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"Now then, I believe you all have some interesting information to tell us." Naruto and Gaara both looked up into the face of Master Windu as he spoke. Aside from them, Gaara's siblings were also present, along with Suna.

"What is it that you want to know?" asked Naruto.

"Everything. We want to know who you are, where you are from, and most importantly, how it is you can do what you can do" replied Windu, leaning forward in his seat.

"Who we are and where we are from is acceptable knowledge to relinquish, but how we do our jutsu is something we cannot tell you. We can tell you the basics of how they work, but to tell you these things would be a betrayal of both our villages" said Temari, causing Yoda to chuckle.

"Not necessary, it is, to betray your home. Require we do, only a basic information, to place in the Jedi Archives" said the aged master, closing his eyes.

"Strong, you each are, with the Force. Flow around you in the most peculiar ways, it does. But share not our secrets with you because of this fact alone, we would. Just as keep your own secrets, you would" said Yoda.

The entire group of shinobi plus Suna backed away slightly, leaving Naruto stuck out front.

"Any particular reason you're backing away?" he asked.

"Well, you're kind of our unofficial leader, so you may as well act as our voice. Not to mention you're naturally better at being able to talk freely with others" said Kankuro.

"Fine" said Naruto. "My name is Naruto Uzumaki. I am a…former shinobi of the Village of Konoha, in the Elemental Nations." The Jedi Council looked confused.

"I've never heard of a Shinobi or the Elemental Nations" said Windu, eyeing the blonde, a slight suspicion in his eye.

"Well, that's where the wrench is thrown into the works. We, meaning me and my friends, are not of this world…not of this universe to be precise" said Naruto, causing the eyes of all the Jedi in the room, especially Qui-gon's, to widen in shock.

"How is something like that possible?" asked Mundi. "It sounds absolutely ludicrous."

"I know" replied Naruto, "But you have to realize that I speak only the truth and only what I know. I had gotten into a battle, with a traitor to our village. In our final confrontation, we ripped a hole between our world and this world, which I was pulled through. And now it seems that my friends are coming in after me. A good thing too, given that our entire dimension is going to very soon be consumed by this one and destroyed."

At this proclamation, there were several more wide eyes. Only, Naruto, Gaara, and their tenants knew of what was to become of their world.

"So, there is no way for you to go back then?" asked Windu.

"None" replied Naruto, looking solemn.

"I can take over from here" said Temari, stepping forward.

"Proceed then, you may" replied Yoda.

"My name is Temari. I hail from Suna, the village of the sand, along with my two brothers" she began, indicating Gaara and Kankuro. Qui-gon took notice of the fact they were from the sand village, and their brother ended up appearing on Tatooine.

"After Naruto came through the tear, the leader of the hidden leaf village Konoha, attempted to reopen the rift after consulting with Master Jiraiya on what had happened. However, our efforts were seen to be in vain, as even in the spot where the barrier was thinnest, being the spot where the original tear was formed, we could only generate enough power to cause Gaara to go through."

"And why? Why was your brother the one to go through?" asked Qui-gon, stepping forward.

"Because I am a jinchuriki, same as Uzumaki" replied Gaara.

"Hmmm? What is this Jinchuriki?" asked Yoda.

"In our language, it means "Power of Human Sacrifice" replied Gaara. "Naruto and I were both used to contain powerful beasts, thought to be demons. We were used as human jail cells, and as such, we had the power to pass through the dimensional rift easier than others."

"If I could wager a guess, I would assume that this girl, with the same features you both share, is your demon" said Windu, Suna looking down in shame.

"As I said, they were only thought to be demons. What they truly are is beyond even your comprehension" said Gaara angrily; surprising his siblings for standing up for Suna, and for the announcement that she was not in fact a demon.

"Hmmhmmhmmhmm. And what is she, that above our understanding she is, hmmm?" asked Yoda, chuckling at the telltale signs of affection Gaara showed for Suna.

"She is the guardian of our world" said Naruto, once more drawing eyes to him.

"Guardian of your world? What do you mean?" asked Windu.

"She, along with the other beasts, keeps the balance of the worlds in check, making certain that neither light nor dark is stronger than the other. Without balance, the worlds fall into chaos, and eventually destroy themselves" said Naruto, telling what he knew.

"Hmmm. And a Guardian, posses you do?" asked Yoda.

"I posses the oldest and most powerful. The nine tailed fox, it is called. Kyuubi. He is the guardian of this world. He is its balance keeper. Fortunately, his job most likely will not be required much longer" replied Naruto.

"Why is this? Something else, take his job did it?" asked Yoda.

"Thousands of years ago, Kyuubi set events in motion. What they are, I cannot say-"said Naruto.

"Cannot, or will not?" asked Windu, cutting Naruto off.

"What they are, I cannot say" continued Naruto, "But what I can, you already know. There is a prophesy of one who apparently will bring balance to this world."

"The Chosen One" said Windu. "You mean to tell me that this Kyuubi, is the one who created it?"

"I guess. Now, there is one question I would like to ask of my friends" replied Naruto, turning to them. "How did you get here, and where are the others?"

Kankuro looked a little uneasy, but began. "After Gaara was sent through, we knew it was possible. We just couldn't generate the power to get us through. So, Tsunade did the one thing we thought she would never do. She released the Uchiha from prison, and gave him rights to travel anywhere he saw fit, on the condition that he help us break open the rift again…He agreed." Naruto's hands began clenching into fists.

"When his Cursed Seal Chidori attack collided with Jiraiya's "Sage Powered Rasengan" as he called it, there was a flash of light, a horrible pain, and we woke up in something akin to a hospital a while later" finished Kankuro.

"What about the others?" asked Naruto.

"We don't know. We think that they are probably scattered throughout the Galaxy" said Temari.

"Or lost in the never ending void of space, frozen and dead" said Naruto, his voice beginning to crack.

"I don't think so." Naruto looked up to see Qui-gon looking at him.

"Masters, if I may speak?" he asked, getting a nod from all the council members. "Masters, Naruto here landed on Naboo. Gaara on Tatooine, and his siblings here on Coruscant. I find it highly unlikely that these four, of all the open space in the Galaxy, managed to land on inhabited planets. I believe that perhaps the planets' gravities form anchors that pull them in. If I had to guess, I would think that all of his friends and comrades that came through have landed on planets throughout the galaxy. Now the task only remains, to find them" said Qui-gon, giving a reassuring smile to Naruto. The aging Jedi had to admit, the boy, as annoying as he was, was extremely likable.

"Believe you are right, I do master Qui-gon. Your mind, at ease put it Naruto. Find your friends, you will" said Yoda. "Go, you may. Believe the Queen, waiting for you she is" he said dismissing them. Before they left however, Naruto had to know one other thing.

"Master Jedi, what fate is to befall the young Anakin Skywalker?" asked Naruto, much to Qui-gon's curiosity.

"Decided if he is to be trained, or not to be trained, this council has not" replied Yoda. "Why wish you to know?"

"If he is not to become a Jedi, the boy would make a fine shinobi. If he is to be trained or not, let me know. If not, then he may just be trained as a ninja" said Naruto, before exiting the council chambers, his friends, Qui-gon, and an irate Obi-wan in tow.

"Do you think that they were telling the truth?" asked Windu, turning to face Yoda, who was deep in thought.

"Know if it is true, I do not. But for now, the will of the Force to trust this boy, I believe it is" replied the aged Jedi master, before leaving his seat, and hobbling out of the room.

The group arrived at the landing platform, where the Queen and her ship awaited them. Before they entered the ship, Naruto watched Qui-gon pull Anakin off to the side and have a talk with the boy. Naruto was about to try and hear what he was saying, but was suddenly nudged in the leg from behind. Turning around and looking down, Naruto saw the stumpy form of R2-D2 behind him.

"Well Artoo, seems like we're heading back to Naboo. I just hope this Gungan army is big enough to fend off the droids. Otherwise…we're toast" said Naruto, placing a hand on the dome top of the little droid.

Artoo let out a series of beeps and whistles. Oddly enough, Naruto thought as though he could understand him.

"Yeah, I know. I've been in battle before, but I've never seen a full scale war before. All I know is that I need to keep the Queen safe. And I don't even know if I can do that" replied Naruto.

Artoo let out another series of whistles and a sound that reminded Naruto of a sigh.

"I know the Jedi will be there as well. It's just…If something goes wrong…I don't want to be responsible for Padmé's death" replied the ninja. The stumpy rover just made a raspberry sound and wheeled off into the ship.

"What is that supposed to mean?" asked Naruto defensively, following Artoo into the ship. Wandering around, Naruto began to feel a horrible pain emanating from his seal. "No, not now!" thought Naruto, running into his chambers on the ship. He tried to make it to his bed, but found that he couldn't get there over the pain he felt. He dropped down to his knees and clutched his stomach in pain. His head felt like it was about to split open as he lifted his shirt and saw his seal glowing a deep red color. His hands began to form into claws as he fought to hold in his pain filled screams.

"No" he thought. "I will not let this happen now, not here of all places." Gathering as much concentration and focus as he could muster, Naruto tried to hold off the change. He wasn't very successful, as evidenced by a red energy tendril beginning to form behind him, attempting to solidify into a tail.

"Don't fight it boy. It will have to happen eventually, you're only making this more painful on yourself" said Kyuubi from with his mind.

"I don't care" thought back Naruto. "I will not change yet. I refuse." With one last burst of strength, Naruto let out a scream and canceled his transformation. Crawling over to his bed, re climbed in, before flopping onto his back.

The door slid open as Obi-wan stepped. "Are you alright, I heard screaming."

"Yeah, I'm fine, but thank you for your concern" replied Naruto, but Obi-wan could see the flashes of pain still flash across the boy's face.

"Are you sure?" he asked. He had felt some sort of disturbance in the Force coming from the boy. It was feint, he doubted that even his master had felt it. But it was still there.

"Yes I'm fine" said Naruto. "But are you?" he asked, getting a quizzical look from Obi-wan.

"What do you mean?" asked the Jedi Padawan.

"You seem a little on edge around your master. Did something happen between you two?" asked Naruto.

"Oh, it's nothing. Don't bother yourself trying to help, it's not that big of deal" replied Obi-wan, looking slightly embarrassed.

"Not from where I'm sitting. What happened?" asked Naruto.

"It's just…We were speaking with the council about the fate of the boy, Anakin. They were still debating whether or not he would be trained, though they were leaning toward not training him" said Obi-wan, Naruto waving him to go on. "Master Qui-gon, when he realized this, announced that he would take Anakin as his Padawan Learner, and when he was told that he couldn't take a second apprentice, he told them that I was ready for the trials of the Jedi…ready to be promoted to the rank of Jedi Knight."

"And do you think you are?" asked Naruto, already understanding what Obi-wan was getting at.

"What does that have to do with anything?" asked Obi-wan.

"I just wanted to see if you held yourself in any high regard…whether or not you had faith in yourself" replied Naruto, nonchalantly. "However, I believe you do, so I guess it was pointless to ask. Especially when that's not the problem."

"What do you mean?" asked Obi-wan.

"In the last several years you have been Qui-gon's apprentice, you have formed a bond with your mentor. You are a little angry that he would pass you on so suddenly for a boy that we all just met…am I close?" asked Naruto, and Obi-wan looked ashamed of himself.

"You're jealous of Anakin. But you have no reason to be." Obi-wan looked up at Naruto.

"I shouldn't be jealous. I wish I could control these emotions as I do my others, but I can't. Jealousy is not good for a Jedi. Master Yoda says it clouds your judgment and leads to the Dark Side" said Obi-wan.

"That may be true, but it is a natural part of life. You can try all you like, but these feelings will always haunt you, even when you try to control them. You should have nothing to fear though. I have seen your master in action, and he seems to be a man that cares deeply for everything and everyone. He believes so blindly that Anakin is the chosen one, that he will do whatever it takes to get him trained as a Jedi" said Naruto.

"He speaks of the Living Force, that I should be mindful of that" said Obi-wan. "I wish I could see the world like he does, but I can't."

"I'm sure you will in time. What you have to realize Obi-wan, is that Qui-gon is a man of his word. He wouldn't just toss you aside. If he offered you up for these trials, he believes you really are ready for them" said Naruto. "You just need to learn to let go. Sharing a bond is fine, but don't let that bond be the end of you."

"For being so young, you have quite a knowledge about how the world works" said Obi-wan, who was beginning to feel a bit better.

"Trust me, when you live a life like mine that knowledge comes with a territory" replied Naruto, getting up off his bed, before he and Obi-wan exited the room.

"Once we land, we will have to rally as many people as we can. While Captain Panaka and his men find anyone willing to help, Jar Jar Binks will attempt to ask the Gungan people to come to our aide" said Queen Amidala.

"I'm not so certain they will help, Your Highness. When we met with them before, they seemed to utterly despise the Naboo people. It will be difficult to sway them to your side. Also, while Obi-wan and I are here, we can only protect you. We cannot fight a war" replied Qui-gon.

"Yes…but I believe the Shinobi can" said the Queen, standing from her on-ship thrown.

"Temari. If I may, I would ask that if the Gungans are to help us that you fight alongside of them. I don't believe the Droids would stand up to your wind abilities, if what Naruto says is accurate" she said, the blonde Suna Nin nodding.

"I would be honored to fight alongside them, Your Highness" said Temari.

"And what of the other shinobi?" asked Panaka.

"While Gaara's sand cannot stand up against a lightsaber, I believe it can hold up against blaster fire. If it can, He would be of great help in infiltrating the palace unscathed" said Amidala, getting a nod from Gaara and Suna.

"As my guard, it will be Naruto and the Jedi's job to deal with the largest threats. And finally, Kankuro. Can you change the appearance of your puppet?" asked Amidala.

"I can make Karasu into almost anything you want" he replied, casting a jutsu, shifting his puppet's appearance into that of himself.

Amidala just smiled slightly. "Here's the plan…"

The group stood there, waiting for Jar Jar to return from Otoh Gunga. Naruto noted that Qui-gon and Obi-wan seemed to be back on friendly terms. And he was fine with that. He was glad his pep talk had worked so well for Obi-wan.

Jar Jar suddenly emerged from the swamp.

"Otoh Gunga…" he said. "Itsa empty. All da Gungans, deysa gone. Deysa not thersa."

"Do you think they were captured?" asked Qui-gon.

"Oh no, no. When Gungans in trouble, deysa go to da Gungan sacred place" replied Jar Jar.

"Can you take us there?" asked Obi-wan, to which Jar Jar nodded.

With that, the group was off.

Chapter End


Ok, as you know, I have stated in this chapter that the others of Naruto's friends have landed on planets scattered throughout the galaxy. The List of them is as follows.


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