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Firi hesitated on the limb, balanced on the balls of her feet, she leaned forward slightly to judge the distance to the next limb that would support her weight. She spotted it, just slightly out of her jumping range. But she backed up to the tree trunk anyway, and sprinted forward. The echani girl was almost invisible to anyone watching. Anyone not watching attentively would only see a brown green blur jumping between the branches.

As Firi reached the end of her current limb, she drew upon the Force throbbing around and through her, and that, plus the force of her jump, set her down on the limb with a few feet to spare. She then jumped off the branch, snagging a lower limb with deft hands, and swinging gradually down toward the ground.

She landed lightly; bending her knees to absorb the impact, and was off like a shot, a large crystal knocking gently against her leg as she ran. The crystal was not heavy at all. It was hollowed out, and many bits of machinery and a beautiful golden Solari crystal could be seen through the translucent crystal.

When she came to a particular tree-house she quickly hopped up the ladder, and peeked her head in, carefully and quietly trying to make her way over to the human who sat meditating. She thought that she may have made it back undetected, but Master Rohgan murmured, still keeping his eyes closed, "Firi." It was not a question wondering whether she was there, but a statement that said that he knew she was.

"Hello Master," Firi smiled guiltily. "How's it going?"

"Firi, you left," Rohgan accused.

"I know, I did, and I sorry," Firi sighed, "But…"

"But I expected you to leave," Master Rohgan finally opened his eyes and smiled at his padawan. "Why else do you think I left the blue prints out where you could easily notice them?"

Firi sighed in relief. "Don't scare me like that Master."

Rohgan chuckled. "If all it takes to scare you is your old Master getting cross you're in trouble Padawan." Firi smiled weakly. "Now," Rohgan stood up to stand by his apprentice's side, all seriousness, "How did it come out?" Through her telepathic bond with her Master, Firi could feel his excitement below his neutral expression.

"I… I don't know," Firi looked at her Master, "I haven't tried to ignite it yet."

Rohgan raised an eyebrow. "Really Firi? I just don't see you as the patient type."

"I though you'd want to be here," Firi murmured, pulling the crystal hilt from her belt.

"Your choice of hilt surprised me," Rohgan appraised, looking at the translucent crystal housing the internal workings of a lightsaber.

"It is a crystal of my people Master," The echani girl ran her fingers nervously over the smooth crystal. She held the top of the hilt away from her and pressed the activation button. With a satisfying FSSSSHEWW, the blade expanded outwards from the hilt, humming faintly with energy.

Firi smiled when she saw the blade color. She had chosen the solari crystal for more than the link to her past. The humming blade of energy was a rich gold color, the glowing gold reflecting off of the hidden facets in the hilt. Firi was in awe of her own weapon. She was probably biased, but this was the most beautiful lightsaber she had ever seen.

"It's beautiful Padawan," Rohgan smiled at his apprentice. Firi moved toward the center of the room, away from any furniture or things she might hit. She gave a few experimental swings. The weapon felt as much a part of her as her arm or leg. None of the training lightsabers had ever felt like this. Not even Master Rohgan's, whose lightsaber she had tried out once or twice, had felt like this.

Firi suddenly deactivated her lightsaber and dashed outside to the ground. It was clear for about thirty feet all around her. There she reactivated her blade and ran through some forms with it. The blade moved smoothly through the air.

Suddenly getting curious, Firi lifted a rock about the size of her head into the air using the force, and swung at it with her saber. The rock was cleaved right in two. Giving a whoop of joy, Firi force-jumped back into the tree house, the force surging and melding with her in her euphoria.

"This is so cool!" Firi laughed, abandoning her usually stoic mannerisms.

Rohgan smiled as he looked upon his padawan. "Yes it is," he murmured, "But you must be aware that a lightsaber is not a toy, but a tool."

"I know," Firi murmured, "I'm going to meet up with Bayga and Taylo. They said that there was something that they wanted to show me." She clipped the lightsaber back onto her belt, and started out the door. Then she hesitated as her fingers moved to her lightsaber hilt. "What should I do with my lightsaber, Master?" She asked.

"Find somewhere to hide it, but be sure that it is easily accessible if need be," Rohgan suggested.

Firi nodded. She had just the place.

It was a rock formation that Firi had always admired in eleven standard years she'd been here. There was a small niche, just large enough to hold her lightsaber wrapped in cloth. With her lightsaber hidden, she headed out to find her friends.

Bayga and Taylo were waiting for Firi in their tree house. They were both human, being part of a small human civilization that chose not to call sides in an intergalactic war. They lived with little technology, and were a peaceful people. Firi did her best to blend in with the humans, and for the most part, being an echani, she did look like a fifteen year old human (that was her real age). She only had to dye her hair darker colors.

"Firi," Bayga gestured for her friend to come closer. "Watch this!"

"But don't tell anyone," Taylo, Bayga's twin brother, "You'll never believe this!" Bayga closed her eyes and stretched her hand out toward a small rock sitting on the table. Firi watched, not really sure what she should be seeing, until she saw the saw the rock wiggle, and begin to slowly lift into the air. Firi gasped, and covered her mouth with her hand. She could feel the Force emanating from Bayga. Her friend was force-sensitive and she never knew!

Bayga released the rock with a gasp of effort, and Taylo stretched out his hand. The stone lifted slightly easier, and started floating towards Firi. She put her hand out, and the stone dropped into it. She could feel it pulsing from the force exposure.

"How long have you been able to do this?" Firi gasped, looking at her friends. "You guys are force-sensitive."

"Huh?" Her friends sent her quizzical looks.

"You guys are specially tuned to the living force, and have what it takes to manipulate it, like Jedi," What child hadn't heard stories of the Jedi, peace-keepers of the galaxy, nearly wiped out by the Empire when it rose to power.

Firi saw her friends' eyes widen. "Really!" Bayga gasped. "So, if the Empire hadn't taken over, we'd be Jedi?"

"No, not Jedi," Firi shook her head, "Padawans. Jedi in training. You also would have grown up at the Jedi temple , and been given a Jedi Master to train you when you turned thirteen," Firi sighed. She wished that she had grown up in a Jedi temple. Learning on the marshy planet of Felucia was, challenging, to say the least. Master Rohgan had to have had a difficult time acquiring all the materials that must have been necessary to build her lightsaber. Once again she marveled at her Master's abilities.

Master Rohgan. He had to be alerted to Bayga and Taylo's abilities. "Guys," Firi murmured, "Can I tell you a secret?"

Just then the humming of a star craft was heard. It was coming down through the trees towards them. Firi could feel the cries of the plants that it sliced to pieces as it descended. Firi! She heard her Master cry out through the force to her, and she darted out of her friends house, jumping easily to the ground after swinging off of a limb, and then realizing that she probably shouldn't have done that, as it showed agility that none but a Jedi of her species should have.

She sincerely hoped that the whoever had come down hadn't noticed.

She must back up with her Master in the ground, a circle made by the natives around a flat surface that the hover craft was floating down onto.

"Where is the Jedi?" One of the Imperial Troopers demanded. "Lord Vader sensed intentional force usage. Where is the Jedi?"

Bayga and Taylo came up behind Firi, petrified after hearing the last statement. "What that us?" Taylo asked, his voice low.

Still, the trooper heard. "Was it you? Are you escaped Jedi Padawans?" It was then that Darth Vader stepped out of the craft.

Firi's eyes widened. While had heard tell of the Dark Sith Lord, she had never seen him in person. She got a sinking feeling in her gut. The Dark Side of the Force emanating off of Vader was incredible. Firi swallowed, hard, focusing on keeping her force signature low.

"The children are force-sensitive," Vader intoned in a low, gravelly voice. "None particularly strong, but I do sense..." Firi didn't know whether there was a face behind that imposing black mask, but she really didn't want to know. The face of one so evil as Darth Vader must be frightening indeed.

Firi held her force-signature low, trying to pass off as being mildly force sensitive, and not the force-signature of the Jedi Padawan she was. The trouble with that was that she had to keep her force signature steady, so Vader didn't sense any change in the force.

It was then that Vader's eyes lowered on her Master, and there was a flare of anger from the force. "Master Rohgan," Vader snarled, "I was unaware that you had escaped. That will soon be remedied." Two storm troopers rushed towards Master Rohgan.

It was only then that her Master pulled out his lightsaber, and a humming green blade appeared in front of his face. Master Rohgan stabbed through both of the troopers, and deflected laser bolts aimed at him from the craft.

Then Vader leapt into the fray. The humans scatters, running and screaming. Firi stood transfixed, watching the lightsaber battle with awed eyes. Firi, I want you to run, She heard her Master demand, Find Shaak Ti. She will help you.

I'm not running, Firi snapped back.

Firi, if you don't reveal yourself, they'll only capture one Jedi. If both of us are captured, who will train your friends?

But I can't leave you, Firi cried through the force.

You're not leaving me, you're saving yourself, Rohgan murmured, Now run. That's an order.

Firi couldn't argue with her master. She stepped back, grabbed both of her friends, and ran.

The kids watched Rohgan duel. It was obvious right off that Rohgan was far outmatched. Firi had to resist springing down there, new lightsaber blazing. Her hand clenched around the crystal hilt, fingering the activation switch lightly.

Both of her friends had to hold her back when a laser bolt hit Rohgan in the chest and he collapsed to the ground. Her Master wasn't dead, only injured. It was only after the starship had flown away that Firi sat down.

"Okay," Bayga looked at her friend, "Did you know…"

"That Rohgan is a Jedi?" Firi's tone was lifeless. "Yes."

"Are you…" Taylo started, but stopped, looking uncomfortable.

"Yeah, I'm a Jedi apprentice," Firi put her head in her hands.

"That's how you knew so much about the Jedi," Bayga murmured.


"So… Taylo looked at his friend and sister. "What are we going to do now?"

"I'll tell you what we're going to do," Firi's voice got some life back into it, and when she looked up, her eyes were blazing. "We're going to find Shaak Ti, and then we're going to rescue my master."

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