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Normal speaking: Hello
normal thinking: Hello
Demon/Sith speaking: Bow to me
Demon/Sith thinking: Bow to me

The Aftermath

The Fifth Hokage was not happy. Why might you ask? Because she had just learned that one of her shinobi, someone she considered as a son or little brother, had just disappeared without a trace. "You're telling me that we have absolutely no idea what has happened to him?" she asked Kakashi. "Well that's partially true." said a voice from the doorway.

"Ah, Ibiki, did you get any information out of the Uchiha?" Tsunade asked. "Well", said Ibiki, "I have some good news and bad news. The good news is that we were able to get some small bits and pieces of info. Not to mention, with this little stunt he just pulled, not even the counsel can save him from execution, or at least life imprisonment. The bad news is that we even with the info we got we still can't say exactly what happened. It's like he just vanished, as if he were swallowed up by the sheer power. I'm sorry to say that Naruto is likely to be dead." "Not necessarily." came Jiraiya's voice from the window.

"Care to share your opinion you old pervert?" asked Tsunade. "It's not so much my opinion as just an idea on what happened." said Jiraiya. "Both my apprentice and the traitorous Uchiha were fighting at incredible levels. If there attacks were that powerful and met dead on, then in theory, they could have literally torn a hole in the complicated yet delicate fabric of space-time." " With all due respect Master Jiraiya," spoke Kakashi, "Doesn't that idea seem a little farfetched?" "Once again, not necessarily"

Jedi Temple

"Did you all feel that?" asked Master Mace Windu, who was the first to find his words after the virtual explosion of energy that was felt in the Force. "Felt it, we all did, Master Windu. But felt what I do not know" came the reply from Master Yoda, Jedi Grand Master. "Whatever it was more powerful than anything I've ever felt aside from you, Master Yoda." said Master Ki-Adi Mundi." "Anger and Hate, I felt, but also peace and kindness. Know what to do, I do not. But clear it is that something is coming. And be ready for it we must." was the last Master Yoda said before leaving to go meditate.