These are just crack drabbles that came to me at one in the morning.

Please leave your sanity at the door. If you're here for a laugh, then welcome. If not, please make sure the door hits you on the way out


# 1: Become a ninja.

That had been easy enough. In a time when war was rampant and everyday was a literal fight for survival, it had been no surprise when the Uchiha prodigy had gained full control over his chakra at age five.

Sure the other Uchiha kids said Madara's chakra felt "scary and icky", but, really, they were all just stupid kids.

# 2: Become a brother.

Really that had been up to his parents and they had performed spectacularly, giving him a younger brother to train with and protect.

Madara could never imagine harming Izuna and promised harm to any who tried.

# 8: Walk on the moon.

While not current available to the young Uchiha, it was one of his greatest desires. Madara had always been entranced by that goddess in the sky and the multiple legends surrounding it. His favorite was one his grandpa told him about how the legendary Sage of Six Paths and stopped a humongous monster and actually created the moon to imprison its body.

It sounded far fetched, but Madara always wondered if it was true.

# 17: Fall in love.

It happened to him when he was young lad of only 17. He had been scouting around and discovered her completely on accident. Pale skin, toned body, and the most beautiful black hair he had ever seen. He had fallen for her right then and there.

Of course, it could also be attributed that she was bathing in a lake when he first saw her and his hormones got the better of him, but love is love.

#23: Kill that Senju sonuvabitch.

Madara had tried for years to kill Hashirama, but never succeeded. Even after the Hokage had "killed" his so called best friend at the Valley of the End, Madara had lived and swore revenge.

Imagine his surprise when he learned that Hashirama Senju had died, not in battle or of old age, but from food poisoning.

Irony was a bitch sometimes.

#25: Become Kage of the Hidden Lea-er MIST Village


He didn't care.

Power was power.

# 34: Get a new eye

It was seriously pissing him off.

He could count on one hand how many people had their original eye, and a super cool new one.

Kakashi had a Sharingan.

Baki had a telescope.

Deidara had a robot eye.

That Mist Nin he briefly saw had the Byakugan (seriously! How did he get that?!)

Even Danzo had a frickin Sharingan!

Maybe he should have cut out one of Pain's Rinnegan when he had the chance. Dude had like, twelve more of the things.

# 42: Rule the world

It's a work in progress.


Might expand on it if I get some new inspiration.

This is what I think of when I don't sleep!