14 years later

I am 17 years old. Rosalie and Jessica are still ordering me around but Bella never orders me around even when Rosalie threatens to ground her but never does because her kids are spoiled. Not that I hold it against her but still. I went to this new chat room that Bella introduced me to I didn't get a chance to make my username before I fell asleep. Rosalie and Jessica work me like a pack mule. I created my username Cinderella.

I just logged in when I suddenly got this message. Probably the standard rules and that type of thing but before I could open it my evil Step-mom Rosalie rang this bell that I'm suppose to remember it's sound and stuff. Whatever. I went into her room. Totally gross looking by the way.

"Mary Alice, Where are my slippers" Rosalie asked

"Right here, you had me wash them by hand remember" I said. You have no idea how much gunk I had to scrape off those slippers.

"Oh, yeah that's right" Rosalie said

"I have to get to school," I said

"What for I have your future all planned out. You're going to work out my beauty salon," She said

"Wouldn't I need to go to beauty school?" I asked

It was a fair question because don't beauticians need to go to school to know how to properly curl some one's hair or something like that and beside what about her daughters. I don't know Jessica well enough and I don't want to after doing her laundry by her hand. (Rosalie wants me to do everything by hand) but Bella always says how much she wants to inherit her mom's beauty Salon.

"No you're going to be reconpcinst, because Mary Alice I hate to tell you this but the only thing pretty about you is your name everything else about is ugly." Rosalie said

I just stood there shocked not because she told me I wasn't beautiful but because she couldn't lie and say that I'm kind of pretty or you know not as ugly.

"Now see take my Jessica she's the most beautiful thing in the whole entire world but Bella is so plain" She said

She called her own daughter plain. That's it I had to go before I did or said something that I would probably regret later. I went out of her room, did my hair, and got my backpack before Bella left without me. She never did though I guess I'm just expecting it will happen someday but the way Bella sees it is I'm not mean to her so why should be mean to me. So, I'm just trying not to be mean to her.

"Hey Alice, you coming" Bella yelled at me

"Yeah hold on a sec," I said

I love School mostly because of chorus and I'm away from Rosalie and I has a feeling today was going to be a good day.