Now, finally, they were going home. This time, everybody was let off at Boston Harbor. The students were given the rest of the school year, which was only a month after all, off. The cruise on the Endeavor had ended and it had followed them back to the harbor to make sure they would be safe. Since it had an all wizard crew, there was no explanation needed. At this point, Robert had decided to go with them. He would stay in Puerto Moreana Baqueriza for a while, and then go home to New York.

All was well. At least for now.

The End

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed it, even though it was admittedly a bit weird. Also, please review, I still haven't gotten any reviews! (This might have a sequel if the reviews are good enough!)

I haven't gotten any reviews yet, but Iv'e started writing another story using the same characters plus some new ones. I'm still not sure if I'm going to publish it, but only time will tell.