Well here it is! the 5th chapter! so super sorry it took FOREVER to finish but you know...whatever! :D hope you like this one!

The next day, I headed to the Doctor's lab for my training. I thought to myself, 'wow, i'm being trained to use my fingers...man that sounds so stupid...'. As I walked towards the lab, I heard running behind me. 'What now?'. I turn around, and to my surprise, it was Jared. "Hey Jared, what's up?" I said. "Hey...Tammy...um, h-how are you feeling today?" he asked. "Fine I guess, why?". "Oh nothing...just...you know..I worried about my friend. Uh..we-we are friends...right?". He asked, hoping for an answer. I just smiled at him and said, "Yea, friends". When I told him my answer, he smiled back and blushed.

"I better get going Jared, I gotta go train for these things". I held up my fingers to show him. "Okay, see you later Tammy! Good luck!" said Jared. "Thanks!". I turned and headed to the Doctor's lab's front doors. As soon as I stepped into that room, the stench of rotting flesh immediately went in my nose. "OH MY GOD! WHAT IS THAT UNHOLY SMELL!" I yelled, holding my nose as I walked to the Doctor. "That my dear, is the smell of EXPERIMENTAION!" he bellowed, looking proud as any mad scientist would. I rolled my eyes. 'Jeez '.

"Are you ready child?" he asked. I looked at him then at my hands then back at him again. I don't know why, but I felt good. "Yea".

"Well then, let's begin".

And so the training began. First was the basics. He even brought Jailbot in to show me how it's done. It was weird and quite a bit to remember, but I think I understood much of what he said, especially with Jailbot being there as an example. Next we went on to target practice where I had to use these matallic tentacles that come out my fingers to hit the target in a specific place. Now that was a totally different story. First off, I missed the tartget completely, which by the way was an unlucky inmate strapped to a chair, and accidentally killed a fellow scientist. The Doctor only got really mad at me and cursed under his breath. The second time I nearly got the target, but I missed his head and got his arm. So we had to deal with the bloodcurdling screams of the inmate untill the Doctor shot him with his trusty gun. He shook his head at me but said that i'm getting somewhat better. After about three hours of training, and torturing other inmates, I finally got the hang of it and was ready for anything Superjail throws at me...well sorta.

I left the laboratory to go find the Warden and tell him I finished my training. I started passing by the cafeteria doors when I heard growls. It took me a little while to realize that the noise came from my stomach and that I was starving. I went through the double doors and went straight to the kitchen to look for something to eat. I passed by the lunch ladies who were giving me creepy, evil stares as I walked passed them. 'Maybe I should go back; It's pretty obvious that i'm not welcome here' I thought to myself. I decided to turn around and head back towards the Warden's office. The luch ladies turned back to their cooking, knowing I was going to leave the kitchen. I looked at the floor feeling like I was missing something. That's when I saw the same machete that I picked up a while ago to defend myself. I quickly took it when the luch ladies weren't looking and headed straight for the door, leaving the cafeteria. My stomach growled. 'Oh man, i'm sooo hungry! Maybe I can ask Jared if he has something I can snack on before lunch'. I made it over to Jared's office and knocked on the door, since it was now a habit of mine. "Come in!" answered Jared. I stepped into his door and saw that he was pretty busy.

"Hey Jared, sorry to bother you, but i'm really hungry. Do you have something I can much on before we go to lunch? You know like a snack or something?" I asked. "Oh yea! Sure! Here!". He opened up the drawer in his desk and pulled out a chocolate bar. "Wow! Thanks Jared! I really needed this!". I happily took his chocolate bar and ate it with such a delight and I felt much better. I said good-bye to Jared and headed to the Warden's office. I knocked on his door and listened for a response. "Who is it!" he yelled, apparanty annoyed with something. "It's me, Tammy...uh...sir" I nervously replied. "Oh good! Come in, come in; i've been expecting you; sit down". I entered his massive room and sat down in the seat in front of him. "So Tammy, here to bring me the good news I presume?". I nodded my head and replied, " Yes sir, I finished my training with the Doctor". He just nodded and said, "Good, good; so, your feeling better?".


"Excellent..." he said with a wickid smile.

"Well then, if your all better...then you-"

He just stared at me with a facinated expression on his face. "What?" I asked. He leaned in closer to my face. "What's that on your neck?". I pointed to my necklace. "What, you mean this?"

"Yes; what is that?"

"Umm...a necklace?" I said. He looked at me with a look that said, 'no duh'. "I know what a necklace is...I mean what is that lovely looking gem you have there?". I took off my necklace and showed it to him. "It's a tourqoise gemstone. But, it's not an ordinary gemstone." He seemed to be intruiged when I said this. "Oh? How so?" he asked. "Well, first off, my mother gave this to me before she passed away". "Pfft, that doen't make it any special..." he said in a bored tone. I simply glared at him but chose not to make such a big deal about it. "You didn't let me finish...when she gave it to me, she said that this little gemstone has a special power, and when in the possession of the right person, something wonderful might happen". The Warden just sat there, eyes wide with wonder. "Is that so?" he said. "Yup...well...either that, or she said that this was the key to something...I don't remember; my mom was a little nuts...heh heh heh...". He gave back my necklace then said, "Well, like I was saying, if your all better then you should get back to work on your To-Do list".

"Yes sir".

I left his office and when I closed his door, I just stood outside his door and looked at my little necklace. It was really simple, yet elegant...I think. It was a black choker, with a peculiar pendant with my special stone in it. The pendant was a weird thing. Its shape was something like a cross, but with two "C's" on each side of the pendant; one facing the right, and the other, facing the left. I guess it's kinda hard to describe. I put it back on and took out my dreaded To-Do list.

'Ok,' I thought, 'what's first?'. I groaned in annoyance when I read the first line of my To-Do list. I had completely forgotten that I haven't even finished the first thing on the list since the whole dilema with my blown off fingers and all. I went back to the cafeteria for like the third time today to ( cautiously ) check up on the lunch ladies. I went through the doors of the kitchen and approached the first woman I find. I tap her on the shoulder to get her attention. And boy did she look mad when she turned around to face me.

" What do you want kid?" she said, with such digust in her tone of voice. These ladies scare the crap out of me. "Um...I-i'm here to help you guys clean up the kitchen...heh." My voice cracked at the last word. I was seriously nervous. 'God, I hope they don't kill me for not helping out earlier.' I thought. At that point, the rest of the lunch ladies turned around to glare at me, obviously not helping my nerves. " We don't need your help anymore." said one lunch lady. "Yea, we already cleaned up the place...no thanks to you!" said another. "So if you don't mind, get out." said the last one. I didn't need to be told twice because I got out of there like my life depended on it. And if I didn't know any better, it probably would have.

"Ok...that didn't go as I thought it would." I said to no one in particular. I looked at list again and checked off the first chore. The next chore I had to do was to help Alice supervise the cafeteria when the inmates go in for lunch. And, as if on cue, the bell rang to let the inmates out and get them to lunch. I really didn't like this one bit. After what happened with the last time I encountered an inmate, I was petrified. But the Warden was expecting me to do this so I took a deep breath and headed to the cafeteria. I stopped in mid-step when I remembered that I stole a butcher knife and had it in my hand still. I looked around in my coat to find some sort of belt or something to tie around my leg. I found a rubber band that looked big eneough to stretch around my leg and put in on. Then I took the knife and placed it in between the rubber band and my leg to hold it in place. 'I think i'll keep it here for now..until I find something better.'

I opened the doors and stepped inside. The moment I walked in, all the noise and talking stopped and every single inmate was staring at me. I gulped at the sight of all these inmates. Some were huge, some were small, others looked completely deranged and a few looked..well...gay. But all in all, they were frightening. I looked around for Alice and saw her in a corner of the room with Jailbot on the other side across from me. I quickly and quietly made my way over to them, ignoring the whispers and snickers and the feeling that they're still staring. Jailbot beeped and Alice looked at me and grunted. "Why are you here?" she said, gruffly. I felt a little better now that Jailbot was here; he is kind of adorable...in a sadistic kinda way. "My To-Do list told me to come help you supervise the inmates in here." I said.

She just looked at me then at my list then grunted. "Whatever.". So here's basically what happened at the cafeteria. We were just standing there when out of nowhere, a random fight broke out. I was too scared at the moment so Alice and Jailbot went to take care of it, leaving me in my little corner. Then, that escalated into a riot so then Alice needed my help. I freaked out and took out my butcher knife and just started slashing inmates left and right. Then after I freed Alice from two inmates that held her down, I remembered my new fingers and my training. So, using what I learned ( and watching Jailbot ) I started killing inmates with everything I had until the riot stopped and only less then half of the inmates were left. After all that happened, I looked at myself. I was completely covered in blood. It was on my hands, and on my coat and boots. I honestly thought I was gonna freak out...again. But intead, to my surprise, I felt...awsome, powerful. I felt great. I started to smile; an evil smile, maybe, but a smile non the less. This wasn't me. This wasn't how I usually acted...but then again...I didn't care. I liked this feeling. I loved this feeling. 'Heh...the Warden might be rubbin' off on me, because I am losing my mind.'

Afterwards, it got late and I was exhausted. I went back to my room, changed my clothes, and went to sleep. I needed this.