Pride goes before the Fall: Londo Mollari

Most of the alien home worlds have their counterparts in the Babylon universe. In there, the Centauri conquered them before the Andorians could have a space program. They conquered the Tellarites too, but Tellar has been destroyed in one of the skirmishes between the Centauri and Narns. Vulcan was destroyed in the last war with the Shadows. Betazed didn't get struck by a meteorite so the Betazoid people continued to evolve as an aquatic species and became the Abbai. The Klingons were the Xon in the Babverse and so were exterminated by the Centauri, whereas in the Trekverse, the Centauri have been exterminated by the Klingons on their home world. This makes Qo'noS, Centauri Prime.

In this "multiverse" story Earth from the Star Trek Universe calls itself Terra, so there is no United Earth, here it is Terra Iunctus (Latin for: United Earth).

Over the years Starfleet had to learn to be more militant for not everyone is as enlightened as the Terrans are. Also the Augment crisis is much more diverse and it is generally known that rehabilitated/second generation augments have merged back into society creating an artificial sub species.

On Andoria the Aenar are still generally pacifists yet some of them have joined the Imperial guard and the Aenar have after centuries of hiding joined Andorian society and government.