The Caribbean Islands had seemed to flash before their eyes. They had left Hogsty Reef that morning. Then they had passed Mathew Town, the last big city on the way to the opening in the islands that would allow them to pass through to the Panama Canal. They finally made it now to the opening of the canal, at the intersection of the cities of Cristóbal, Colón, Sherman, and Mount Hope.

Robert had explained to everyone on board about Voldemort and his minions. He also told them he was a wizard, and that they were going to the Galápagos Islands.

Something had also happened that morning that was sufficient enough to cheer Zack up. Under cover of the night, Robert had managed to smuggle Madeline Fitzpatrick out of Boston and onto the SS. Tipton by apparition. He had also brought Carrie back after finding her. She had appeared the following night, very confused, in Islamabad.

Everyone was about as cheery as they could have been after what had happened the previous night. So as the cleared the first of the canal's three locks, they had no idea what would await them on the other side.

Suddenly, in the distance, the captain, who was now following Robert's orders spotted something in the distance. It got closer and closer, and now he was able to make out a distinctive red color. Then, before he knew it, the red light had bypassed the bridge's window and hit him, knocked him off his feet, stunned.

The ones on the sky deck were the first to see it. What looked like a military ship was speeding towards the SS. Tipton. At first no one thought anything of it; after all, they were passing through the first lock of the Panama Canal and Panama's government would probably have some protection in case anyone suspicious tried to get through. But as it got closer, they suddenly started to see it wasn't moving at any normal speed, it was much too fast. And then, finally, they saw it was floating above the waves.

Now the writing on the side was clear: GAP Explorer. Also, it now looked as if it was an extremely small ship compared to the SS. Tipton, and would have been less menacing, except for the fact that there were artillery guns sticking out from the sides. Then, two jets of black smoke came speeding towards the SS. Tipton from the other ship and now was when people finally began to scream.

The shouts on the sky deck reached down into the lower decks where Robert sat. He stood up immediately at the shouts and rushed up to the sky deck. There, wands held out menacingly, were Harley and Brujon, two Death Eaters so high up in the hierarchy that they were about as close to Voldemort as one could get.

"So Robert," said Brujon menacingly, "you've finally decided to join the party."

"What are you here for? How did you even find us?" Robert demanded of them.

"Well you see, the Dark Lord simply wasn't satisfied by just one killing. So we've come back for the other Martin," Brujon laughed, "and it looks as if he has joined the party."

Robert turned around. Sure enough, Zack and Maddie came rushing up the stairs. Seeing Brujon and Harley, they froze.

"What's wrong?" asked Harley, "don't you want to join the fun? Here, have a taste! Crucio Maxima!"

Zack hurriedly stepped in front of Maddie and screamed in pain as the spell collided with him and he was thrown back, feeling as if a thousand fiery needles had been forced into him. Maddie gasped and rushed to him.

"Oh, don't worry," sneered Harley, "I haven't killed him yet. Though I don't know how soon he'll be moving again!"

Harley laughed, and in the moment he let his guard down Robert pointed his wand at Harley's chest and yelled "Petrificus Totalus!"

Harley's limbs snapped to his body and he fell back, stiff as a board. Brujon let out a cry of surprise and sent a blast of purplish-black flames at Robert. Robert yelled "Ignus Reductum!" and the fiendfire disappeared.

They started to throw spells at each other endlessly, Brujon using spells imbued with dark magic, and Robert mostly blocking them. Then Brujon pointed his wand at Robert and yelled "Legillimens!" Robert's hand's clenched to his head in apparent pain. He looked like it was taking all the concentration he had not to succumb to this mental attack, so Brujon turned on Zack and Maddie.

"So. Where were we?" he said, still keeping up the mental attack on Robert, "oh, that's right. AVADA KEDAVRA!"

Robert managed to break free of the attack as his opponent concentrated on the killing curse. "AURENCICATE!" he yelled, pointing his wand, not at Brujon, but at Zack and Maddie.

Robert's spell was faster. It made contact with Zack and Maddie just before the green light could reach them. As the Aura Charm hit the two teens a golden light burst from the spot. The killing curse was obliterated, and beams of golden light hit Brujon, knocking him into the wall.

When the light disappeared, Brujon was the one slammed into a wall and Robert, Zack and Maddie were standing up, strong as ever.

"H-how—how did you do that?" he spluttered.

"You know exactly how. You've simply never seem to be able to accept it. You keep trying to fight that power, but it is for naught. You cannot fight it, for it compels each and every one of us," Robert said, "now begone!"

He slashed at the air with his wand and Brujon and Harley disappeared into thin air.

Robert leaned back and heaved a great sigh.

The rest of the trip through the canal went as smoothly as could have been expected. They passed through the most recognizable of the canal's features on the way out of it: the Titan Crane, the Gaillard Cut, the Culebra Cut, the Centennial Bridge, the Pedro Miguel Lock, the Miraflores Lock, the Bridge of the Americas, and then ,finally, they came out next to the famous Causeway. Now they set sail for the Galápagos Islands.

It had been two days from the time they had left Hogsty Reef in the Caribbean. Now, finally, they could faintly make out the outlines of Islas Genovesa, San Cristóbal, and Santa Cruz. And there was one more thing they could make out as they neared North Seymour. Another ship.