Well this is my first Final Fantasy fic in general, let alone dissidia haha…I hope you enjoy it and that it IS funny…At least to me it is. And if it's not funny, at least let it be entertaining.

Disclaimer: I do not own final fantasy Dissidia (well the trademark anyway) and all that jazz…

Chaos and Cosmos had to admit, they came up with the very good cover story of trying to see who was the stronger god or goddess as an excuse to summon 20 warriors, disrupting their everyday lives and just making it that much harder and confusing for them. No…the real reason why they were summoned was that….Chaos and Cosmos….were bored, and when gods get bored, they decide to toy with mortal lives…or have affairs with mortal women…the last time Chaos decided to do that…he got the clap from the Cloud of Darkness, but that is another story for another time.

The 2 gods were happy with how their plan to pass the time turned out, they were a little disappointed that they weren't able to come up with it sooner, but they had it now, so they staged the big epic fight and now was the day for the big day. The plan was to quickly give their warriors support and get up above to get a bird's eye view of the action. Cosmos was there first and waited for her fiery friend to finish being cool with his 6 arms.

He joined her as soon as he finished showing off, the battle began. "I will say this, those warriors definitely do not disappoint!" Chaos boomed.

"Yes, I concur." Cosmos agreed, then sighed, "The one thing we're missing is popcorn…" she sighed. The clouds surrounding them became a cornfield. With a series of pops and crackles, what was corn became popcorn because of the heat that radiated from the flames of Chaos's body. The remaining ears of corn that didn't pop did as soon as Chaos grabbed hold of them. "Thank you."

"Your welcome…" Chaos summoned butter and they got down to watching the fight and of course cheering for their warriors and placing bets, and debating on if Kuja was a man or woman. Cosmos was absolutely sure it was a woman. After eating buttery delicious godly popcorn, the salt from the butter made them thirsty, and what compliments popcorn better than Tim Hortons icecaps!

However…when Chaos grabbed hold of the plastic cup, not only did the ice melt and it became normal coffee, but the plastic also melted and got coffee all over his godly camo pants. "SON OF A BITCH! I JUST GOT THESE!"

"You could just summon another pair, or just get rid of the stain…" Cosmos chided.

"RAWR!" Chaos went on a rampage until he finally gave up and got rid of the coffee stain.

"How about this…put the icecap on the table…don't touch it and use the straw…" Cosmos instructed him like a five year old.


And all was well…in the land of gods…for now…


The tale of how I got the idea for this story is a funny one, me being really excited about dissidia showed my friends the first big movie, my friend Mikkel noticing how Cosmos and Chaos are only spectators randomly said, "I bet the REAL reason they summoned everyone was so that it would ease their boredom….whoa! imagine if Chaos like summoned a cornfield and grabbed an ear of corn and it turned to popcorn in his hands? I'd hate to see him with an icecap…" yeah…so I hope you enjoyed it!