"We're gonna have a—" Zachary Martin sang, stopping as he saw Mrs. Clotts. "We're gonna have a great cruise!"

As Zack backed away from Mrs. Clotts, a man tripped over him and fell on the floor.

"Bon Voyage!" said Cody Martin.

"What are you doing?" demanded Mrs. Clotts angrily.

"Lightening up the night with music," responded Zack pointedly.

"And entertaining this lovely audience," said Cody loudly into his microphone.

"Hit it, boys!" said Zack to the band.

"No, no, do not hit it boys, you hit it, I hit you!" said Mrs. Clotts rushing up and trying to wrestle Zack's microphone from him. "Give me that microphone!

"Ladies and gentlemen, I am very sorry about this amateur display," she said into Zack's microphone, then lowered it and whispered to Zack and Cody, " I'm going to drop you on an island so small you're gonna have to take turns standing on it!" She smiled to the audience.

"Oh look, Ms. Clotts, w-w-we're really sorry, but we had to do this, our mom can't sing," stammered Zack

"Wha-ah—" stammered Mrs. Clotts.

"What he means is, she's a great singer, but she's so badly sunburned, that she could barley move," said Cody, turning to his mother, Carrie Martin.

"See?" said Zack pointedly. The crowd ahhed.

"Wave to the folks, mom," said Zack, and Carrie painfully waved, saying "Oh, ow, ow, ow."

"Oh, so that's where my doughnut went!" exclaimed a woman in the crowd. Carrie's hand moved to the circular white spot on her chest.

"Since she always does everything for us, we figured this could be one little thing we could do for her," Cody continued into the microphone. The crowd awwed.

"Oh, oh I cannot believe you are buying this bilge," sneered Mrs. Clotts at the crowd. The crowd hissed back at her.

"Well, looks like the bilge has been bought," said Zack, "Your move, Clotts."

"Let 'um sing!" said another woman in the audience. The rest of the audience cheered.

Mrs. Clotts handed Zack's microphone back to him and said "of course I'm gonna let them sing. They'll do in a pinch!" And she pinched their cheeks hard. "Hit it boys!" she said, and the band started playing again.

"If you're feelin' weary baby, sail away with me," sang Zack.

"Let your worries drift away upon the seven seas," sang Cody.

Unnoticed by all, Mrs. Clotts reappeared at the back of the stage, wielding an intricately carved yew wand. She waited for her chance, and as Cody spun on the spot, she yelled "SECTUMSEPMRA!" Blood spurted from Cody's chest and he was thrown backwards. The audience erupted into chaos. Mrs. Clotts ran forward and cried, "reveal yourselves!" The man that had tripped over Zack stood up, his figure now completely transformed into that of Count Olaf. The 4 waiters and band members changed into the figures of Lucius Malfoy, Belatrix Lestrange, Fenrir Greyback, and Narcissa Malfoy. Then Mrs. Clotts pointed her wand upon herself and she transformed into Esmé Squalor.

"Now," she said, "nobody moves or my Death Eaters shall kill you".

She waved her wand at Carrie Martin and she disappeared into thin air.

"That way you can't disturb me," laughed Esmé.

A woman in the audience yelled out, "What's going on here?"

Esmé laughed again. "Why, I am simply doing the Dark Lord's bidding. He has even blessed me with the honor of letting me use his wand.

"And now," she said turning upon Zack, "I have just one more to kill. Prepare to die! AVADA KED—"

"EXPELIARMOUS!" shouted a voice from behind the crowd, and the wand flew from Esmé's grip. The crowd turned to see a tall boy wielding a wand of simple oak and now holding the yew wand in his other hand.

"There won't be any more attacks today," he said, "all this ends now! Stup—"
Olaf appeared behind him, punched him in the back, and grabbed the yew wand. He then spun on the spot, disappeared, and reappeared right next to Esmé.

"Nice try Robert," she said with a laugh, "bye-bye!"

She and Olaf turned together on the spot and disappeared.

"What is going on here?" said a voice from the hallway. Mr. Moseby, Bailey, and a large group of other guests who had not been at the concert came running onto the sky deck just in time to see the Death Eaters disappearing into thin air to join their masters.

"What the hell is going on in here?" Mr. Moseby said.

"Quite too much to explain," said Robert, standing up and rushing to Cody's trembling body on the stage. Bailey finally noticed him lying there on the deck, screamed, and ran towards him, holding him in her arms.

"No, please don't be dead," she whispered, "please don't be dead."

"I believe he is still alive," Robert said, "but I don't know what I can do for him. These wounds seem cursed to stay open."

He turned to the audience. "There is nothing to concern you here. I ask you all to go back to your rooms. Except Miss. Tutwieler. Could you lead them back Mr. Moseby?"

Although the adults looked immensely surprised that this random eighteen year old knew their names, they did as they were told. The audience reluctantly left the room.

Suddenly, Cody stirred. He looked down at his own chest and shuddered.

"Please don't leave me," Bailey said, "Please try to hold on."

"I can't," Cody said weakly, "I'm sorry. I love you."

And he breathed his last.

"No, please no," she whispered. Robert gave Miss. Tutwieler a look.

"Come on Bailey," she said, lifting Bailey gently off the ground, "go lie down."

Bailey's clothes were covered in Cody's blood. "Wait a second," said Robert. He flicked his wand and the blood stains disappeared. "There's one more thing," he said, "a very ancient, powerful magic that can bring people back to life."

Bailey's eyes lit up at that. "However, "Robert went on, "it is very difficult to produce, and we need more of the proponents to produce it. I would guess that it will take a week at least.

"Another thing. We are currently searching for a diamond of immense magical power. It is called the Gem of Panama, or the Galápagos Diamond. We believe it to be located deep beneath the island of Pinzón. We are going there first. Can you handle that?"

She nodded weakly. Then Ms. Tutwieler led her off. Robert flicked his wand and Cody's lifeless body rose off the ground and Robert walked towards the boy's cabins. Without turning to Zack he said "You will have to share a room with Woody for a while. Yours is the only single room and we have to put him somewhere."

He walked to the room and gently laid Cody on the bed. Then he left, closed the door, and locked it magically so that no curious students would be able to get in. Of course, that didn't stop them trying.