It was early Monday morning the sun was just beginning to rise. A middle woman had just started her run for the morning enjoying the crisp air that heralded the start of autumn. The park was quiet and peaceful. As she drew close to the centre of the park, she heard the crows, loud in the early morning stillness. She followed the sound. What she found made her wish she hadn't.

The body a young woman had been dumped unceremoniously between the trees with no attempt to hide it. The body was coved in blood and buses. But what sickened the woman more was the large gaping wound in the stomach. It was all to obverse that the woman had been pregnant.

The Detective Josh More called to the scene had seen this before one other time about a year earlier. It was not something he wanted to see again, but here it was right in front of him. To his horror he discovered around his precent four other murders exactly like this one. The reason no connection had been made was each case had been given to a different Detective, till now. Detective More gathered up all the files and immediately sent an official request to the BAU.