

My name is Tamra Wonder, (Although I prefer to be called Tammy), and I pretty much have the unluckiest and weirdest last name in the entire world. My life sucked before what happened to me a couple weeks ago. I wasn't as lucky as I am now. Let me explain...

It was a typical saturday morning for me, (a twenty five year old walking to her boring office building in her boring town), and as always hoped for something interesting to happen like a monster destroying my office resulting in me not going to something less serious...(i'm a little imaginative, you can't blame me people). I was wearing my saturday clothes(a teal green top with light purple under-sleeves, a dark purple skirt with light green tight pants. I was also wearing my favorite scrunchie wich was orange and standed out from my long, black, soft-spiked hair. Which I had in a side-ponytail)because they're alot more comfortable than my work clothes, which I put on when I get there by the way. Anyway, I was walking and daydreaming about something happening to my work place when all of a sudden I hear yelling and screaming.

'Hmm, I wonder what's going on?' I say to myself. I run to see what the commotion is all about when out of nowhere a hand reaches out and yanks me out of the running crowd(probably because I stick out like a sore thumb). "Ow! What the hell!" I yell. When I look to see who had the nerve to grab me(because it kinda hurt), I was staring at this dude that had upright, soft spikes, crazy looking hair and looked angry and afraid. Once he grabbed my arm, he pulled me in front of him like a human sheild. "Let go of me creep!", I scream,"Help! someone h-" I was cut off because of what I saw coming right at me at full force. It looked like this white robot with lots of metallic arms coming out and getting ready to grab someone. Someone like me.

'Great. Just perfect. Just what I need today,' I say to myself, 'Getting grabbed by a possible rapist and staring at a robot that looks like it's going to kill me. Just my luck.'

But to my surprise, it didn't get me. Instead, it grabbed the guy that had me as a human sheild and started to beat the living crap out of him. " Wow, my luck must be changing!" I said, hopefully. But of course, I spoke too soon. WAY too soon.

For the little while the robot was beating him into the dust, just as it was going to fly away, the creep grabbed my arm as he was going away. Because i'm increadably afraid of heights (and the robot was flying pretty fast), I started feeling really dizzy and then finally I passed out.

When I started gaining conciousness, I started hearing voices and seeing dark figures that seemed to look like people.

"Oh my, what have we here?" says a perky voice.

"I-I think it's an outsider sir." says a nervous voice.

"We found her being grabbed by Jacknife when Jailbot brought him in. She looks like she got hit by something on the way here." says a manly voice.

"Is she d-dead?"

" I know let's poke her with something!"

"uuuhhhh...ow.." I managed to say.

"She's alive! Get something quick Jared!"

"Yes sir!"

I sit up and see two people staring at me. A woman that had red hair in a ponytail with pink glasses, was extremlely muscular, had a questionable bulge in her skirt and was wearing a police uniform. And a tall man, probably my size, looks like my age or maybe even a little older, wearing this purple colored suit with a pale yellow under-shirt and a red bow-tie. He had a top hat to match too, and yellow tinted glasses and looked like he had black hair underneath his hat. He was smiling at me for some reason and then I see that he has a gap between his teeth. When I look around, I see a beautiful, funky-looking, rainbowy room with a large glass window behind a desk.

"Here you go miss." says a small man wearing a small brown suit and had a very large forehead. He hands me a small cup of water and I gladly take it. As soon as I take one sip, someting doesn't feel right in my mouth. I feel around with my tounge (don't take it the wrong way...perv) and then I find that I have a wobbly tooth and a bloody mouth. I spit my bloody tooth out in my hands and stare at it."CRAP!" I said. I quickly take out my handy little mirror from my hot pink coat pocket and see what the "damage" is. "That's just perfect," I angrily yell, "not only do I get kidnapped by some weird dumbass, now I have this freakin' gap in my teeth!". I was so caught up in the fact that I lost a tooth and was angry about it, that I didn't realize I was apparantly talking to myself.

In an instant my head is turned to face the man with the yellow tinted glasses and top hat. He looks at my mouth and gap then smiles. " Oh look! you have my gap!" chirped the man. I stare at him blankly until I look back at my mirror, then back at him; and sure enough, my new gap looks like his. Only difference is that mine is bloody. "Um...yea." I said. "Where am I?".

"I will happily answer that question for you my dear." says the man. " Your in SuperJail; i'm the Warden, and you are...?".

"I'm Tamra. Uh, Tamra Wonder but I prefer to be called Tammy." I should've said something else because when I told him my last name he said, "You wonder what?" . I couldn't help but giggle a little. 'Never heard that one before.' "What's so funny?" he asks. "Nothing; it's just that Wonder, is my last name." I said. "Ohh...ok then. Jared!". I look as Jared(yea I figured out his name)comes walking towards the Warden. " Y-yes s-sir?" he asks. 'Why is he so nervous?' I wonder. "Jared, take miss Wonder to one of the guest rooms." says the Warden.

Then he turns and faces me. "I'll figure out what to do with you tommorow 'k?". All I did was stare at him as I heard him say those last words. 'What does he mean by that!?'. I gotta admit, that sentence kinda feaked me out. But I said ok and Jared led me to the room.