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Reign of the Cameron: Chapter 1, by The Crusader

Originally posted on October 5th, 2009

It used to make his stomach hurt every time he was around her. Now, all he wanted was to see her once more. To see that small smile she would give him every once in awhile. To hear her soft voice ask him questions about the little things in life, things that he usually took for granted. But she helped him see the value in those little things.

He used to hate how she'd invade his privacy, watching over him, making sure that there were no threats. Now, as safe as he was in this base, he'd give anything to have that back. She told him once that she understood that being John Connor could be lonely. And now he was John Connor, and he was alone. And he didn't have Cameron to share it with.

It sickened him to know how much he missed her, how much he needed her. She was just a machine, a killing machine. She couldn't care about him, not the way he wanted her to. And deep down she wanted to kill him. Yet not an hour went by, that he didn't hope to find her. That somehow, he'd walk down a corridor and she'd be right there.

And then he did.

He saw her stand in front of the entrance to his sleeping quarters. His heart raced with excitement and fear, wondering how she got here, how she could have gotten her chip back into her body. Her body was left behind in the past, and was badly damaged. Yet here she was, without a scar on her face. She was standing in front of him, wearing a Resistance smock and…

The whine of a dog interrupted his thoughts. He looked down and saw Allison's favorite dog sit down on the floor right beside her. It was Allison, not Cameron. John still had to remind himself. It was just like Charlie Dixon said about when he lost Michelle:

"The first few weeks, I kept seeing her. Everywhere. And for a second my heart would stop. But then I'd realize "That's not my wife. Just a girl who wears her hair in a ponytail the way Michelle used to."

John went through something quite similar, every time he saw a petite woman with long brown hair.. But Allison was a different story. This was the girl that Cameron modeled herself after, the girl that Cameron probably killed in order to infiltrate the Resistance and kill him, in a different future.

"John?" Allison asked, snapping John out of it. "Are you all right? You haven't spoken all day."

John couldn't help but think of how Cameron would ask him that question. But instead of all day she'd say "23 hours and 48 minutes." He was even starting to miss that now.

Seeing that John wasn't going to answer, it seemed that Allison was going to try a different tactic to cheer him up.

"Sammy wants you to pet her."

John knelt down and pet the dog. Though Sammy wasn't Allison's dog, it often seemed that way. John looked at the dog, and tried to keep his eyes off Allison.

"She's had a rough couple of days." Allison said. "Yesterday she found metal for us, but instead of staying out of the way she kept following me."

"What did you do?"

"I had to hit her."

"Seems like she's fine now."
"That's the nice about dogs, they never hold grudges no matter what you do to them."

"If only people could be so forgiving."

"You mean Cameron? Was she angry at you?"

"If I asked her she would say that she couldn't get angry with me. It wasn't possible."

"You didn't believe her?"

"I don't know. I just can't shake the feeling that …" He struggled to continue his sentence..."maybe if I treated her better. I wouldn't be looking for her right now."

"You think she left you on purpose?"

"I don't know. I don't know anything anymore."

He choked his grief back down and kept the tears from coming.

"I need to go work out." He announced before getting up. Allison stepped out of the way for him.

He put his hand on the door, when suddenly she called out his name again. He stopped but didn't turn around.

"There's one thing I know." She told him. "If Cameron is still out there, she's lucky to have someone as dedicated as you."

"If only she could have seen it that way."

He stood there for a moment waiting for her to reply. But she didn't. So he opened the door to his quarters, and slammed it shut behind him.

End Chapter 1.

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