Another detour. This time, people started to want to go home, no matter how many experiences they had had on this ship. A few people stayed, and course they weren't being charged for extra time. For the most part, the largest portion of the day was spent by the naturalists and Robert apparating people individually off the ship and all over the world. Even Islamabad.

The next day however, they set course for the Ryukun Archipelago. Zack, Cody, Bailey, London and Woody had told Robert all about the skeleton that was on the island. They also said that it was half buried in the sand, which fit with the theory that the bishop had buried the skeleton in the sand after placing the chain carefully in the back of the ribcage.

This was, unfortunately, also the time when the SS. Tipton and the Endeavor were parted: the guests on the Endeavor, unlike those on the SS. Tipton, had not been told what was going on; the ship was on a cruise to the Galapagos anyway, and the detour was passed off as having been part of the cruise and that the itinerary had been mistaken. Isabel promised that if they had any serious trouble, they could always call upon them for help.

So they set off for Yokoate-shima. What would await them next, only time would tell. And they probably never could have been prepared for what would happen on that little uninhabited island in the South China Sea.

After two days, they started to come upon the little island. It was a wave of nostalgia for the five teens. Not a particularly fond one, but one nonetheless. They came as close as they could with the huge ship, and then Robert ushered Cody, Bailey, Zack, and Maddie into the zodiac that had been given to them by Isabel. It was different coming up on the island not in a cramped lifeboat, but in a speeding zodiac.

"Okay, so the skeleton should be right near the shore," Zack told Robert. "At least hoping nobody's got here ahead of us."

"There's always the possibility, but I doubt it," said Robert, "This mystery remained secret for so long, why should it change now?"

Their zodiac hit the sand and they got out of it. Immediately, they saw the skeleton. Robert reached down and began to clear the sand form the ribcage. After a while, they suddenly saw a glint of gold. Now everyone bent down and started clearing away sand from the ribcage. They could now see the delicate patterns in the chain, thick gold pieces fit together perfectly. Finally, they cleared enough sand away from the skeleton that Robert could undo the catch at the back and pull the chain from the spinal cord.

It was almost as beautiful in its own way as the diamond. It had a tiny piece of gold that looked like it had once held something in place. Robert picked it up and then took the diamond out of his pocket. As soon as they were near each other, the diamond and the chain started to vibrate, faster and faster. Then they became blurred to the point that they couldn't see them. When they slowed down, they were joined.

"Wow," said Bailey, "That really is amazing."

"Yes it is. And I can't thank you enough for finding it for me," came a voice from behind them.

A cliffhanger! I'll have the next chapter up soon.