Avery looked at herself in the bathroom mirror; "Tired, drained, washed out," she stated. Her skin was pale; she couldn't remember the last time she's felt the sun on her skin. She's seen it many days coming through patients' windows at the hospital. But she's been working double shifts due to the huge cut of nurses in the area. She hasn't had a day off in a week either, though she was also the one that volunteered the hours. They needed the money.

Terry stood behind her, his arms wrapped around her waist, also looking at her round face in the mirror. He shook his head, resting his chin on her shoulder. "Beautiful, glowing, breathtaking," he whispered the last one.

Avery smiled softly and placed her hands over his. "That's why I love you," she said as if just figuring that out.

Terry smirked and pressed his lips to her jaw. "That, and a few other reasons, right?" he chuckled, his lips still pressed against her skin.

Avery cocked her head. "Maybe," she stated with a sigh and then pulled his arms off her waist and walked over to the bathtub where here work shoes were.

Terry turned and leant against the sink, watching her intently. "Maybe," he muttered sarcastically, rolling his eyes. "So don't forget, this Friday is date night at The Spike," he told her as she rushed out of the bathroom, hoping on one foot as she slipped her last shoe on. Terry couldn't help his wondering eyes that fell along her curvy body. Even in plain and boring white scrubs, she still looked gorgeous.

"I know, Ter," she called back, combing her hands through her hair as she rushed to get ready for work. "I'll be there as soon as I get off of work, don't worry," she stated and grabbed her bag and rushing out the door.

Terry walked out into the main room of the tiny apartment, standing in the middle of the room with his arms crossed. And like he expected Avery rushed back in, ran to him, and pressed her soft lips to his. She pulled away, her hand still squeezing his shoulder. "Bye, love you!" she called with a wide smile as she ran and disappeared out the door again.

"Love you too!" Terry called and rolled his eyes before turning back to the bathroom to get ready for work


Avery shut her locker and sighed. "Another day at this wonderful place," she smirked to herself and turned around, straightening out her scrubs before walking out to the hall and heading towards the nurse's station.

"Morning, Miss Limas," the elderly woman behind the desk smiled warmly at her.

"Morning Miss Hennery," she returned the smile and reached into the bin for her file today. She glanced over the names and sighed in slightly relief when she noticed no new patients. Most nurses loved getting new patients but she didn't understand why. They all say it's because it's more people to get to know and care for. She always says it's more work for her. Her first patient of the day: John Doe, or as she will start calling him, James Dean. She smirked as she snatched up his file and headed towards the room. She knew she was going against everything she believed in by giving him a name, but she kept telling herself that she wasn't going to get attached and she was pretty good at convincing herself.

She kept her eyes on the papers as she read over his vitals from last night and didn't notice Emily on her way out of the room and ran right into her.

"Oh God!" Emily's hand went straight over her heart as she stepped back, startled.

"Oh, Emily, I'm sorry," Avery exclaimed, her hands reaching out as if to help her some how.

Emily's eyes were shut tight, her head shaking vigorously from left to right. Avery stepped back and looked over her dear friend more carefully. Her face was ashen; her wrinkles seemed more worried today, as well as the tears forming in her pale blue eyes when she finally opened them. "No, it is my fault, you just startled me is all," she said and side stepped to get around her.

"Emily, are you okay?" Avery turned and placed a comforting hand on her wrist put Emily snatched her arm away.

"I'm fine," she stated coldly and before Avery could say anything else Emily turned and stalked away.

Avery watched Emily disappear around the corner before turning back to the room and stepping inside. Emily seemed so frightened and Avery wondered what could have happened. She placed the clip board on the bed as she scratched down the boy's vitals quickly. She frowned when she noticed that his heartbeat was irregular. Not just a little fast or slow, but scattered, sometimes too fast and sometimes too slow. She immediately pressed the print button that would read and print out the boy's heart rate from the last hour. Something didn't just frighten Emily, but something scared James Dean as well.


Avery knew she could get into a lot of trouble by doing this but she wasn't really 'neglecting' her other patients; she was just postponing checking on them. She stepped into the lounge and went straight for the printer where James Dean's heart rate read would print out. She flipped through all the copies of hospital reports were being printed and smiled when she found the right paper. She heard the door open and a few doctors and surgeons came in. She folded the paper and slipped it into her pocket before nodding at the workers and went to check on the rest of her patients; she would look at the paper when she had time alone.

She saw Emily many times on her way through the halls. She still looked frightened and seemed to jump at every little noise that went on in the hospital. She kept her eyes down but her ears seemed perked up at attention. The day went on with Emily avoiding her; well she avoiding everyone it seemed. By her lunch break, the paper in Avery's pocket seemed to be on fire, begging it to be looked at. Avery got her lunch and sat in her normal booth in the back of the cafeteria. Emily usually sat with her, but today the woman was no where in sight. Avery pulled the paper out and unfolded it, hiding it underneath the table. Her eyes ran along the scale.

The first ten minutes into the hour, 5:15, the boy's heart beat was at its normal pace. But at after that the pulse seemed to have picked up to a point where Avery didn't know was possible. At 5:32 the pulse seemed to slow, but not back to normal. At 5:45 it picked up again but settled down minutes later. From then until 6:00 in the dot, the pulse was irregular. Avery had walked in and printed it out at 6:05. Avery wasn't a doctor but she worked with these machines on a daily basis and she knew there was only one explanation for what the scattered readings could mean: James Dean woke up.


At 12:35 on the dot, Terry's phone lit up. Sexy Chick blinked across the screen and he answered it with a wide grin on his face. "Hey baby," he said.

"Hey, I called just quickly but I have to get back to work," Avery stated.

Terry frowned and leant his back against the brick wall of the fire house. "I thought you had lunch until 1," he said, confused.

"I do, but I have to talk to Dean's doctor," she said in a rush.

"Dean? Who's Dean? Babe, you're freaking me out," he sighed. He ran his mind through any relative's she had by that name but he came up blank. She's never called any of her patients by their names before.

He heard her sigh also. "Remember when I told you about the little boy in a coma here? The one that no body knows who he is?" she asked.

Terry nodded. "Yeah, the one that David found," he said. David was one of his closest friends. The old burley man was more a friend of his father's, but he was just as close to him.

"Yeah, well I have proof that he woke up," she said and Terry could hear the voices growing on the other end of the line.

"Well if he'd woken up then wouldn't he, well, still be up?" he asked. He didn't know much about this medical stuff.

"Not necessarily," she stated. "He could have woken up but slipped back under, it's happened before."

"Then what's the big deal? He's back in the coma, right?" he ran a hand through his blond hair. "I thought you said you weren't going to get attached."

"I'm not," Avery said defensively. "But his doctor should know so he doesn't decide to pull the plug as soon," she relented. "Now I have to go," she said and the line went dead.

"I-," Terry groaned when the line went dead. He lowered the phone and flipped it shut. He knew that if Avery got too attached to this kid, it was going to hurt her. His phone beeped and he flipped it back open to read the text. It read: 'Love you! –Sexy Chick'

Terry smirked and quickly sent a reply of 'Love you too -Sexy Dude' and then slipped his phone back into his pocket. He walked around the building and back into the station.


By the time Terry got home he was ready for bed. Avery was already cuddle dup on the couch watching a movie. He dropped his bag by the door and walked over and flopped down next to her on the couch.

Avery smile softly. "How was work?" she asked quietly, muting the TV half way.

Terry shrugged slightly. "Just a few small house fires, no injuries," he stated, his eyes locked on her tired looking face. "You? How'd the thing with the coma kid go?"

"Well his doctor believed me, thank god, but not until after I showed him the proof. Except the proof I had was something I wasn't supposed to have," she sighed. "He said that if there are no more changes they're pulling the plug on Monday."

Terry sighed and ran his hand down his face. "I told you not to get attached," he said, slightly angry.

"I'm not," Avery stated and turned her body to look at him better. "I'm not," she repeated. "I'm going to get over this and forget about it. He's John Doe, the patient in the coma that doesn't have much chance to survive," she said. And it was true. She was going to forget about all of this and he will be just another patient, and soon just another John Doe in the local Cemetery.


"Dad? Dad!" he was panicking. He was freaking out, falling apart, and loosing his marbles. He wasn't sure how long he could stand the silence, the waiting, the wondering. His mind was racing, as well as his heart. His lungs filled and emptied quickly as he felt like he couldn't get in enough air. Frankly, he was scared.

"Dad!" he yelled again.

John looked up from his journal. "What?" he snapped.

"We have to find him dad, we just have to. He could be hurt, or, oh god, dead, Dad! My brother could be dead!" tears formed in his eyes, threatening to fall.

"I know son, just calm down, I'm trying to find your brother," John stated, his fingers tightening on the edges of the journal.

"No you're not! You're reading!" he argued.

John's eyes rose and glared into his son's. He stood up and dropped the journal. "I am doing all I can to find your brother so sit your ass down in that chair and just shut up!"

The tears fell, streaking the boy's pale face. He slowly bent his legs and lowered himself into the chair, silently crying.

John sighed and ran his hand through his hair. He went over to his son and knelt in front of him. "Listen," he said, not able to look his hurt son in the eye. "We're going to find your brother. I promise you, Dean. We're going to find Sammy."

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